Pastoral Reflections Picture Directory Updates

Pastoral Reflections Picture Directory Updates...

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Pastoral Reflections September has had a wonderful start. It began with eight year old Henry Leader singing, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine...” The choir joined in with a stunning anthem, and the new year has begun. Karla Lux and John Rife did not take the summer off but worked with diligence to review the results of the Focus Groups last spring. They presented an initial report to the Leadership Council on September 7th that affirms who we are as the people of Christ but points to some specific challenges as to how we function. We will continue to emphasize worship (celebrate music) and faith development of youth, adults, and children. We will also clarify opportunities to be in missionary service on the west side of Cleveland. This report is not yet ready for publication, but we will be providing a variety of listening posts to help make sure we are connecting. Perhaps the two greatest initial aspects are: First, that Leadership Council must see itself as the champion of the mission and vision and consistently asking, “Are we making appropriate progress?” Second, Staff Parish Relations will be asking regularly, “Is the message being communicated and heard? What needs to be done to improve communication?” One subject that might be a loose end is Reconciling Ministries. There are some who would like our church to be officially listed as a Reconciling congregation. I suggest the following recommendation: Those of us who desire this, should first as individuals, sign up as members; when there is a significant number (say 41) that might be the time to begin the exploration as a church. This is my opinion, and my opinion only. On the Second Sunday of September I asked the children what grade they would give the church. They said B-plus. Notice I did not nor will I ask what grade they would give me. Let’s all seek to be the best for Christ’s sake. In Christ’s Great Love,

Pastor John

The church is opening its doors to the community again for a family friendly trick-or-treating event, and your help is needed to make it happen! Halloween games, food, crafts, prizes, and trick-or-treating in the parking lot are all part of this fun event! More information to follow! HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Host a trunk: Decorate your vehicle (or not) and pass out candy. Prizes given out for most creative displays. Sign-up form available in the lobby.  Donate Candy — drop off bags in lobby.  Invite a family to join us. Postcards available, in the lobby. QUESTIONS? Please contact Joyce Stenger or Ellie Peiffer.

Picture Directory Updates... SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26TH

It's time to get your picture in the directory! Or update the family photo because, boy how those kids have grown!! Please meet our volunteer photographer, Shannon Ahlstrand, before and after the 10 a.m. service on October 26th at the chancel rail for a picture. You can also send the office a digital photo! We would like to have all our members and frequent visitors featured in the directory. Associating names and faces is one of the ways our church can continue to be a warm and welcoming community of faith.

WESTLAKE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 27650 Center Ridge Road * Westlake, Ohio 44145 * (440) 871-3088 * Sunday Worship at 8:15, 10:00 and 11:28 a.m.

The Messenger



COFFEE HOUR SPONSORSHIP Sponsorships are available for our weekly coffee hours following Worship on Sundays. If you would be interested in sponsoring coffee hour, please submit an envelope with the sponsorship amount included ($35 per Sunday) at the office prior to the week of the sponsorship or in the collection basket. Checks made payable to WUMC. You can find Sponsorship forms on the table near the coffee at Fellowship Hour and in the lobby—or on page 9 of this newsletter.

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN GENERAL MEETING THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9TH AT 10:30 A.M. Women of our church - you are ALL welcome to this friendly group. The business meeting begins at 10:30 and lunch is at 12:00 noon. Remember to bring your sandwich — beverages and dessert will be provided. The 1:00 p.m. program will be presented by Charlene Conners. She will speak on “The Life and Poems of Helen Steiner Rice.” What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon! Please join us and bring friends!


October 5

Roseann Fekete

October 12

Barbara Lachowicz

October 19

Donna & JT Lovins

October 26

Rose Twigg

Our All Church Fall Potluck was a wonderful time of being together! Many thanks to Leslie Kubancik for organizing this fun event!


Help the UMW Collection for Guidestone… FALL LUNCHEON We are starting to save coupons for education to benefit children at Guidestone. Please help by collecting the Boxtops for Education and Labels for Education “coupons” with UPC label on the following items: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

All Ziploc products General Mills & Post Cereals All Betty Crocker cake mixes, brownies, etc. All Pepperidge Farms products Pillsbury biscuits and products All Campbell soups

Please put in the shoebox by the staff mailboxes or give to any UMW members. Thank you for your help!


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23RD AT 12 NOON After a delicious meal, we will be entertained with “A Musical Romp Through the Years” by Linda Kirk, as she sings and interacts with her audience. Tickets for this grand event are $15. You can order them by calling Shirley at (440) 934-4542. They will also be on sale in Fellowship Hall (after the 10:00 service) October 5, 12, & 19. All proceeds are used for missions. Please come and bring your friends!

All are welcome!

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October 2014

Small Group Opportunities GRACE BASED PARENTING WEEKDAY MOMS GROUP Tuesdays, October 7th & 21st at 9:30 a.m.

Looking for that mom-spirit connection as you seek to raise your little ones in the faith? Join us every other Tuesday morning for inspiration, laughter, and some creative time while your little ones are safely cared for in an age appropriate setting. The moms will be discussing Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel. In the study we will learn how to meet our children's three driving inner needs for security, significance, and strength with the invaluable gifts of love, purpose and hope. Reserve your free childcare spot by calling the office, or email: [email protected]

Rich Gallo, singing his heart out at Truck Stop Tuesday at Crocker Park on September 9th... With Patti & Emma Barnes enjoying the music! PICTURE BY KATHY TAFURI

There is a ChristCare Group for You!

Outside of weekly worship, belonging to a ChristCare group is one of the most important things you can do to grow as a disciple of Christ. Meeting regularly with a small group of people, you will ask questions, pray, laugh, serve and be supported as you seek to know how God is working in your life. A new group is forming this Fall. It is just a 6-week commitment for you to give it a try! The group will meet on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and is facilitated by Don Lefelar. Additional options include the following existing groups welcoming new members (all meet at WUMC):





MONDAYS — 1 p.m. (with childcare) Began September 15

All women, all ages

Ellie Peiffer

An Altar in the World

MONDAYS — 7 p.m. Began September 15

Women & men, all ages

Gary & Jayne Linch

When Christians Get It Wrong

TUESDAYS — 7 p.m. Beginning October 21

Women & men, all ages

Rev. Don Lefelar


WEDNESDAYS — 2 p.m. Began September 24 (biweekly)

All women, all ages

Judy McDonald

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

WEDNESDAYS — 7 p.m. Began September 17

All women, all ages

Gretty Myers

Wine in the Bible

THURSDAYS — 7 p.m. Beginning October 9

Women & men, all ages

Sharon Spieth Don Lefelar

Seeds of Heaven

SATURDAYS — 6:30 p.m. (with childcare) Beginning September 27 (biweekly)

Couples in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s with kids

Jim & Leslie Kubancik

Covenant Bible Study

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New Member Classes


New Members will be received into Westlake UMC on October 26th

If you are interested in joining with Westlake UMC, the new member process includes 3 classes that you can complete in any order. These sessions are open to visitors as well as members seeking more information: Stewardship & Your Money Autobiography October 12 at 9:00 a.m. Spiritual Gifts Discovery Saturday, November 15th at 9:00 a.m. Coffee with the Pastor To be scheduled in January Let the office know if you are interested in attending these classes which are open to members and visitors alike. Childcare is available if needed.

We are looking for drivers to take meals out to those in our church family that need a little cheer. Meals go out in conjunction with the Community Meal (usually the 4th Wednesday of the month). This is a great service opportunity to do with kids! Contact Anne Augustini if you would like to volunteer! Call (440) 892-8646 or email [email protected]

Altar Flowers

If you would like to donate flowers for the altar on Sundays, there is a sign-up sheet is located next to the lobby bulletin board—or contact the office. Please bring a check for $35 made out to the church with “altar flowers” on the memo line, or cash in an envelope with specified date. We will take care of placing the order!

For more details about events listed in this month’s Messenger, and to view the church calendar, please visit us at

Children’s Choir! What?

Children’s Choir


Children in grades K-6 (Pre-K children upon request)

SAVE THE DATES! Saturday, October 18th and Sunday, October 19th All hands on deck! The Trustees have a number of opportunities to assist with a fall clean-up around and within the church. Details coming via bulletins.


Where? Room 105 When?

Each Sunday from 11:20 a.m.—12:00 p.m.

We are a fun group! Each week, we learn about music, sing serious and silly songs, pray with one another, and learn more about God. Hope you join us this year! Questions? Contact Annie Kaschube at (216) 8621232 or [email protected]

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October 2014

Christian Ed News FROM THE DESK OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Rally Day Reflections and Ohana…. One of my all-time favorite characters is Stitch. Stitch is a crazy, questionably mannered, alien who is adopted by an orphan girl and her sister (who think Stitch is an odd dog). The central message in life with Stitch and Lilo is “Ohana” or family. Now press, “pause” as I will return to this message… Gathering volunteers in September to discuss our children’s Sunday school programs felt like a close family dinner. Laying out materials in each room again after the summer’s multi-age, two classes, was like readying for a visit from aunts and uncles. But Rally Sunday was almost too visceral, or all heart, to put into words. Being raised in a family easily described as hard core Presbyterian-Republican, one generation down from Pennsylvania coal miners, sharing feelings was deemed as imposing and surely called tacky. But as lovely Midwestern Methodists, I wonder if you might indulge the following break from my regular sharing of information. It has been decades since a Thomas (the T in CTR) family summer reunion in the Pennsylvania Poconos. It has been 12 years since my Mom passed, 8 for my Dad, and 1 for my brother. Yet as a happy and grateful to be adopted into what was my first family, I have little compulsion to see family as traced lines to birth records. On Rally Sunday, there was family reunion! There is no other way to describe the, yes, feeling of it. The kids were like cousins all coming together. There are those who are truly close knit, those who buddy up when put together, and those outliers who just belong because we are one family. The older ones amused and sometimes baffled by the youngest; they integrated between ages but buddied-up with those who were the same age. Volunteer teachers welcomed kids back like an Aunt or an Uncle who asks about your summer and listens with all eyes on you because they truly care. Rachael and myself herded, helped, and humbled were like some oddly fate-matched co-parents. And yes, some driving each other nuts for a moment and then laughing like siblings. … Ohana. Family. Ohana is family in the extended sense built with love and bound with cooperation, and pledged remember one another. Ohana. We are a congrega-

tion. We gather for worship. But through small groups, a Bible study, or Sunday school, mission teams, or that family you look for at coffee-hour, we are so much more at WUMC. So whether your family dinner gathering requires cafeteria quantity seating or my blessed party of five looks like an army, you have a family in Christ. God, our Father, from whom all blessings flow doesn’t extend an invitation to just those deemed worthy, Bible literate, tithing, but to all including the Stitchlike and mistake prone. We are all able to be adopted by God into this one amazing family.

REGISTER CHILDREN AND YOUTH Pretty please, with M&Ms on top or Tofu spread with hazelnuts, register your infant through teen for WUMC Christian Education programs. If you need a hard copy, contact Carol Ryan. If not, please click HERE.

SUNDAY SCHOOL’S NEW CURRICULUM AND A FREE APP Our new Sunday school materials from Cokesbury include a website with valuable information. Folks may also opt to sign-up for a newsletter, and look at lessons via this LINK. But wait, there’s more! Yes, there is an “app” for Grow, Proclaim, Serve series being used in classes 6th grade on down. No way? This FREE app (Grow Proclaim Serve Mobile) allows you to see what your child learned in class each week, listen to the music, play related online games, as well as see the videos. Yes, way! Music and videos are typically released for the prior week on Tuesday. Click HERE to check it out.



HANGING OF THE GREENS & JINGLEFEST! Sunday, November 23rd, 4:30—7:00 p.m. In addition to “save the date” to join us for a fabulous annual night of crafting, fellowship, dinner, and church preparation for advent, we are seeking volunteers! If your middle name should be evergreen or ivy, we need your help “sprucing up” our seasonal adornments for the church prior to this evening. Debbi Paterson and Carol Ryan hope to hear from you via the church office, or [email protected]

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The Messenger

… Have you heard? The youth group started their kick off successfully, with over 60 youth and parents in attendance for a potluck dinner and kick ball game. Though there was a slight injury (thankfully Mr. Ryan's nose should make a full recovery!), the youth pulled out a 5-1 victory! Thank you to all who spent their Sunday evening with us, and it was wonderful to meet you all!

Youth Group will officially have started as of this Messenger, but in case you missed it, here are the particulars:  Middle School youth meet from 5-7 p.m. each Sunday evening  High School youth meet from 6-8 p.m. each Sunday evening During that overlap time, students are eating and playing together as a 6th-12th grade group. The ability to eat and play together is an important part of building a group that "all" can belong too, and it is a major blessing that parents have stepped up to feed the youth every Sunday this Fall. Thank you parents! — PLEASE JOIN US! —

Questions? Contact Rachael Haning, Youth Coordinator [email protected]

SPICE: SPECIAL PEOPLE IN CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Children with special needs, and their families, may need a pinch to a pound of extra support to engage in worship and/or Sunday school programs offered at WUMC. Some of our children benefit from the support of a “shadow” that supports them in a Sunday school classroom. Others may benefit from opportunities to engage and be cared for outside of a classroom while parents feed their spirit in the sanctuary. Let’s talk if this speaks to you. Together, with the calm and caring support of SPICE Coordinator, Matthew Wolf, we can explore options to help your Sundays rise to feed you throughout the week. Contact Carol Ryan via the church office or send and email to: [email protected]


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October 2014

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The Messenger

Our New Custodian

Faith Giving

It is that time of the year again: Faith Giving. Soon you will receive an unopened financial commitment card you filled out last November. Please open and review your record of generosity. Faith Giving is based on the premise that God will provide if we are faithful individually and as a community. God has provided abundantly. There has been faithfulness in areas besides financial giving, including small group and mission participation, increased worship attendance, etc. Faithfulness is a continuing process. Join us in the process again this year!

The Trustees have facilitated WUMC shifting from contracting to a cleaning company to bringing the role of custodian internal to our own employee. Joining us in the "new" position is Mitch Randolph. Mitch worked for 40 years at Ford Motors, and most recently as a janitor in the Avon Schools. We are pleased to welcome him to Westlake UMC!

Direct Deposit of Your Offerings Instead of writing contribution checks to the Church, please consider having your contribution directly deposited from your checking account to WUMC. If you are interested in this direct deposit, please check with Sharon Parks-Stickler, Finance Manager, and she will give you the necessary form. Leave her a message via the church office at (440) 871-3088 or email Sharon at: [email protected] You have the choice of requesting deductions to be made either monthly or semi-monthly. Thank you!

Income Statement— August 2014 August 2014

YTD 2014


YTD 2013

YTD Budget

Annual Budget 2014



































































































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October 2014

From the Parish Nurse... Kathy Tafuri, our WUMC Volunteer Parish Nurse, may be reached at (440) 871-3088 x17, or [email protected] with healthrelated concerns. Free blood pressure screenings available most Sundays after each service. P.N. News: Kathy is available on Wednesday afternoons from 1 to 3 p.m. to address your health concerns, plus offer free blood pressure screenings. Stop by to see her! Kathy has some medical supplies you might need. Please let her know if you could use anything.  One cane (with 4 "feet" for balance) ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

*Sinus Rinse and Neti Pot kits Walkers Canes One wheelchair Arthritis sock assistive device Exercise Equipment (for seated, pedaling exercise) Crutches

OSHIIP Update!

$35.00 WILL SPONSOR A SUNDAY COFFEE FELLOWSHIP TIME*! Encourage fellowship! Welcome the WUMC Church family by funding a Sunday Coffee Fellowship Time. All work will be done by the Hospitality Team. Enjoy fellowship with your church family!


Medicare Enrollees Mark your calendar! 2015 Annual Open Enrollment is October 15th – December 7th KNOW YOUR OPTIONS! Be informed; don’t make a costly mistake!

MEDICARE UPDATE This is the time of year when you can change your Part D prescription plan or Medicare Advantage Plan. It is the one time in the year that you can change plans, unless you qualify for a Special Election Period due to Special circumstance recognized by Medicare. It is important that you review your plan each year so your choice is cost effective to meet your needs. A plan that worked well in 2014, may not meet your needs in 2015. Know your options! Questions? Ask Medicare trained OSHIIP counselor, Patricia Stineman, 440-781-1383

*Fellowship Time encompasses the entirety of Sunday morning, with coffee and pastries available for all Worship participants.

Unless you request a specific date, we will assign a Sunday that is open on the calendar. Your name will be displayed on table signage and listing in the weekly bulletin. Name: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ (sponsoring individual, family or group) In celebration or remembrance? _____Yes _____ No ____________________________________________________ **Please leave this form and payment in the collection basket or at the church office** Thank you for supporting this Hospitality ministry.

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The Messenger

Church Family Focus WITH SYMPATHY Bob Chiles, brother of Sharon Spieth, passed away September 9th. Kathleen Beall, aunt of Gary Linch passed away the beginning of September. Norman Kalal, father of Norm Kalal and fatherin-law of Kim Kalal, passed away recently. (Elizabeth) Liz Moe, friend of WUMC, passed away August 30th.

THANK YOU Thank you all for your prayers and support after the birth of our daughter Sophia and during her heart surgery and recovery. Your prayers, messages, cards, emails, and visits at the time of her surgery helped our family feel loved and supported. We also appreciate the community meals that were delivered to our home after Sophia’s birth and the prayer shawl we received the day before Sophia’s surgery. Our daughter was literally covered in prayer. Sophia continues to make a great recovery from surgery. We are so blessed to be part of such an amazing church. With Love, The Merrill Family John, Brianne, Adeline, and Sophia Dear WUMC Friends, Thank you for the delicious dinner on Wednesday of last week. It was a nice surprise and I want you to know how much I appreciated it. Thanks again with love,

Grace Homany Dear Community Meal Friends, The meal you described on the phone sounded delicious. The reality was even better! Thank you so much for the meals. Thank everyone involved for us, too. We enjoyed talking with the Spieths and their sweet little granddaughter, Jenna, too. Once again, thank you for your thoughtfulness,

Gail and Jack Connor


2014 Family Strong Series: Revolutionary Parenting PRESENTED BY WESTSIDE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16TH AT 7 P.M. Performing Arts Center of Westlake High School 27830 Hilliard Blvd, Westlake OH 44145

“HOW DO I PREPARE MY KIDS SO THEY WILL FOLLOW CHRIST EARLIER, BETTER, AND FARTHER THAN I HAVE? Get insights you can use from George Barna, author of Revolutionary Parenting: Raising Your Kids to Become Spiritual Champions! Examine the lives of thriving adult Christians; discover the essential steps their parents took to shape their spiritual lives in childhood; and learn surprising truths about which popular parenting tactics just aren’t working. Door prizes, book signing, freewill collection. Preregistration available at

Crafters Wanted at the Fall Harvest Craft Show Friday, November 14th (3—8 p.m.) and Saturday, November 15th ( 9 a.m.—3 p.m.) Where: United Methodist Church of Berea 170 Seminary Street, Berea OH 44017 Cost: $25 per table + chairs (included both days) Contact: [email protected] with questions or call the Church office at (440) 2343525 ext. 100. You can download the Crafter Contract from the website

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New Members Join

7:00 pm Church Conference @ Rockport UMC


10am MM Handbells (Sanct) 12:45pm ChristCare—EP (205) 7 pm ChristCare—GL/JL (205)


OT Bible Study (107) Purl Girls (100) Parish Nurse Available PACE (103) ChristCare—GM (205) 11:28 Rehearsal

5 pm Oberlin Choristers (FH) 7pm OT Bible Study (107) 7pm ChristCare—DL (205)


9:30am 12pm 1 pm 1:30pm 7pm 7:30pm

29 OT Bible Study (107) Purl Girls (100) Parish Nurse Available PACE (103) ChristCare—GM (205) 11:28 Rehearsal

9:30am OT Bible Study (107) 12pm Purl Girls (100) 9:30 am MOMs Group (106) 1 pm Parish Nurse Available 5 pm Oberlin Choristers (FH) 1:30pm PACE (103) 7pm OT Bible Study (107) 2pm ChristCare—JMc (205) 7pm ChristCare—DL (205) 5:30pm Community Meal 7pm ChristCare—GM (205) 7:30pm 11:28 Rehearsal


9:30am 12pm 1 pm 1:30pm 7pm 7:30pm


12pm Purl Girls (100) 1 pm Parish Nurse Available 1:30pm PACE (103) 2 pm ChristCare—JMc (205) 7 pm Stewardship Com. (107) 7pm ChristCare—GM (205) 7pm Trunk or Treat Mtg (104) 7:30pm 11:28 Rehearsal (FH)

8 9:30am

OT Bible Study (107) Purl Girls (100) Parish Nurse Available PACE (103) ChristCare—GM (205) 11:28 Rehearsal


5 pm Oberlin Choristers (FH) 7pm OT Bible Study (107)


MOMs Group (106) Oberlin Choristers (FH) SPRC (205) OT Bible Study (107)

Steph out

9:30am 12pm 1 pm 1:30pm 7pm 7:30pm





9:30 am 5 pm 6:30pm 7pm



10am MM Handbells (Sanct) 11am Alzheimers Assoc (FH) 12:30pm Games ’N Such (103) 12:45pm ChristCare—EP (205) 7 pm ChristCare—GL/JL (205) 7 pm Finance Comm. (104) 7 pm Stephen Ministry (107) 7 pm Trustees (106)

10am MM Handbells (Sanct) 12:45pm ChristCare—EP (205) 7 pm ChristCare—GL/JL (205)

All Church Work Day

MM Bells Play

Steph out

10am MM Handbells (Sanct) 12pm All-Staff Meeting (107) 12:45pm ChristCare—EP (205) 7 pm Leadership Council (107) 7 pm Communications (104) 7 pm ChristCare—GL/JL (205)







Sun UMW Bd. Mtg (104) CWRU (107) Marijuana Anon (100) Choir Rehearsal

10 am CWRU (107) 5:30pm Marijuana Anon (100) 7 pm ChristCare—DL/SS (107) 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal


5:30pm Marijuana Anon (100) 7 pm ChristCare—DL/SS (107) 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal

12pm UMW Fall Luncheon (F.Hall)

10 am CWRU (107)


10 am CWRU (107) 5:30pm Marijuana Anon (100) 7 pm ChristCare—DL/SS (107) 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal


CWRU (107) UMW Gen Mtg (FH) Marijuana Anon(100) ChristCare—DL/SS (107) 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal 10 am 10:30am 5:30pm 7 pm


10 am 10 am 5:30pm 7:30pm







3 Church Women United Fall Luncheon 10:00 a.m. (Fellowship Hall)


All Church Work Day


6:30pm ChristCare—JK/LK


Rick Grane needs chairs


6:30pm ChristCare—JK/LK



October 2014


WESTLAKE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH STAFF Rev. John Butchko Patti Barnes Jeanne Halaby Marshall Haning Rachael Haning Rich Gallo Annie Kaschube Alexandra Kellatis Sean Conroy Ardith McCloy Gretty Myers Ellie Peiffer Carol Ryan Stephanie Fries Sharon Parks-Stickler Kathy Tafuri Morgan Lux

Senior Pastor: [email protected] Nursery Coordinator Nursery Assistant Director of Music & Adult Choir Youth Coordinator 11:21 Band & Music Leader Organist Childcare Assistant Coordinator Building Manager Director of Handbells Stephen Ministry Coordinator Small Group & Welcoming Ministries Christian Education Associate Office Manager Finance Manager Volunteer Parish Nurse Nursery Assistant

WUMC Librarians: Nanci Danburg & Judy McDonald OTHER PASTORS CONNECTED TO THIS CONGREGATION: Rev. Jim Cake Rev. Nancy Hull Dr. Richard Parks Rev. Ron Dietrich Rev. Don Lefelar Rev. Bob Remington Rev. Diana Guyette Dr. Richard Lehto Rev. Tom Taylor

2014-15 Leadership: Leadership Council Chair: Tracy Heberle Lay Leader: Tony DiBiasio Recording Secretary: Laurie Marshall At-Large Members: Dina Leader, Harlen Rife Ken Wardell, Barbara Lachowicz, Carol Thaler UM Men Rep: Rod Erskine UM Women Rep: Peggy Lundberg

Finance Committee: Jim Kubancik (chair), Scott Kremer, Len Siwik, Russ Toye, Jamie Ryan, Matt McQuality, Jerry Peiffer

SPRC: Laurie Forbush (chair), John Thaler, Sharon Dixon, Moises Buzon, Amy Surovi, Stephanie McNamara, Alex Combs, Barbara Deeds, Dale Garrett

Trustees: Ron Rennard (chair), Nic Kinch, Robin Carreon, Peg Lundberg, Gary Linch, Chris Tilton, Carole Miller, Donn Belzer, Ben Ligas


Mailed September 26, 2014 DATED MATERIAL—DO NOT DELAY

Sunday Worship at 8:15 a.m. (Reflective) 10:00 a.m. (Classic) 11:28 a.m. (High Energy) 27650 Center Ridge Road Westlake, Ohio 44145 (440) 871-3088 [email protected]