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ONLINE BULLETIN oakwoodnow.org

| MAY 24


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FOR SUNDAY 8:30 am ONLINE WELCOME 9:30 am ONLINE SERVICE BEGINS APPY MEMORIAL DAY! In observation of the holiday, Q Hthere’s no programming for children and students today.

Our KIDS BULLETIN is available for preschool and elementary children so they can connect with the sermon.

hen you GIVE, you don’t give to Oakwood, you give Q W through Oakwood, so that together we can make disciples of Jesus.

ubscribe to the Oakwood YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Q SFind our interactive worship service each Sunday morning. G uests, so glad you’re participating with us!  Q We’d lovewe’re to CONNECT with you! akwood, stay connected and submit prayer requests Q Othrough the CONNECTION CARD! S croll to page 2 to follow along with the Message Notes.  Q


PARKING LOT PRAYER & LORD’S SUPPER TODAY | 4-4:45 pm We’re excited to gather with you. When you arrive, tune in to 89.5 FM. CLICK HERE for more details. Family Life volunteers, drive through the upper parking lot after the event for a special THANK YOU CELEBRATION. REGATHERING IN PERSON We’re excited to share with you the STEPS TO REGATHERING IN PERSON that our staff have outlined with input from our elder team! CLICK HERE to watch the video.




STORY TIME WITH MISS BECCI This week Miss Becci will be reading, PETER'S PERFECT PRAYER PLACE, by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick.


CONNECT 24/7 Use DISCORD to hang out, play games, share prayer requests, and encourage others.


WEDNESDAYS | 7 pm ZOOM HANGOUTS & BIBLE STUDY SENIOR RETREAT Stay tuned for the date and details.


ONLINE GROUP OPPORTUNITIES You are invited to join us for our groups gathering online. VIEW OUR UPDATED OPPORTUNITIES SHEET, including new groups starting this month!


MORNING BY MORNING LIVE DEVOTIONAL MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY | 7 am Twenty minutes to start your day with Scripture and prayer! Hosted by Oakwood women. Connect via Zoom HERE Questions? contact SARAH HAYDEN


GRADUATION SUNDAY JUNE 7 Please submit the following by May 31 to CARRIE to be included in the Graduation Sunday presentation: 8th Grade Graduates: school graduating from High School Graduates: school graduating from, plans for fall, (1) senior photo, (1) child/baby photo. College Graduates: school graduating from, degree earned. TRUST-BASED RELATIONAL INTERVENTION CAREGIVER TRAINING JUNE 11-14 Mission: Hope is pleased to share this training resource available via ZOOM conferencing. This trauma-informed, evidence-based approach is designed to meet the needs of the whole child. Register on RAIVU.ORG and click on Upcoming Trainings. Contact [email protected] with questions. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? We’d like your input as we take steps to regathering in person. If you haven’t already, CLICK HERE to complete our check-in. Or text PHASES to 90888.


MAY 24 2020


From Generation to Generation...

❍ I will share with: _____________________________

Marcus Constantine, Groups & Prayer Psalm 78

❍ I will...

Prayer walk this week in your neighborhood (alone, with your family, or with a friend).

The image of God is… 1. Expressed through Human History (Psalm 78:1-4)

DOWNLOAD a helpful prayer walk guide from our friends at Elmbrook.

DISCOVERY QUESTIONS FOR FAMILY OR GROUP STUDY 1. What are you thankful for? What challenge or stress are you facing? (Consider praying about these together.) 2. Read Exodus 15:1-13 together (at least twice), and take turns retelling it in your own words as if sharing with a friend who isn’t here.

2. Told from Generation to Generation (vv. 5-7)

3. What stands out to you and why? What do these verses tell us about God? What do these verses tell us about humanity/about us? 4. If this is God speaking, how will you apply it to your life? (Aim for a specific: “I will…” next step.) 5. Who will you share with before we meet again? (Name a specific person you want to share with.)

3. Marred by Human Choices (v. 8 and following)

You can use the discovery questions to study any passage of Scripture together. If you’d like to learn more about the discovery group process, connect with [email protected] A resource for your group, family, or to share with your neighbors… “Discovering Peace in Turmoil: Resting in God.” Three-Column Study is a tool to help us personally delight in God’s Word as we spend time with Him daily.

4. Restored by Christ (Colossians 3:9-11)!

THE ONE THING: ________________________________________________________________