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Dear Suuporters, What a great start to the 2013 Winter Season we have had. We have some new players, coaches, umpires and in a newly created position at the club we now also have a coaches assistant; welcome Tessa! Now for a word from our coaches about the 2013 season to date Coach Aaron (B4’s and C2’s) B4’s - With one loss of the season to date in round one, some creative shuffling of players by stand in coach Peta Bradock the team managed to claw their way back to within two points in the last term. Round Two saw a new team take the court. The girls were fired up and ready to make amends for narrowly missing out on a round one win. Players such as Valerie and Timmi demonstrated they are definitely up to the challenge and we comfortably beat Oakdale 55 to 25. Last week saw the girls played a much stronger opponent; Walkerville, known for their fitness and aggression on court. Walkerville found that they couldn’t match the fitness of the hard working B4’s and with a dominant fourth term with the girls showing some of their best form to date we defeated the quality Walkerville team 53 to 36. C2’s - The first round for the C2’s was a strong win against Pembroke OS. In Round two it was a closely fought match against the Cheerio Phoenix. Great performances by Karen and Bec moving the ball quickly to the goal circle. This was supported well by some great defence with Donna, a new club member who is proving to be a very reliable foundation to our defence. With three of three shooters missing from the line up last weekend it was always going to be a struggle with a 14 point loss. The lack of attacking potency was particularly missed in the windy conditions. The saving grace was a strong defence that managed to keep the City Coasters to a relatively low score. A special mention has to go to Emily, Donna and Kylie who kept a brave face and fought till the end of the match. Coach Miriam (C3’s) The team has come together very well and all girls seem to be enjoying the game play so far. Our determination to run out games and get early leads in our games is something that I hope we can really hang on to for the entire season. There have been many requests for players to play in a variety of positions and sometimes this can unbalance a team, but in our case it seems to bring us strength – all girls have worked extremely hard in whatever position they have been asked to play. The girls have been very focused at training and whilst we’ve had some fun we have also started to really understand each other’s playing styles and I am predicting a great season ahead for these girls. Coach Ronda (C4’s) The C4s have had a great start to the season winning 3 from 3 games. We are all getting to know each other better. The girls are working well together and are really supportive of each other.

Game Days Saturday 2:05pm & 3.40pm Netball SA Stadium, Mile End Players are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their game time

Results Round One B4’s lost to Matrics (44-50) C2’s defeated Pembroke OS (42-33) C3’s defeated City Coasters (50-28) C4’s defeated Adelaide Uni (66-12)

Round Two B4’s defeated Oakdale (55-25) C2’s lost to Cheerio (33-37) C3’s defeated Wildcats (44-30) C4’s had a forfeit win against Flinders

Round Three B4’s defeated Walkerville (53-36) C2’s lost to City Coasters (20-34) C3’s defeated Semaphore (36-23) C4’s defeated Walkerville (45-29)

Player of the Month - April B4’s - Laura D’amico C2’s - Karen De Los Reyes C3’s - Lucy Powell C4’s - Nicola Thiele

Presentation Nights Saturdays @ The Bath Hotel Lock these dates in your diary...

25th May 29th June 27th July 31st August Announcements for ‘Player of the Month’ for each team, great meal deals and fun times!

Players Fees Due

Recovery Tips from Inspire PT

May 7th, 2013

Recovery after exercise is essential to muscle and tissue repair and strength building.

All info is posted on Slashsport, including your total amount owing (this may include uniforms and PT)

The following are the main elements people should undertake as part of their recovery process

Please direct all queries to our treasurer Nat Tyson [email protected]

COOL DOWN AND STRETCH The cool down should comprise of a short walk/jog of 2 -5min followed by full body stretching. The purpose of the cool down and stretch is to decrease muscular soreness and bring the cardiovascular system back to rest. After a game and training this should take approximately 10 minutes. NUTRITION AND HYDRATION Ensuring the body is fully nourished and hydrated is vital for good recovery. It is most important to replace fluids during and after exercise (water, sportsdrink eg Gatorade, Powerade) and to replenish energy stores by eating the right foods. REST Make sure you get enough sleep 8 hours is a good guideline. Other forms of recovery popular amongst various sports are ice baths, massage and compression garments eg Skins, 2XU. A good recovery program after training and games should ensure that soreness is reduced and your next session is able to be undertaken at near to 100% effort.


Fundraising Firstly.... A big ‘Thank You’ we know we have asked a lot of you for fundraising efforts this year. It is with the donations and support of our club members that we are able to keep our coaches, umpires and club running!

Coaches Corner… Getting to know Miriam Doyle (C3’s Coach) How did you first become involved in Netball, or more specifically OINC? I have played netball since Year 5 at school (1984!) and I was part of the formation of OINC along with Abby and Gia Warhurst. I remember our first "meeting" about the idea of starting OINC where we met at the Norwood Hotel as well as our first Saturday match at ETSA Park where we had to ask lots of people to "fill in" as we didn't really have enough members in the club to field even one team. What is your best fitness tip? Consistency is the key - variety is also important to keep you interested and dynamic in your playing style. Who is your sporting hero and why? My sporting heroes are Steve Moneghetti (because he's a marathon running teacher) and Rob De Castella (because he was such a gutsy runner who defied conventional body type for a marathon runner) I have dreamed of running a marathon since I was 12 - I would still love to do one someday! What is your most memorable sporting achievement? My most memorable sporting achievement as a coach was coaching OINC A grade in 2007 and 2008. In terms of my most memorable netball achievement as a player was playing Intervarsity Netball for UniSA in 1995 and playing some of the highest standard of netball I have ever played.

Some quick reminders:  Cadbury Chocolates

Please bring any returned money to training when sold. If you have a box (or almost full box) remaining then you can bring it back to the club for another player to sell.  Raffle Tickets

Please bring money and sold ticket stubs to training before Saturday 25 May. Any unsold tickets will be distributed at Quiz Night (31st May).

Special Meal Deals NOW AVAILABLE! Available at all Presentation Nights at The Bath Hotel

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