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of excellence.pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/ac00126a743Silica is good. But for tough HPLC methods devel- opment,Hamilton'...

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BETTER THAN SILICA Silica is good. But for tough HPLC methods devel­ opment, Hamilton's PRP-1 reversed phase column is better. First, the exceptionally stable, polymer-based PRP-1 accepts virtually any mobile phase with a pH between 1 and 13, giving you greater flexibility over your chromato­ graphic conditions. Second, the PRP-1 lets you separate most compounds with no need for ion-pairing reagents. But even if ion-

pairing reagents are required, column degradation is minimized. Third, the fact that PRP-1 columns are polymer-based means the purified samples do not contain silica impuri­ ties which must subsequently be removed. Lastly, composition of the polymer-based particles is consistent from surface to center. No "new" type of sur­ face becomes exposed to cause the selectivity variations common to silica columns.

The PRP-1 is available in 5/x.m and 10/xm analytical, and ΙΟμιτι semi-preparative and preparative columns. So whether you need high speed and resolution, or run large-scale separations, there is a Hamilton PRP-1 column that can significantly improve performance of your HPLC. For complete information, call us toll-free at: (800) 648-5950, or (702) 786-7077. Hamilton Company, PO. Box 10030, Reno, Nevada 89520.

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