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Ministry Residency Program at Denver Seminary INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: PASTORAL ASSOCIATE – INFLUENCING: STUDENT MINISTRY & WORSHIP LOCATION: Galilee Baptist Church About: GBC (Galilee Baptist) is a city on a hill, literally sitting raised in prominent location in Denver proper with a 50,000 SF facility. Galilee is a historic church and congregation with more than 130 years of ministry in Denver and setting the course, praying for 100 more! This is a unique, crucial and exciting time for the church, under new leadership we are for all intents in a revitalization/re-plant scenario. Please check out the philosophy of what we’re doing and where we’re going to see if this is a place and time you would like to join with - Where we are is not where we will be. We have philosophical, theological and strategic goals and plans. This is why we need you! There is so much to do and we are practically falling over opportunities, what we need is leaders and influencers.

POSITION SUMMARY: Not looking for an intern or a worker-bee, or alternatively a full-developed scholar - we need you if: - you’ve got some experience or skills in the specific ministry capacities where we need to emphasize, but don’t necessarily think you know how to do it all. (translation be teachable, but not a drone). - Genuinely desire to grow in your faith, in ministry experience, being part of a ministry team. - Love the Gospel and want to see first-hand relying on God to build the church. - Looking for a church to be part of, but also to pour in to using your gifts and calling to ministry. WHY THIS COULD BE COOL: - Ministry experience without the stereotype and frustration - Real influence in ministry planning and strategy (you’re not just filling a role) - Opportunities to teach (if that is your calling) - Supportive Pastor, Leadership and congregation = this is a safe place to learn - Ground floor of a church revitalization - Future paid staff opportunity TUITION CONSIDERATION:

$3,000 of tuition paid 10% tuition discount Taxable Living


QUALIFICATIONS: - Not making a beauty pageant, just someone matching the above mentality and desires. Please reference the above items. Skills (mostly) can be taught, heart and desire can’t. DUTIES: - To be discussed depending on the individual gifting and calling. Primarily looking to implement a monthly youth service on Sunday/Wednesday evenings. We would also love someone who has music/worship experience and talent to help in that area, but this is a hope, not a must. A more specific position description will be developed as we discuss with candidates who are interested.

TO APPLY: Please send cover letter and resume to:

Mitch Giannatala [email protected] 1091 S. Parker Rd. Denver 80231

DEFINITION OF THE MINISTRY RESIDENCY PROGRAM: By Definition the Residency Program is an Internship and contains the following: 1.

Similar ministry training as that available in and through schooling for future clergy; 2. This training is for the benefit of the trainee; 3. Resident is not a replacement for a regular employee, but works under close observation; 4. This program is considered to be of greater value to the trainee than to the employer; 5. Trainees are not necessarily entitled to a job at the completion of the program; 6. Employer and trainee understand that trainees are not entitled to wages for the time spent in training.