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Daniel 7

The Verdict Is In! Senior Pastor Matthew St. John

Pastor Matthew St. John || June 12, 2016

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discussion questions 1. Daniel was anxious and alarmed when he saw the vision recorded in Daniel 7. What alarms you as you look at our society and our world? 2. Read Daniel 7:9–14. How does this heavenly vision inspire hope in our uncertain times?

June 12, 2016

3. Read Psalm 69. What elements of David’s lament do you resonate with? What perspectives feed your trust in God’s sovereign goodness?

Sunday Worship Gatherings

4. Read Matthew 24:3–31 and Matthew 25:31–46. What seems to be Jesus’ intentions for sharing this perspective of the last days? 5. When Daniel was alarmed, he kept to himself (Daniel 7:28). But in the body of Christ we have the privilege of bearing one another’s burdens. How are you taking advantage of the gift of others as you work through your own anxieties? Message notes available at Next Week: Daniel 8: Beware of the Insane One, Pastor Matthew St. John • 763-533-2449

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