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Family Worship Guide Week of July 12th, 2015 One of the ways SC Kids partners with parents to make disciples of Jesus is to provide resources that promote discipleship in the home. This Family Worship Guide is intended to give parents content from this week’s lesson to discuss with their children throughout the week.

REVIEW This Sunday’s lesson was called “Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers” and comes from Luke 17:11-19. For a children’s bible version you can refer to Story 103 of the Gospel Story Bible.

GOSPEL Though many Jews believed, the Jewish nation as a whole would reject Jesus as the Messiah. Many Gentiles, however, would gladly receive the gospel. Here we see a Samaritan throwing himself at the feet of Jesus. Clearly this man had been healed not only physically but also spiritually. The other lepers found healing; this man found Jesus. By healing the man’s illness, Jesus saved his earthly life. But Jesus pointed to a greater healing when he told the man that his faith had made him well. That commendation indicated that God recognized his trust in Jesus and he would be saved. We are also sick with sin and condemned to death. By dying on the cross, Jesus saved us and gave us a greater healing, the forgiveness of our sins.

DISCUSS How many lepers did Jesus heal? Ten.

How are we like the man with leprosy? Even though our bodies might be healthy, our souls are very sick because of sin. We need Jesus’ touch to heal us. How does Jesus heal us from our sin? He died on the cross make a way for all of our sin to be removed. How should we respond to this good work? We should praise Jesus and thank him for what he has done to make us well!

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES For additional family devotionals you can purchase “Old Story New: Ten Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God” at amazon.com or from the Sacred City Bookstore on Sunday.

SING Singing is a great way for kids to experience and memorize God’s Word. Here are a few family favorites: Preschool age - “Cedarmont Kids - Bible Songs” and for Preschool and Elementary age children we recommend the Morning Star Catechism CD (available at the SC bookstore) as well as Seeds Family Worship.

PRAY Thank Jesus for making us well through his life, death, and resurrection. Ask him to give us a thankful heart for all that he has done and to help us worship him.

How many lepers returned to thank him? Only one.

Preschool & Lower Elementary 7Q: In how many persons does this one God exist?

Where did all the others go? They all forgot to thank Jesus and went on their way. What does this story tell us about the Samaritan leper who was healed? Jesus not only healed his body, but also healed his heart.

MORNING STAR CATECHISM 7A: In three persons.

8Q: Who are they? 
 8A: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


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