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Lent begins this year on Wednesday, March 1. For 40 days, (not including Sundays) Christians around the world will be invited to draw closer to God. Lent is a time for paying attention, opening our eyes and our ears and our hearts in order that we may find and be found. Back in the early 1400’s, when daring sailors were pushing farther and farther westward into the Atlantic, reports kept coming back of a beautiful set of islands out there called the St. Brendan Islands. The reports differed on just where these islands were and how to find them, but all agreed that they were out there somewhere. In hopes of enlarging his territory and realm, King Ferdinand of Spain issued a proclamation to spur the bravest of his sea captains to go and find the St. Brendan Islands. Fame, fortune and renown would go to the brave and lucky explorer, Captain Vogodo, if he could accomplish the mission. The proclamation went like this: “I, King Ferdinand grant to Captain Vogado full title to the St. Brendan Islands, provided he can find them.” Did the sea captain ever find those islands? We don’t know. We never hear of Captain Vogado again in the pages of history. There are no such islands on the maps we have today. Perhaps the captain went looking for the islands and never found them. Perhaps he was too old to go out on any further adventures and he simply retired from sailing. Perhaps he never went looking for them because he was convinced they did not exist. We don’t know anything more about Capt. Vogado. But, we do know that those islands were his “provided he could find them. “ Are there times in our lives when we fail to go looking for God? God is always here for us. God is closer to us then the air we breathe and the ground on which we stand. But we will never know God, we will never know what it is to be known by God, until we go out looking. Lent is a time to go looking for God. Lent is a time to train ourselves to see what is already there, but hidden and obscured by other things. Lent is a time for starting out on a journey with the destination of finding ourselves and, more importantly, finding the One who has never lost us. Lent is a time to learn some “holy habits” that awaken us to the wonders of God’s love and keep us close to the one true source of hope and joy and strength we have. Won’t you join with me in the journey? In Christ,

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From Pastor Linton Blessings in the name of our Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. I believe it is a daily struggle as disciples of Jesus Christ to love our enemies as we love ourselves. Coming directly from Jesus and his teachings, Matthew 5: 43-48 is part of the Sermon and the Mount. It remains current and rich in fiber for today and everyday. Recently I found myself leaning into this Scripture for support while I was trying to overcome a difficult situation. Perhaps you need to hear these words as I did. Love Your Enemies “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be children of your Father in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47 And if you greet only your brothers and sisters,[a] what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect” 43

The desire for getting even and resentment is but an unpleasant reminder of imperfect righteousness and the righteousness of this world, and this age. Jesus is calling all of us, who would call ourselves his disciples, to move beyond that way of responding. Because a righteousness that only involves loving those who are easy to love, is not the way of Jesus Christ. It is not easy, this being a disciple of Jesus thing. It would be easier, and perhaps even feel more satisfying, at least in the moment, to live by the saying, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” There is a better way. And that better way is through our Savior, the Messiah, and Jesus the Son of the Living God. It is through these really difficult teachings that we receive a glimpse of the very heart of God. The good news of Jesus Christ is that his way does indeed come from the very heart of the God who made us, and who knows each one of us to the core. It comes from the God who has counted and knows the number of hairs on each one of our heads. It comes from the God who loves the unlovable, and who makes the sun rise on both the righteous and the unrighteous, and who sends the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike. Jesus Christ IS the way and the truth and the light. He is the only way. He IS the way forward today and the way to everlasting life. Let’s promise to follow him and trust in him and know that the reward in heaven we will receive will be greater than any of us can imagine. Lord, so open our eyes and our ears and all our senses, shine in our hearts filled by your love, that we may know your Word and live your righteousness. Show us how to love our enemies, and pray for those who are hunting us down. Then, we will be children of your heavenly father, surrendering our hearts as the altar, and thy love the flame. Help us to build each other up. Increase our faith, confirm our hope, and perfect us in love. Love IS the way. Love for ALL, EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE. In this day may we go forth in the love of God, with the blessing of Jesus, and the strength of the Spirit, and be made perfect in love. (I would like to credit much of this message to the words and wisdom of Rev. Dr. Dawn Chesser and an excerpt taken from Feasting on the Word, Jason Byassee)

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Calvary March Worship Wednesday, March 1


Midday Worship Service – Noon in the Chapel, Calvary UMC Worship service starts at Noon in the Chapel. Following the worship service until 1 p.m., those wishing to receive ashes and have a time of prayer in the chapel are welcome to do so. A pastor will be on hand to apply the ashes. Evening worship service - Calvary UMC A full service of worship will be offered in the evening at 7:00 PM in the sanctuary. This will include music from the combined adult choirs and a sermon from Rev. Steve Larsen, entitled: Practice Makes Perfect. Scripture Lessons: Isaiah 58:1-12 and Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 Sunday, March 5

First Sunday in Lent


Bishop Latrelle Easterling will preach and we will receive Holy Communion today. Sunday, March 12

Second Sunday in Lent

Riddles in the Dark

Rev. Larsen preaching

John 3:1-17

The Gospel readings in Lent this year all come from the Gospel of John. Each week we find a different figure in conversation with Jesus, learning who he is and what it means to follow him. On the second Sunday of Lent, it’s Nicodemus, a leader in the Jewish community who seeks Jesus out at night. He leaves more puzzled than he came. Sunday, March 19

Third Sunday in Lent

Witness at the Well

Rev. Larsen preaching

John 4:5-42

On the third Sunday in Lent, Jesus speaks with a woman who comes to the village well in the middle of the day to draw water. After this encounter, the woman tells others about Jesus and many in that city believed in him because of her testimony. Sunday, March 26

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Deacon Julie Wilson to preach at Calvary Church while Rev. Steve Larsen will preach at Centennial Memorial. Sunday, April 2

Fifth Sunday in Lent

The Lord of Life

Rev. Larsen preaching

John 11: 1-45

On the fifth Sunday of Lent, Jesus speaks with both Mary and her sister Martha after the death of their brother. Jesus tells each of the woman that the life he offers the world is greater than death. And having said this to them, he showed them also.

World Day of Prayer Sponsored by Church Women United of Frederick

Friday, March 3rd at Homewood of Crumland Farms 10:15 a.m. Registration, 10:30 program “Am I Being Unfair to You?” Speaker is Rev. Surekha Nelavala, Pastor of Global Peace, Lutheran Fellowship Frederick 12:00 Lunch ($9 approx, cafeteria style) RSVP to [email protected] or 301-535-1662 3|Page

Lenten Series When the Church Speaks What does it mean and what can we do? A Look at our Social Principles Join us each week for dinner at 6 pm followed by an interactive program for adults and a service learning opportunity for children from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Wednesday evenings during Lent. March 8: Introduction to the Social Principles :Rev. Julie Wilson followed by the Natural World with Dave Herber March 15: The Nurturing Community with Norma Hamilton March 22: The Social Community with Jim Hamilton March 29: The Economic community with Rev. Eliezer Valentin-Castanon from Trinity UMC April 5: The Political and World Communities w/ Rev. Dr. Clayton Childers from the General Board of Church and Society Participants will confirm, question, clarify, and expand on how they practice the United Methodist tradition in light of the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church. Social Principles, while not to be considered church law, are a prayerful and thoughtful effort on the part of the General Conference to speak to the human issues in the contemporary world from a sound biblical and theological foundation as historically demonstrated in United Methodist traditions. They are intended to be instructive and persuasive in the best of the prophetic spirit. The study series will feature opportunities for participants to be actively involved and engaged. Participants will enjoy responding to new insights and knowledge while practicing good dialogues with peers. Each session is designed to enhance participants’ desire for deeper learning leading to increased committed Christian action modeled after the life of Jesus. Each week, children will be offered service learning activities related to our topic. This is the first time that there will be activities for children, not just for the adults, during the Lenten study. Sponsored by the Church and Society Team

Lenten Recital Series Thursdays from 12 Noon to 12:30 p.m., Free and open to the public These 30-minute recitals offer a time for reflection, personal meditation and relaxation while enjoying beautiful music from a variety of musical genres. The recitals feature Calvary’s 38 rank Moller pipe organ, Steinway Concert D piano and a vast repertoire of sacred and secular works, including pieces familiar to many. March 2

David Miller, Organist, First Baptist Church, Winchester, VA Benjamin Curtis, baritone

March 9

Brenda J. Weiser, Director of Music & Organist Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD Linda Coe, soprano

John Weiser, baritone

March 16

Miriam Meglan, Organist, Frederick, MD

March 23

Dr. Lawrence P. Schreiber, Minister of Music and Organist First Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

March 30

Dr. Elizabeth Krouse, Organist, Trinity United Methodist Church, Frederick, MD

April 6

Joche Wilmot, Director of Music Ministries & Organist Calvary United Methodist Church, Frederick, MD Polly Edmonds Baldridge, soprano; Director of Music and Arts Damascus United Methodist Church, Damascus, MD


Centennial Memorial News Bible Studies at Centennial In addition to the Sunday morning Sunday School, there are currently three opportunities for Bible study at Centennial. On Saturday afternoons at 2:30 neighbors gather to discuss scripture from the lectionary or from a certain book of the Bible that we decide to work our way through. Currently we are focusing on Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian’s. This Bible study has been going on for quite a while, Pastor Leo used to lead it but now Deacon Julie does. In February we began a new Bible study on Wednesday afternoons at 3:30. For this study we will focus on a topic. Each topic will be biblically based, and we may use a study book to guide our discussions. Currently we are using How Do You Walk the Walk You Talk by Kay Arthur. This book is guiding our journey through the letter to the Ephesians as we explore our relationship with Christ and how his sacrifice for our sins was an amazing gift of grace. Also in February, Pastor Mark began a Men’s Bible study. The first meeting was Wednesday February 8th at Centennial. The men will continue to meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 6 p.m. at Centennial. The Bible study will focus on why did God create man, what are God’s expectations of Godly men, and what are the roles and responsibilities of men? The first Bible study meeting had (8) men in attendance and we discussed the creation of the first man which was Adam. We went over the following questions by reading Genesis chapters (2-3):       

Who was the first man created? And how? What was God’s first command to Adam? Why did God say; “It was good” to everything that God created but then God looked at Adam and said; “It is not good for the man to be alone.” Why did God create all of the animals, male/female and have Adam name them before creating the woman? How was the woman created? Why wasn’t she created the same way as Adam? Where was Adam when Eve took a bite of the fruit? Although Eve sinned first, why did God call for Adam in the garden?

All of these questions led to an awesome first Men’s Bible study meeting. In the next couple of meetings we will discuss Biblical Manhood and the (5) basic principles that men are expected to conform to. We are looking forward to growing the men’s ministry at Centennial as well as the Men’s Bible study.

Visit our website: And visit us on Facebook: Birthdays 3/2 3/8 3/11 3/20 3/24

Joe Gros (Pastor Deb’s son) Pastor Linda Warehime Roland Weller Kerry Claiborne Ed Routzahn

Liturgists for March 3/5 3/12 3/19 3/26

Mary Ann Gearinger Chris Jacobs Janet Norris Pat Dawson

YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US AT CENTENNIAL FOR ~A SERVICE OF HEALING~ THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH– 6:00 P.M. God does not promise that we shall be spared suffering but does promise to be with us in our suffering. Trusting that promise, we are enabled to recognize God’s sustaining presence in pain, sickness, injury and broken relationships. Join us for the laying on of hands, anointing with oil and sharing of Scripture designed to invoke the healing love of God.


Centennial Memorial UMC ~Ash Wednesday ~ March 1st - Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Please join us in worship as we gather to usher in Lent Traditional Service ~Including a time for prayer for healing and anointing by oil~ Gracious God, you loved the world so much that you sent your Son to die and rise again: Prepare us to be marked with the ashes that signify his death and teach us to walk in the light of his new life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bethel UMC/Centennial UMC 2017 Feed the Hungry – Potato Drop There are over 40 million Americans throughout the United States that are at risk of hunger and malnutrition each and every day. Some of these people live right in our community and could be our neighbors, co-workers, possibly family and friends. The Society of St. Andrew ( who is a non-profit, charitable organization has salvaged fresh, nutritious produce from American farms – produce that otherwise would be left to rot – and delivered it to agencies across the nation that serve the poor. The United Methodist Church of the Baltimore Washington Conference has connected with the Society of St. Andrew through the United Methodist Men’s Ministry to help end hunger. This is done by distributing potatoes to food banks, pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, churches with missions and outreach ministries, as well as other service agencies. The Amount of Potatoes: Society of St. Andrew coordinates with members of the agricultural community food processors and manufacturers in Maine and a couple other states to deliver tractor-trailer loads of white potatoes to be shipped to locations all across the country. These white potatoes come in 50 pound bags and there are at least 800 bags per truck load. So that is 40,000 pounds of potatoes that is delivered. Each potato drop provides about 135,000 servings of food for hungry families. Date & Location of the Event: Bethel UMC of the Hagerstown District will partner with Centennial Memorial UMC of the Frederick District for this amazing project. Our scheduled date for the potato drop is Saturday, March 25, 2017. The location will be Bethel United Methodist Church, 21006 Twin Springs Dr., Smithsburg, MD 21783. The start time will most likely be either 6am or 7am for the tractor-trailer delivery. Number of Volunteers: A key element for a successful and enjoyable potato drop is to have enough volunteers to move the huge amount of bagged potatoes. Men, women, and children are all invited to share in this event. We will have many volunteers from Bethel and Centennial working that day as well as a host of many other churches involved to make it a Community activity. 

Volunteers will be needed for moving potatoes into the fellowship hall where (50) pound bags of potatoes will be broken down into (10) pound bags (using the T-shirt bags) to be delivered to the Senior Citizens Housing developments.  Volunteers will be needed to load up agencies that are coming to pick up potatoes.  Volunteers will be needed to deliver potatoes to agencies that are unable to come to pick up their potatoes.  Volunteers will be needed to deliver potatoes to the Senior Citizen Housing developments.  Volunteers will be needed for cleanup. If there are any questions, please contact Mark Claiborne at (301) 524-6000 or by email [email protected] Many Blessings, Pastor Mark Claiborne



Centennial Calendar

RECOVERY THROUGH YOGA THERAPY & MEDITATION Mondays at 9:30 a.m. at Centennial This class will invite you to take your next step in your recovery journey. Through gentle, healing movements, poses, and silent meditations we will explore thoughts, awareness, and emotions that are not serving us in our road to recovery. The body scan meditation will invite you into a space of silent prayer, grace, and peace . We will build through gentle yoga and meditation a space for you to explore and meet any hurt (or trauma) from your past. We have all experienced hurts, hang ups, or habits in our lives that have not served us well .You will be invited to grow deeper in your faith and strengthen your recovery .We are excited for you as you continue to grow on the road to recovery. The Journey Continues series will be used as a guide. It is written by John Baker & Johnny Baker (Celebrate Recovery Series.)

Ministry Updates Outreach Frederick District Hispanic Ministry Two missionaries from Cuba are living in Frederick and ministering to the Hispanic/Latino community. Pastors Alexis and Junia distribute clothing and other material goods to mothers and children (through "manos amigos" or friendly hands), pray with families, lead worship on Sunday afternoons, visit the sick, lead Bible studies, help connect families with immigration services, and much, much more. This ministry is on a shoestring budget, and is always looking for more ways to reach into the Hispanic/Latino community. If you would like to support this ministry, you can take advantage of a Matching Funds Opportunity: Brook Hill UMC is matching any financial gift given to the District Hispanic Ministry up to a total of $10,000 for calendar year 2017 (excluding grants and Sunday afternoon offering). Please send checks to Brook Hill UMC, 8946 Indian Springs Road, Frederick, MD 21702. Indicate on the memo line your gift is designated to the "Hispanic match." Or, you can use e-giving on their website and select "Hispanic match.” Any questions please contact Rev. Dr. Wade Martin at [email protected] or 301.662.1727.

Emergency Family Shelter: The emergency family shelter is coming to Centennial March 4 through 18. As always, we will need help with setting up and taking down the shelter as well as those willing to provide services as evening hosts. If you have never helped before, there is a simple application and training process. If you have helped, you should receive a link for a sign up soon. Wheel barrow Donations This Month 107 items from the wheelbarrow were delivered to the Food Bank this month. As we enter the colder months, demand will increase. Thank you for supporting this valuable ministry!

Calvary Music and Arts On March 19, at 3 p.m., the series continues with "Belle Triste," featuring classical guitarist Candice Mowbray and clarinetist Anita Thomas. They will perform dynamic classical music influenced by jazz and world styles, as well as works by Argentinean and French composers. This is sure to be a delightful afternoon.


Stewardship Corner There is a spiritual stirring happening within the church body. Many times the questions of “how are we serving Christ in the world?’ and “are we responding to what God is calling us to be?” are asked in church ministry meetings and small groups. These issues are discussed during the development of the church budget. Pastor Steve has called us to enter into a holy communion to discern what God is calling us to be in His kingdom, today and in the tomorrow. He proposed the development of a formal “visioning team” at the January Church Council meeting. The Council agreed to the need and voted to establish a 5 to 7 member team to enter into leading Calvary through a time of reflection and discernment. Calvary’s Mission Statement is: To seek and invite all to become disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our community and our world. This mission statement has served us well for the past number of years. It is a statement that portrays our identity and purpose as we minister in the name of Jesus Christ. A mission statement has limitations. It does not give us a good picture of what Calvary would be if we are truly fulfilling our mission statement. It does not tell what we do as we minister to those we invite or how we help them as God’s Holy Spirit transforms them. Look back, those who remember Calvary and it’s ministries of 20 years past; we see a difference in in today’s people and the world. The people we served then are not the same, with the same needs, we serve today and they will not be those people and needs we are to serve tomorrow. A benefit of a formalized visioning process is that it gets each of us to think about and communicate our views about Calvary’s identity and purpose. Your own ideas and input will support the visioning process. Through this effort, we, as a body, will be able to ask and answer the following questions: Who are we? What has God called us to do? Who is our neighbor? To be a people of faith, we need to search within ourselves for growth in spirit and to reach out to others in invitation and service. What is God calling you to do individually and as the Church?

Sunday Morning Lenten Study Are you looking for a Sunday morning Lenten study? If so, you are cordially invited to attend the Open View class beginning on March 5th. They will be studying The Way by Adam Hamilton. The Open View class meets in the Activities Room (located in the basement of the Education Building) from 9:45-10:45 on Sunday mornings. Travel with Adam Hamilton as he retraces the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Once again, Hamilton approaches his subject matter with thoughtfulness and wisdom, just as he did with Jesus’ crucifixion in 24 Hours That Changed the World and with Jesus’ birth in The Journey. Using historical information, archaeological data, and stories of the faith, Hamilton follows in the footsteps of Jesus from his baptism to the temptations to the heart of his ministry, including the people he loved, the parables he taught, the enemies he made, and the healing he brought.


Family Life/Education Register your children for VBS or register to help. For more information, or to sign up to help in any of these roles contact Christy Mossburg directly at [email protected] or 301-524-2157. Grateful Hearts Needs Bus Drivers! We need your help transporting our Grateful Hearts Class. The pick-up shift leaves the church at 8:15 AM and returns at 9:30 AM. The drop-off shift begins as soon as the 11:00 AM service is over (usually 12:00 Noon) and you return to the church at approximately 1:30 PM. No special license is required to drive the bus, but you will need a training session. If you would like to ride along and see what a typical route is like and meet some of our great Grateful Hearts class members, connect with Margie Wilde, Bruce Sheppard, Marty Rowley, John and Becky Kile, Dave and Pat Herber, Mitch Reading, Katy Mossburg, or Kent Willetts. You can also contact Dianna Snow – [email protected] – 240.357.1494 to be connected to any of our class leaders. If you are only able to do one of the morning shifts (pick-up or drop-off) that would be a tremendous help. Your help with this important ministry is appreciated. Lent with Children The start of March this year also signals the start of Lent. As adults we’re pretty accustomed to the practice of giving up something for Lent and we see or hear every year a variation on giving up chocolate, caffeine, social media, and a variety of other habits for those 40 days. However, six weeks is a long time for a small child to focus on one thing or the giving up of one thing. From the blog, Worshiping with Children, Carolyn Brown shares the following suggestions for ways to break down Lent and make it more meaningful for your child: -

Say the Lord’s Prayer once each day this week. Sing the Doxology once each day – after listing the blessings of that day. Start a prayer concerns poster on which to list their prayer concerns this week. Check it out each day and pray together for every concern or person on the list.

Other ideas could include doing something in service to others during this time, such as volunteering at the soup kitchen or Second Street and Hope to serve dinner, visiting with the elderly that are confined to nursing homes and taking them homemade cards, offering to help a neighbor with yard work, or even baking cookies for someone that you know may be feeling a little down right now. If you’re looking for a creative way to engage your child’s senses during the period of Lent, consider these activities: -

Make a colorful mosaic cross, starting by adding stones to it on Ash Wednesday (using black stones at the bottom of the cross) and continue moving upward until you have completed the cross on Easter Sunday. This becomes a beautiful, visual reminder that will also provide precious memories for years to come. - Teach them or provide them lessons to knit or crochet. Our church has a prayer shawl ministry that they can connect with and understand that the time they spend casting on and casting off can be used to provide blessings to someone in need. - Go to and print out the Lenten Calendar. Each day you color in the square and include the name of a person to pray for. This year Calvary will also be offering an evening Lenten program for children to coincide with the adult Lenten program. Join us on Wednesday evenings, beginning March 8 for dinner and devotions, followed by special activities and speakers for all ages. I hope to see you there! Blessings, Christy Mossburg Director of Christian Education and Family Ministries

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Bible Exploration Night– Friday, March 10, 6:30pm – 8:30pm - For 3rd-5th graders Join Pastor Steve and 3rd grade Sunday school teacher, Amy Stone for a night of pizza, games, and activities. This is a fun event designed to help kids get to know their Bible through a variety of activities.

Movie Night – Friday, March 10, 6:30 – 8:30pm – MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle Larry the Cucumber stars as MacLarry, a misfit inventor who is stuck in the middle of the silliest battle ever between two tribes of perpetual pranksters! When the biggest prank of the century is unleashed, the feuding tribes are in danger of being overcome by the stinkiest cheese in the land! Will MacLarry realize that his Godgiven talents may be just what is needed to save them from the rotten cheddar??

Stations of the Cross Art Project – Presented by Music and Arts, Education, and Family Life Committees Our Advent coloring mural was so popular that many asked if we could do something like it again. For Lent we’re offering Stations of the Cross coloring posters. The Stations of the Cross are presented in a unique and beautiful way to help even our youngest members gain a better understanding of Lent and the true joy that Easter brings. There are a total of 8 posters that congregation members can work on. The posters will be available during our Lenten dinners, Sunday mornings in Parish Hall, and in several Sunday school classes through Palm Sunday. Once completed, they will be displayed on the stage during Holy Week. If your group would like to have one of the posters to work on during Lent, contact Christy Mossburg at [email protected] or 301-524-2157.

Lenten Study for Kids Join us on Wednesday evenings during Lent. While the adults are learning about social principles with our various speakers, the kids will be learning about the social principles in their own age-appropriate way and working on service projects and other fun activities.

Easter Party - Saturday, April 15 from 1:00-3:00 Join us for an Easter Egg Hunt, stories, games, and activities, including time with Mrs. Bunny, for kids of all ages.

Women’s retreat – November 3-5 at Manidokan. If you would like to be on the committee to help plan the retreat, please contact Christy Mossburg

Women’s Ministry Plans – Our Praying with Mandalas workshop was such a success that we ended up offering it twice to meet the demand. The one message that was heard loud and clear at these events was that we need more opportunities as women to just take a few hours out of our normal routines and spend in the fellowship of other women while growing our spiritual life in a variety of creative ways. In addition to our annual Women’s Retreat and our active United Methodist Women’s circles, watch for opportunities in the future to participate in more of these “mini-retreats.” If you have an idea of something that you would like to see us do at one of these events, contact Christy Mossburg directly at [email protected] or 301-524-2157

Not My Kid – The Truth about Heroin Addiction in Frederick County Sunday, March 19, 6:30pm Special presentation by Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins on the heroin abuse epidemic in our county. This presentation is geared towards parents of all ages in an effort to educate our congregation and community on risk factors, signs of possible abuse, and how to best talk to your child about these issues. Sheriff Jenkins will share a short presentation with attendees, a video on heroin addiction, and then have a question and answer segment with the audience. 11 | P a g e

Celebrating Boy Scout Sunday - Update on Pack 792 The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. The Scout Oath begins: “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;”. The Scout Law begins: “A Scout is Trustworthy,” and ends with “Reverent.” When I was a scout, I always interpreted reverent in the context of the greatest commandment: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” Later today, one or two of our scouts who have earned their Duty to God religious emblem award in 2016 are travelling to Alexandria, Virginia to a National Capital Area Council, council wide recognition service. Both boys were Tiger Scouts, currently the youngest rank in Cub Scouts and generally first grade, when they earned this award. This is what the award looks like: a silver square knot on a purple background. They may wear this award on their uniform for the duration of their years as a scout and on into adult hood if they become a registered leader. But more importantly, hopefully, they will forever remember what they learned while earning this award: that God Loves Them. Pack 792 currently has 40 registered Cub Scouts. Last fall, Pack 792 scouts collected approximately one thousand pounds of food that was distributed to a local shelter’s food bank during the annual Scouting for Food event. In the past, our scouts have also participated in laying wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery and various other community service projects throughout the year. Pack 792 offers at least two family camping events per year and all family members may participate in all pack level activities. Cub Scouting de-emphasizes competition and emphasizes improvement to the best of an individual’s ability as reflected in the Cub Scout motto: “Do Your Best”. This past year, Pack 792 actively began welcoming boys who are deaf to join Pack 792 and participate fully as an equal member of the pack, the same as any other boy. We currently have four deaf scouts registered and participating in Pack 792’s program. The Cub Scout program we provide would not be possible without the support of religious and civic sponsoring organizations. Approximately two thirds of all BSA units are chartered by faith based organizations and The United Methodist Church is the largest Protestant chartering organization in the Boy Scouts of America. Calvary United Methodist Church has supported Pack 792 through its chartering for over 28 continuous years. For that, Pack 792 would like to express its gratitude and appreciation. We Thank You!

United Methodist Men I would like to thank all the Men who came out for the last Men’s breakfast, hosted on February 11th. We had nearly 20 men attend, which may be a record. After enjoying a great breakfast, we listened to a very informative presentation by Dave Herber on the emergency cold weather shelter. I also presented a “Ted talk” on David and Goliath (by Malcolm Gladwell) for thought and discussion. I believe that we all had an enjoyable and informative time. The food was great, as usual. I would like to ask all the various Bible study groups if they would consider helping with the Lenten series meals. I, once again, was asked to organize the meals this year. I could use some help! If you are affiliated with a Bible study group and would like to help out by providing a meal, please let me know. I can certainly help with ideas and suggestions if you are unsure what to do. Contact Chuck at [email protected] or by phone: 240-440-4868 The next Men’s breakfast, held on March 11th. We will start planning our Annual Flower Sale and yard cleanup day, which will be held on Saturday May 13th. Stay tuned for more details.

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Wanda BulkowskiLarsen I am a career Maryland Public School secondary visual arts teacher who still wakes up, most days, happy to go to work. I currently teach at Long Reach High School in Columbia. I have the joy of witnessing the growth of my students as artists and capable young people. I enjoy drawing the most but work with various media. I also like to read, watch old movies, work in the yard, and go for long walks (with or without our German Shepherd, Deacon). I am a Stephens Minister and a believer in the power of prayer to transform and grow. I am grateful to be part of the Calvary Church family a second time. The church has the living, ever growing traditions of discipleship and service. I am excited about what the future holds for us.

Doug and Josie Manger Both Josie and I grew up in Maryland, seven miles apart. We met in high school, married, had three children and seven grandchildren, one great grandchild. Josie attended Baltimore Business College, stayed and taught there. She then worked as a secretary for a Baltimore law firm, then with Western Maryland College in their Deaf Educational program. She took time off to raise our children then joined Manger and Associates, Inc. in an accountant/ finance position. During this time she was active in our church and other organizations. I graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art, then spent six years in the Army Reserves while working in a Baltimore advertising firm. I later joined

a firm as Vice President of creative and sales providing creative and fund raising services to nonprofit institutions. I then started my own firm working with Hospitals, Medical Centers and Foundations providing public relations, creative and fund-raising services throughout the East coast. During this time, Josie and I restored a Victorian home [1914], and did some traveling. We still own and maintain a cottage on the Potomac south of Sharpsburg Md. We both love gardening and restoring antiques.

Carroll Harrison Kehne, Jr. Carroll Harrison Kehne, Jr. was born in Frederick, Maryland, where he attended local schools and graduated from Frederick High School. Carroll completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He taught art at Brunswick High School and Governor Thomas Johnson High School for the Frederick County Public Schools. While teaching, Carroll continued his own education and received his Master’s Degree in Art Education from Towson University. Carroll finished his education career as the Supervisor of Art for the Frederick County Public Schools in 1997. After retiring, Carroll moved to Stevensville located on Kent Island, Maryland. It was there, near the Chesapeake Bay, that the idea for his first published picture book Buried Treasure, a Pirate’s Tale originated. Since moving to Middletown, MD he has continued his interests in printmaking, painting, computer graphics and writing. His past silkscreen show, titled “In the Beginning” for which he donated a full framed set to Calvary in 2002, are the graphics used to illustrate his children’s picture book, Mommy, who made Earth? It’s the story of Genesis I-II retold. Carroll’s love for the arts and community shows in all his works. He just finished designing the new mural on Ice Street for the Asbury United Methodist Church. He is married to Donna Price Kehne and has two children; Kevin Donald Kehne and his wife Cindy and Kelisa Kehne-Cliff and her husband CJ.

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Paul and Martha Nelson Paul and Martha have resided in the greater Washington DC area for the past 51 years, during most of which time they were active members of Millian Memorial UMC in Rockville, MD. Though they have lived in Frederick since 1999, they remained active at Millian until about two years ago, at which time health problems experienced by Martha precluded their continued relationship with that congregation’s ministry. During their active years at Millian, they both served in a variety of lay ministry leadership positions, both at one time or another taught Sunday School and worked with youth groups, and both were trained and served as Stephen Ministers. They met while Paul was stationed with the Navy in Corpus Christi, TX and were married in 1959. Martha, a native Texan from Nederland, and a graduate of Southwestern University, was at that time Director of Christian Education at St. Luke’s Methodist Church. A few years later, she served as a consultant for the design of a new Christian Education building at St. Mark’s Methodist Church during their years in San Diego, and still later as Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries at Millian for several years. From time to time, Martha also worked as a substitute public school teacher, a travel agent, an interior design consultant, and an antique dealer. And, she published a cookbook! Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Paul received his undergraduate education at Princeton University and completed doctoral studies in psychology at the University of Chicago. Currently retired from full-time employment, his 50-year career was equally divided between the United States Navy and the American Psychological Association (APA). In the former, as a commissioned officer, he served as a research psychologist in support of Navy and Marine Corps training and operational missions, followed by Navy Medical Department research program management responsibilities, and, in his final assignment, served as Chief of the Navy Medical Service Corps. Following retirement from the Navy with the rank of Captain, he served the APA in several senior staff positions. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and, upon his retirement from that organization, was appointed to an honorary Senior Fellow position as a consultant to the

Association of American Colleges and Universities. He has been attending Calvary regularly for the past two years, is now serving as a greeter, is on the Church and Society ministry team, and is a board member of Second Street & Hope. Martha and Paul have two children, Jennifer, a school psychologist in Omaha, NE, and John, currently the director of a national training grants program for the Rutgers University School of Nursing in Newark, NJ. They also have two grandchildren, Sarah, whose studies at the University of Nebraska, Omaha are in early childhood special education, and Ben, a busy senior in high school in Omaha, recently accepted for undergraduate study at the Savannah School of Art and Design. Linda and Bill Warehime Bill is a retired United Methodist Elder in the Baltimore-Washington Conference after over 20 years of service. He currently serves on the Western Region staff as a consultant to congregations and pastors. He also mentors individuals exploring a call to the ministry and is a teacher to those called to Certified Lay Ministry. In retirement Bill is also enjoying working as a licensed home improvement contractor (handyman tasks). Bill has a strong heart for mission work at home and abroad, leading teams to various places, especially in recent years to the Dominican Republic working the Haitians villages not far from the Haitian border through “Least of these Ministries” out of Westminster. Linda is a newly retired United Methodist Elder who has a history here in the Frederick area having served at Brook Hill UMC for 9 years. Linda’s passions include older adult ministries and healing ministries. She also enjoys traveling/cruising with Bill, singing, playing the piano and listening to the life stories of others. She is currently a part-time visitation pastor for Centennial Church. Bill and Linda have two adult children, Sarah and Michael, who live in Frederick with their spouses. The Warehimes are now having the time of their lives with twin grandchildren, Bryce and Camden who are 9 months old! (What can be better names than Nana and Grandad, right?)

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United Methodist Women When I was living in Wisconsin one of the things I looked forward to in the summer, besides our few months of warmer weather, was attending Mission U. It was held for a week and during that time I would attend two or three of the studies where I learned about an important topic related to the missions at the Conference level or of an area of the world that I could learn more about. Besides the personal growth in the studies, it was an opportunity to share with my sisters of faith in the United Methodist Women’s organization. At each meal I would purposely choose to sit at a table of ladies I had never met before and hear of their faith walk and how they were the hands and feet of Jesus as ambassadors of UMW. I was in awe of the sacrifices these individuals would make in their quest to help others. They would give up time and money to provide for women, children and men in the United States and beyond to make a difference. If you have never attended Mission U, I encourage you first to pray about it. There are three areas of interest for you to select from and they are listed below for you. Registration information is also provided. If you would like to hear about my personal experiences, please give me a call. I would love to talk with you about my involvement! Blessings to you, Andrea Willetts To Register: Mission u - Wisconsin Conference United Methodist Women All School Study: The Missionary Conferences  Bishop Mary Ann Swenson  Explore the past, present, and future of the Alaska United Methodist Conference, Red Bird Missionary Conference, and the Oklahoma Indian    

 

Missionary Conference. Living as a Covenant Community Rev. Neal Christie, Assistant General Secretary for Education & Leadership Formation GBC & S Janjay Innis, Global Ministries Global Mission Fellow Coordinator Atlanta Rev. Dr. Denise Honeycutt, Executive Director for the Center for Mission Innovation Explore how covenantal living calls us to act and how understanding God's covenants transform our lives. Climate Justice Rev. Pat Watkins, UM Missionary for the Care of God's Creation Deepen your understanding of climate change and its impact on God's creation. This study highlights the dimensions of partnering in care for creation and how we can make a difference.

Wesleyan Circle- March 21st at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Anne Mossburg. Topic will be Missionaries at home and around the world Miriam Circle

.March 22nd at 7 p.m.

Mary Martha Circle March 9th at 1 p.m.

Cookie Collection: All of us love cookies and most of us have a favorite cookie recipe. The UMW will be donating cookies to the Board of Child Care in Falling Waters, WV. We hope you will consider making a batch for the children. Please leave the cookies in the church kitchen on or before Sunday, April 2 and mark the container "Board of Child Care". Nonreturnable containers are preferred. Thanks for the donations that will help brighten the children's day.

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UMW Recognizes the VBS Team If you have never been at Calvary that week in June when Vacation Bible School is in progress, you have really missed a treat. The sanctuary, the library, and the education building are all transformed into another world – the sea, the desert, the West, whatever the theme for the year is. A hoard of smiling, giggling, bouncing children are herded by an army of volunteers, youth and adults, through mornings of singing, crafting, snacking, games, and Bible study. It all appears to come together magically and to run like clockwork. However, that is an illusion. Practically as soon as the last child leaves on Friday there are two women who begin planning for the next year. They study the materials, they find the volunteers, they make up the schedules, they work out all the kinks. And in the process they make it so much fun for all that volunteers come back year after year and the older children look forward to the age when they can volunteer. It is truly remarkable. But the most amazing part of all this is that Christy Mossburg and Amy Stone have done this for more than 18 years! The UMW feels that this service deserves special recognition indeed.

Thanks to Pastor Larsen and Rev. Manthey for their phone calls and Pastor Cole for his visits and giving me communion during my bout with pneumonia. Thanks for all the phone calls, cards, and prayers Calvary has been our home for 54 years. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful church family. Blessings, Jack Heller Thanks A big thank you to everyone who sent cards, called or asked how I was doing during my recent bout with pneumonia. Thanks, Janie Hahn Dear Friends at Calvary, What a pleasant surprise to have Ellen Adams visit and bring the lovely “love bag” full of goodies – candy, cheese- crackers, note paper, etc. I enjoyed Ellen’s visit – so good to visit with her. It’s especially nice to be remembered in this way. Again, thank you. Fondly, Lucile Soper

The Engels have settled! Lee and I are finally in our new home in Lititz, PA and have a permanent address now. It is 481 Resolution Drive, Lititz, PA 17543-7322. We are using our cell phones (Lee-- 240-457-0865 and Cathy-- 240-456-6456) now and may not get a house phone number in the future. Thanks for making a note of this to pass on to anyone who may want to know. Cathy Engel [email protected]

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Let’s Talk Youth…. March is here, and Lent is upon us! Each year we rack our brains to give something up for Lent, and whether we are successful or not, the goal should be to bring us closer to God. A couple of years ago, I ran across this website, which gives some interesting ideas about doing something meaningful for Lent. Whatever you choose to do or give up, I recommend adding prayer or devotional time with God; it increases the intentionality! Blessings!! ROCK 2017-15 youth and 4 adults travelled to Ocean City on February 3-5 to celebrate with 5,000 other youth and adults. There was praise, worship and sharing. We celebrated communion, heard from an outstanding and moving speaker, and spent meaningful time together as a youth group. God is good! On the Road… to Service! This is the theme of our upcoming Youth Mission Trip. On July 23, the youth and adult volunteers will be traveling to New Bern, NC to render aid to families in need. This is something the youth LOVE doing, and we couldn’t do it without your support! Please keep us in your prayers for a successful trip! Retreat: On April 28-30, the youth will be at Skycroft for their annual spring retreat. This year’s theme is “Love Your Selfie.” Contact Katy Mossburg for details or to sign up. Deadline for sign up is March 26. It is going to be amazing! Please continue to pray for our confirmands! They are more than halfway through their learning process, and serving the community. March Youth Schedule March 5 March 12 March 12 March 12 March 19 March 19 March 26

Confirmation Youth Council Parent Meeting Youth Confirmation Youth Youth

3:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 3:30 5:30 5:30

Activities Room Activities Room Activities Room Parish Hall/Ed building Activities Room Parish Hall/Ed building Parish Hall/Ed building

Calvary Weekday School Greetings! Our school community enjoyed participating in the annual Love Bags outreach whereupon our Kindergartner teacher, Mrs. Lockney, oversaw the collection of food items so generously donated by our families for the shut-ins of our congregation. We are also participating these past 2 months in Blessings in a Backpack, collecting food that can be sent home in a backpack for weekend meals for students in our local community. Connecting our children with the needs of others is a call to serve, respect, and honor others. During the month of March our Kindergartners are traveling to Homewood where many of our Calvary families now reside. We will be visiting on Friday, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day @ 10:30am. Besides some Irish songs, we will sing some Spanish tunes led by our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Bowerman, as well as a story read by our media specialist, Mrs. Albanese. Come join us! Mrs. Angela Mayer has been visiting our school monthly to share in a bible story: she had a great lesson on Noah’s Ark, cutting out and telling the story as the children listened in awe. We are looking forward to April when she will be presenting a Puppet story with an Earth Day theme, accenting the need to take care of Mother Earth. We will also have a whole school celebration of Earth Day next month. The children have been busy with field trips to the Catoctin Nature Center & Kingsbrook Veterinary Clinic, and coming up soon a special trip to the Common Market & the Baltimore Zoo. In between, there’s a lot of learning going on as teachers get ready for Spring Parent Conferences. As far as the 2017-2018 school year, we have a limited number of openings in the preschool and kindergarten. Please contact for any questions or information at [email protected] Happy Spring! Louise Walmsley, Director 17 | P a g e

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Calvary Worship Helpers March Greeters March 5 March 12 March 19 March 26

8:30 a.m.

11:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m. only Paul Nelson Eric and Angela Anderson The Willard Family Frank and Beth Strakonsky

The Moked Family Jack and Jane Tritt Mike and Melissa Rust

Acolytes March 5 March 12 March 19 March 26

Owen Duthoy Charlotte Auth Riley MacDionald /Sophia Bostian Paige Willard/Nathan Benson

Steven Zalatoris/Jonah Miller Bella Anderson/Ben Moked Molly Rhoades/Catherine Waskey

Lay Readers March 5 March 12 March 19 March 26

Didi Willard/Zan Fleming Beth Strakonsky Katy Mossburg Bob Jacobs

TBD Dean Calcagni TBD

Coffee Hosts[AA1]/Tea March 5 March 12 March 19 March 26

Donna Loeb & Margery French Charles and Brenda Kinsey Margie Wilde & Chuck Kinsey Joe and Ginger Ward

1 Grant Weedon, Ken Humbert 2 Rebecca Hall, Camille Gipson, Carter Gipson 3 Chase Rokisky, Susan Witmer, Blake Rust, Georgina Engler, Taylor Selby, Irma Myers 4 Franklin McKnight, Taylor MacDonald 5 Jeff Rosen 6 Emily Harris 7 Shannon Rust, Doug Manger, Casper Cline 8 Louis Finneyfrock, Linda Warehime 9 Travis Winkler, Mari Beth Schmersahl, Anna Bidinger, Tom Burall 10 Emily Sewell, Adam Morgan, Ethan Mueller 11 Morgan Grossnickle 12 Patrick Stalnaker, Andrew Farner, Rev. Ray Moreland, Gregory Pfister, Betty Brewer, Amelia Mueller 13 Robert Kraham 14 Nancy Brandt, 15 Steve Loss, Matthew Cline, Patrick Kile 16 Nancy Manthey, Spencer Siegel, Lauren Reilly, Reed Keirn, Abigail Waskey 17 Raymond Crum, Luke Routzahn, Ivy O'Keefe 18 Sydney Willis, Zachary Heller 19 Seth Kraham, Brady Pond, Amanda Stokes 20 Aiden Rankin, Lu Stewart 22 Jeffrey Ramsburg, Stephanie Schmersahl, Lucile Soper, Samuel Kahan, David Paugh 23 Carroll Doggett, Ronald Bowers, Thomas Kellam 24 Constance Mason, Patrick Chapman, Joyce Friel, Catharine Chapman, Haven Silvio, Bradley Stone 25 Andrew Phillips, Donald Shipley, Marjorie Johnson, Bobbie Parsons 26 Gail Colby, Cassie Kraham, Paul Muehl, Thomas Braun 27 Judith Finneyfrock, Jennifer Kinsey 28 Sarah McGarity, Jill Paleos 29 Linda English, Paige Willard 31 Lorraine Davis, Helen Miller, Aubrey Greaves, William Harris, Molly Anderson, Sharon Green, Carrie Pure

Gary & Paula Coffman Thomas & Linda Mullineaux Gerald & Saundra Palmer Robert & Cynthia Wilson Haik & Julie Biglari Ronald & Melissa J.Shipley Pete & Judith Allen

March 3 March 7 March 12 March 12 March 18 March 22 March 31

55 years 47 years 28 years 23 years 39 years 42 years 28 years

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Calvary-Centennial Cooperative Parish 131 W. Second Street Frederick, MD 21701



Calvary United Methodist Church seeks and invites all to become disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our community and our world.

Sunday, March 19, 2017 Doors open at 2:30 p.m., Concert begins at 3 p.m. Free and open to the public

Belle Triste Candice Mowbray, classical guitarist and Anita Thomas, clarinetist Belle Triste features classical guitarist Candice Mowbray in duet with clarinetist Anita Thomas performing dynamic classical music influenced by jazz and world styles. With a unique approach to programming, Ms. Mowbray will begin the concert with beautiful solo works by French and Argentinean composers. The duo will perform arrangements of works by Piazzolla and Khachaturian in addition to Ms. Thomas’ own “Requiem for Opa,” a heartfelt piece that pays homage to time spent with her grandfather in their native Australia. Read more about these musicians at 20 | P a g e