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September 20, 2020

This Week

Join us today at 9:30am in the sanctuary for Fall Equip: Revive Us Again, Monday with Dr. Walter Kaiser. Tuesday Join us Wednesdays at 6:30am for our weekly Men’s Prayer meeting held in the church library.

GUESTS Please fill out the Connect Card included in your Welcome Bag and place it in the offering box at the back of the room. If you need a Bible, feel free to ask an usher. Please leave church Bibles on your seats so they may be cleaned following the service. If you choose to keep your child with you during the service, Sermon Activity Bags are available to help keep your child engaged. Feel free to request one from an usher.

Our hope and prayer is that you feel seen, known, and loved as we worship our great God together!

Our Pastors Dr. Gary Hylander Senior Pastor Jon MacDonald Family Life/Discipleship Pastor Aaron Brown Worship/Technology Pastor Robert Lee Student Ministries Pastor

Men's Bible Study: More Like Jesus. Designed to help men who are already growing as disciples to allow God to transform their character, put away distractions, become focused on God's kingdom, treasure Jesus more and become better leaders in the church. This study meets each Wednesday from 6:45-8pm beginning this Wednesday, September 23 via Zoom. Contact the church office to be placed on the "More Like Jesus" email list. “Habakkuk: Remembering God’s Faithfulness When He Seems Absent” Women’s Bible Study meets every other Wednesday at 6:30pm beginning this week, September 23. Contact Nikki M. with questions.

7:00pm Deacon Board 7:00pm Men’s Min 9:30am GriefShare 6:30pm Women’s Study 6:30pm Precept Study Wednesday 6:30am Men’s Prayer 9:30am Bible Studies 5:00pm Bible Quizzing 6:30pm Awana 6:30pm Student Min 6:30pm Women’s Study 6:30pm DivorceCare 6:45pm Men’s Study Thursday 6:30pm GriefShare For more information visit us at www.e-free-family.com.

First Love “The Great I AM Has Come” Women’s Bible study is available via Zoom. Contact the church office for the link. Sheboygan Prayer March: We believe God answers prayer! We want to be faithful to cry out to Him for grace and mercy in the midst of unrest, conflict, and tensions. We will meet at City Green (behind Sonlight Books) on Saturday, September 26 at 11am. There is a walking option (just under two miles) and a non-walking option (bring your own lawn chair and pray at City Green). Our prayer event will meet simultaneously with the Franklin Graham prayer event in Washington, DC. The Sheboygan Prayer March is a non-partisan prayer event aimed at seeking God's face for our Nation. Let us know you’re coming! RSVP on the on the website. Use that link to invite your friends to join us, too!

Featured The following children are being presented today at 9:30am by their parents in Christian Dedication: Son of Kyle & Brianna C. Son of Phillip & Yuliya G. Daughter of Devan & Mariah H.

Two 40 Days for Life Kickoff Rallies are scheduled for Wednesday, September 23. The morning rally begins at 9:45am and the evening Son of Carl & Paula L. rally begins at 5pm. Both rallies will take place outside Planned Parenthood at 909 S. Taylor Drive. The evening service will be led by Son of Drew & Gwen M. Pastor John Berg. For more information, please visit the website www.40daysforlife.com/Sheboygan or contact our church liaison, Daughter of Andrew & Caitlyn S. Yvonne M. Children of Andrew & Tanya T.

Sheboygan Evangelical Free Church September 20, 2020

Contemporary Service - 9:30am

Welcome and Prayer

Pastor Aaron Brown

Hosanna (Praise is Rising) Praise is rising, eyes are turning to You, we turn to You. Hope is stirring, hearts are yearning for You, we long for You. ‘Cause when we see You, we find strength to face the day. And in Your presence, all our fears are washed away, washed away. Hosanna, hosanna, You are the God who saves us, Worthy of all our praises.

That seeks Your face, O God of Jacob. God, let us be a generation that seeks, That seeks Your face, O God of Jacob. Words and Music Charlie Hall, c2000 worshiptogether.comsongs/Six Steps Music, CCLI#44953

King of Kings In the darkness we were waiting, without hope without light, Till from heaven You came running, there was mercy in Your eyes. To fulfill the law and prophets, to a virgin came the Word, From a throne of endless glory to a cradle in the dirt. Praise the Father, praise the Son, praise the Spirit three in one God of Glory, Majesty, praise forever to the King of Kings.

Hosanna hosanna, come have Your way among us, We welcome You here, Lord Jesus.

To reveal the kingdom coming and to reconcile the lost, To redeem the whole creation, You did not despise the cross.

Hear the sound of hearts returning to You, we turn to You. In Your kingdom broken lives are made new, You make all things new.

For even in Your suffering You saw to the other side, Knowing this was our salvation, Jesus, for our sake You died.

Words & Music Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche ©2005, 2006 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music, CCLI#449536

Who You Say I Am Who am I that the highest King would welcome me? I was lost but He brought me in, Oh, His love for me, Oh, His love for me.

Who the Son sets free, Oh, is free indeed. I'm a child of God, yes, I am. Free at last, He has ransomed me, His grace runs deep. While I was a slave to sin, Jesus died for me, yes, He died for me.

And the morning that You rose, all of heaven held its breath, Till that stone was moved for good, for the Lamb had conquered death. And the dead rose from their tombs, and the angels stood in awe, For the souls of all who'd come to the Father are restored, And the Church of Christ was born, then the Spirit lit the flame, Now this Gospel truth of old shall not kneel, shall not faint.

Who the Son sets free, Oh, is free indeed. I'm a child of God, yes, I am. In my Father's house there's a place for me, I'm a child of God, yes, I am

By His blood and in His Name, in His freedom I am free, For the love of Jesus Christ Who has resurrected me.

I am chosen, not forsaken, I am who You say I am. You are for me, not against me, I am who You say I am. I am who You say I am.

Announcements and Offering Prayer

CCLI Song # 7102401 Ben Fielding | Reuben Morgan © 2017 Hillsong Music Publishing (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing) For use solely with the SongSelect® Terms of Use. All rights reserved. www.ccli.com CCLI License # 449536

Give Us Clean Hands We bow our hearts, we bend our knees; Oh Spirit, come make us humble. We turn our eyes from evil things; Oh Lord, we cast down our idols. So give us clean hands, give us pure hearts; Let us not lift our souls to another. Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts; Let us not lift our souls to another.

God, let us be a generation that seeks,

CCLI Song # 7127647 Brooke Ligertwood | Jason Ingram | Scott Ligertwood © 2019 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing) Fellow Ships Music (Admin. by Essential Music Publishing LLC) So Essential Tunes (Admin. by Essential Music Publishing LLC) For use solely with the SongSelect® Terms of Use. All rights reserved. www.ccli.com CCLI License # 449536

Pastor Aaron Brown

Parent-Child Dedication Message Noble Thinking, Acts 17:10-15

Pastor Jon MacDonald

Closing Prayer Postlude Morning messages can be watched/listened to on our website at www.e-free-family.com.

September 20, 2020 Morning Services

Pastor Jon MacDonald Acts Series NOBLE THINKING Acts 17:10-15

Christianity is an immovable joy in Jesus Christ by faith which is rooted in reasons, history, archeology, facts and, yes, science. Christians love to learn, think, reason, reflect and make connections which impact what we believe and how we live our lives before God. Christians are thinkers. The ultimate authority over how and what we think is the Word of God. In our passage today, we see some of the Bereans being openminded enough to let the Word of God answer the most important question in history: “Is Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah that God promised would came to save the world?” The reasonable and reasoned answer to this question still dominates the world to this day. What do you think about Jesus?