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Senior/Head of Staff Pastor Application Personal Information Name __________________________________________________________________ Address _______________________________ _________ __________ _______________ City State Zip Email __________________________________________________________________ Phone __________________________ ______________________ ______________________ Office Cell Home Current Position _________________________________________________________ Ordination ____________________ ___________________________________ Date Presbytery Current Presbytery ______________________________________________________________ Anticipated Date of Entry into ECO ________________________ Status {see ECO 2.0401} _______ Pastor/Head of Staff _______ Associate Pastor _______ Assistant Pastor (could be equivalent to parish associate as well) _______ Transitional Pastor _______ Pastor in Validated Ministry _______ Affiliate Pastor _______ Honorably Retired Pastor

Narrative Information 1.Why are you interested in bringing your ministry to PCPC? 2.Can you provide a Statement of Faith? 3.How does your current ministry compare to your knowledge of ECO and PCPC? 4.How do your personal convictions compare to the identity statement in the CIF? 5.What do you believe is the greatest challenge facing Christianity today? Commitment If received into ECO I agree to {please initial at each line}:

bound by the Essential Tenets of ECO: Participate fully in the peer review process: __________________________________________________ _________________________ Signed Date __________________________________________________ Print Name