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The Emmanuel Way A monthly publication of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Greenwood, Virginia March 2012

Thursday Evening Lenten Series This year’s Thursday Evening Lenten Series will begin at 6 pm with a potluck dinner in the Parish Hall. Bring a dish to share if you are able but please join us in any event. Following dinner and at about 6:45 the adults move to the Nave of the church for the Lenten speaker. Peter Carey and the children remain in the Parish Hall for their own program. We finish with Compline and will head home no later than 8 pm. This year’s speakers will feature: March 1 – Larry Smith, Music Director March 8 – The Rev. Grace Cangiolosi March 15 – Dr. Steve Bragaw March 22 – The Rev. Deacon Donald Cady March 29 – The Rev. Connie Clark Please note the different start time this year. We have moved it up to 6 pm.

Bishop Shannon Johnston ordained Donald Holmes Cady, Christine Joyce Garcia and Frederico Eloy Garcia Jr. to the sacred order of deacons on February 18 at St. Paul’s, Ivy.

Rector’s Reflections

Meditative Prayer Sessions During Lent By Charley Chabot This year the Worship Committee has decided that the Lenten Potluck Dinners will begin at 6 p.m. rather than 5:30. As a result, the Thursday meditative prayer sessions will continue during Lent at 5:30 p.m.

The Rev. Charles F. Mullaly, Jr.

Have you ever noticed how quickly time flies? What happened to the Fall…to Christmas…to the New Year…to Don Cady’s ordination? They are all done! And (dare I say

this in mid-February) where is winter? (Now I have jinxed us all. Sorry!) At least in the midst of life’s crazy schedule with its endless flurry of activities, the season of Lent provides us with a time to slow down, take a breath, catch up and reconnect with our Beloved Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). As Christians, we are all called to a “Holy Lent”. Lent is the time when we: 1. make needed changes in our life; 2. spend time in prayer; and 3. read and meditate on the Word of God. 1. Change: “I hate change! Why would I want to change?” In Lent we are asked to do a serious selfevaluation of our life. Such a selfexamination is not on my personal “Top Ten List” of “Fun Things to Do”. But it is important work for Christians to do in Lent. Begin with the Litany of Penitence on page 267 of the Book of Common Prayer. It is short. It is straightforward. It is powerful. It

2 makes me squirm every time I read it. It gives me some very clear areas where I need to change. Change is important in Lent. It is something we all need to do. A wise man once said, “Change can be denied; change can be managed; but change can not be avoided.” We all need to make some changes in our life. One of my favorite stories about long-term marriages involved a wonderful man called Uncle Harry. On his 50th wedding anniversary Uncle Harry was asked the secret of his happy marriage. He responded by saying that his secret was an easy one. Every morning he gets up, walks down the hall to the bathroom, looks in the mirror and reminds himself that “Harry, you are no bargain.” We would all do well to follow Harry’s example and admit that we too are not bargains and we all have work to do and changes to make in our lives. Thank heaven, even though we may not be much of a bargain, God loves us anyway, still showers us with His mercy and grace, and wants an abiding relationship with us. 2. To better our relationship with God we need to spend time in prayer this Lent. Now I can write gobs of material to support this point, but I don’t honestly think I need to. You “get it”. You know the importance of prayers, and you know that the best use of your time is spent with the Lord who knows you, who has loved you from the moment He made you, and who will love you forever. 3. Read and meditate on the Word of God. Do it and you will love it. Read from the Bible. Bring your Sunday lessons home and reread them. Or read the Lenten booklet that I left in church for you. It is called “From Death to Life” and it is written by Dr. Rich Bimler. It has short daily offerings. Just listen to a few of their titles: “From Too Busy To Pray To Too Busy Not To” “From Living To Loving” “From Remember To Rejoice” “From Burden To Blessing” “From Worthless To Worthness” “From Fled to Led” “From Thank God It’s Friday To Thank God I’m Forgiven”

The Emmanuel Way Please give this booklet a try, know how much you are loved, and have a Holy Lent. Faithfully, Chuck

Peter’s Message

The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Practice Makes Perfect We have probably all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect.” And I must admit that as a beginning clarinet player back in 5th grade, I had good intentions to play my instrument each day, but the reality was I was pretty undisciplined in my practice habit. This, of course, led to anything but perfection in my playing. Practice may or may not lead to perfection, but we have probably all had some experience when our diligence in practice leads us to greater success, better quality of performance, and ultimately, greater joy in the enterprise. There is a long tradition in various faith traditions to focus upon the “practices” of the faith, and ours is no exception. 2

March, 2012

The practices of prayer, of hospitality, of helping the needy, of preaching the gospel, of feeding the hungry are all but a few of the practices that are central to the faith of our church. How do you understand practices when it comes to your own faith? Do you stick to the elements that you do well, or do you spend energy on your “weak areas?” This is an interesting question because many of us would say that we should improve our weaknesses so that we can be stronger overall. The analogy that we use is one of a chain in which the weakest link can render the entire chain to be weak. However, in athletics, and perhaps also in our faith practices, some have recently argued that it may, in fact, be best to put more and more time into those areas that we do well – and those areas that we enjoy. These areas will lead to greater joy and a higher marginal return on the “investment” of our practice. Are you someone who just loves to visit those in need? Are you good at it? Perhaps this is what you were truly called to do. Are you someone who finds great joy in intercessory prayer? Are you good at it? Perhaps this is what you were truly called to do. Are you someone who is amazing at hospitality? Are you good at it? Perhaps this is what you were truly called to do. Of course, we do need to work on our weak areas, but also it could be that God has prepared us to be good at, and enjoy, certain Christian practices that are unique gifts for us. It may be that you were uniquely

The Emmanuel Way


created to exercise your faith through a particular practice. As we move through the next few months, I plan to write short pieces on the various practices of the Christian Faith and share them through this newsletter. I would also love to talk with you about your own sense of call and discernment of what practices you may be called to do. There are also many wonderful books and articles on practicing our faith, which I hope to share with you. You are a gift to us, and you are uniquely prepared to live out your faith. I hope you will cherish the gift that you are, and also find those practices that not only serve the world but also give you joy. Blessings, Peter+

Vestry Report By Beth Colmery Senior Warden The vestry convened for its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, February 14 at 7 p.m. In addition to covering routine administrative matters there was a lengthy presentation and discussion of a nametag initiative. I am pleased to announce that we will soon have “stick-on” blank nametags and pens strategically placed in both the parish hall and narthex. We are hoping that our members will find this an easy and convenient way to both identify themselves and greet each other. Anyone wishing to wear their permanent nametags is encouraged to do so. We do anticipate removing these nametag stands from the narthex in the near future.

Women’s Bible Study Report By Carolyn Rhondeau In February, the Women's Bible Study group learned about Herodias, Joanna, The Syrophoenician Woman, and Martha, women in The New Testament. All were connected to the life of Jesus. Herodias was responsible for John the Baptist's grisly death as she sought revenge for his rebuke of her leaving her husband, Philip, to marry his half brother, Herod Antipas. Jesus grieved at the news of John's death. The other three were blessed with the compassion and healing powers of Jesus. Joanna, after being healed, supported Jesus' ministry, witnessed the empty tomb, and was among the women who reported it to Peter and the others. The remaining two women saw God's power through Jesus as he drove out demons from one's child, and while Martha watched Jesus restore her brother to life. "We are reminded that the power within us through our relationship with God the Father, Christ his son, and the Holy Spirit will protect, strengthen and comfort us" in our times of need. Due to Spring Break, Women's Bible Study will NOT meet March 29th. March 8th and March 22nd are still on the calendar. For April, again due to Spring Break, a change was made. We will meet April 12th and April 19th, which is a one-time change of consecutive weeks rather than ever other week.

Disciples Kitchen By Amanda Poor Emmanuel will be serving Breakfast at Basic United Methodist Church on Saturday, March 17. Helpers are needed from 9:30 to 11:00 AM along with donations of food. You may visit the website php?t=SGUC4005 to signup and get directions or call Amanda Poor at 804 200 3921. We will also be taking items for the Saturday Supply Closet: travel size toiletries and adult size socks for the WARM shelter; any size 3

March, 2012 toiletries, toilet tissue, and cleaning supplies for other needs. These may be left in the Disciples Kitchen Basket next to the Bread Fund Basket in the Parish Hall.

WARM Shelter Begins Operation in Waynesboro By Amanda Poor The WARM (Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry) Shelter, an outreach effort of the Waynesboro Ministerial Association, began operation in January. Each evening between 6 and 7, adults needing shelter for the night register at Basic United Methodist Church at 5th and Delphine in Waynesboro. An evening meal, shelter and breakfast are provided there or at another nearby church. Three adult volunteers from the sheltering church stay with the residents overnight. Meals are provided by other area churches and civic organizations. Residents are taken back to the registration site each morning. Access to the shelter during daylight hours is not available at this time. Toiletry items are available to residents through the Saturday Supply Closet Project of Casa de Amistad, a nonprofit partnering with the WARM Shelter. To insure their safety, no one under the age of 18 can reside at the shelter or volunteer at the shelter. Families that show up with under age children are housed temporarily in local motels at the expense of participating area churches. In just a few weeks operation, good effects are being felt. One man who has been a resident since the first day of operation is in the process of moving into a rental house near Basic UMC. This was made possible through contacts made through the shelter; Casa de Amistad is providing a number of items to assist him in setting up house for himself and his daughter. Another young man received free dental care for an abscessed tooth. The church hosting that week had the means within their discretionary fund to provide this care and also provided funds to cover other residents’ prescriptions.

4 Emmanuel has supported the Saturday Supply Closet through generous donations of toiletries and household cleaning items to Disciples Kitchen. Small size toiletries and socks are particularly needed for shelter residents; these and other items may be placed in the Disciples Kitchen basket in the entry of the Parish Hall. Opportunities to volunteer as an overnight helper or in providing meals are available by contacting Pastor Howard Miller at 540-9490446. Work is underway to find a permanent shelter.

The Emmanuel Way training and he and Jenny are waiting for their first assignment.

Missing Items By Karin Bonding Easter is coming up, and we once again we will beautify the church. We are missing two Easter baskets from

March, 2012 last year. These are the ones we put in the windows with spring flowers as part of our Easter beautification. Please check your basement, attic or storage shed, and if you have carried one off and have not returned it, please bring it back as these do not come cheap. Thank you.

The Emmanuel Way Mission Statement The Emmanuel Way, the official newsletter of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Greenwood Parish, will strive to communicate with, enlighten, and entertain the members of the parish in strict compliance with the official word of church doctrine as set forth by the rector utilizing the Style Sheet of the Diocese of Virginia. The newsletter shall be published monthly on or before the 1st day of the month of issue. The publication shall not be published during the month of July. The deadline for submissions shall be the 15th of the month preceding the month of publication. The primary role of the publication shall be to promote upcoming activities, report past activities and accomplishments of the church and its members, and carry an official church calendar of the month, as well as, become a recorded history of the church by the archival of all past issues.

The Emmanuel Way 7599 Rockfish Gap Turnpike Post Office Box 38 Greenwood, Virginia 22943 Email: [email protected] Website: Phone: 540-456-6334 James E. Crosby………….. Editor Julia Shields . . . . . Editor Emeritus

The Greenwood Grapevine reports Ensign Robert Hodgson of Pensacola, FLA, grandson of Dick and Susie Hodgson, will marry Jennifer Cartwright on March 24, 2012 in Floyd, VA. Rob is in flight

Laura Farrell, a Lay Eucharistic Minister, serving with her Acolyte sons, Griffin and Jake. Missing is father Kirby who is our new Head Usher. That is a real family commitment. (Photo by Dan Butterfield) A Great Big Thank You! Deede and I would like to thank everyone at Emmanuel for your support and prayers as I undertook my journey of discernment towards ordination to the Diaconate. It was wonderful having so many of you in attendance at St. Paul’s, Ivy. It meant a great deal to both of us. You have truly made us feel a part of the Emmanuel Family. Blessings to all of you. Don & Deede Cady 4

The Emmanuel Way


March, 2012

Thursday Evening Lenten Series Please join us for this year’s Thursday Evening Lenten Series. We begin at 6 pm with a Potluck Dinner in the Parish Hall. (Bring a dish to share if you are able but please join us in any event). At 6:45 the adults move to the church for the Lenten speaker. Peter Carey and the children remain in the Parish Hall for their own program. We finish with Compline and will head home no later than 8 pm.

Speakers: March 1 – Larry Smith, Music Director March 8 – The Reverend Grace Cangiolosi March 15 – Dr. Steve Bragaw March 22 – The Reverend Deacon Donald Cady March 29 – The Reverend Connie Clark

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18 Lent 4See Sunday Schedule 10 am Adult Forum—Saints of the Past

10 am Adult Forum—Modern Saints


11 Lent 3 healing See Sunday Sched-

10 am Adult Forum—Thin Places

day Schedule

4 Lent 2 See Sun-


Please check the Sunday bulletin for changes and additions. If you would like to schedule an event, please call the office at 540540-456456-6334.

The deadline for articles for the April Newsletter is March 15.

Schedule 10 am Adult Forum—Resurrection Holy Week Worship Comm. Meeting 12:15

March 1—Larry Smith March 6—The Rev. Grace Cangiolosi March 13—Dr. Steve Bragaw March 20—The Rev. Deacon Don Cady 25 Lent 5 healing March 25—The Rev. Connie Clark See Sunday

Thursday Evening Lenten Series Pot luck dinner at 6 pm followed by speaker:

Special Events

Adult Forums March 4 — “Thin Places” March 11— “Modern Saints & Mentors in Faith” March 18 — “Saints of the Past: Martyrs and Guides to our Faith” March 25 — “Resurrection: Embracing Resurrection again for the first time”

Key HE—Holy Eucharist MP—Morning Prayer MLR—Marston/LaRue House PH—Parish Hall LH—Ledford House HC—Holy Cross, Batesville AA—Alcoholics Anonymous

9:00 HE & Children’s Worship 10:00 Sunday School & Adult Forum 11:00 HE

Sunday Schedule

March 2012

26 AA Meeting, 8 pm, PH

19 Revised Coffee Lectionary, 10:30 am, Crozet Mudhouse; AA Meeting, 8 pm, PH

12 AA Meeting, 8 pm, PH

5 AA Meeting, 8 pm, PH


Mountainside Tea Party , 3 pm

27 Men’s Bible Study, 8:30 am, PH


13Men’s Bible Study, 8:30 am, PH Mountainside Tea Party , 3 pm Vestry Meeting, 7 pm, PH



28 Choir Rehearsal, 7 pm

21 Choir Rehearsal, 7 pm

14 Choir Rehearsal, 7 pm

7 Bread Fund Packing, 10 am, HC Choir Rehearsal, 7 pm


29 Contemplative Prayer, 5:30 pm, church Thursday Evening Lenten Series 6 pm

Study, 10:30 am, PH Contemplative Prayer, 5:30 pm, church Thursday Evening Lenten Series 6 pm

22 Women’s Bible

15 Contemplative Prayer, 5:30 pm, church Thursday Evening Lenten Series 6 pm

Study, 10:30 am, PH Finance Committee, 5 pm, MLR Contemplative Prayer, 5:30 pm, church Thursday Evening Lenten Series 6 pm

8 Women’s Bible

1 Contemplative Prayer, 5:30 pm, church Thursday Evening Lenten Series 6 pm


30 AA Meeting, 8 PM, PH

23 AA Meeting, 8 PM, PH

16 AA Meeting, 8 PM, PH

9 AA Meeting, 8 PM, PH

2 AA Meeting, 8 PM, PH




17 Disciples Kitchen breakfast, Basic United Methodist Church, Waynesboro

10 Change clocks one hour ahead for Daylight Saving Time

3 Bread Fund Distribution, 8 am, Holy Cross