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0 downloads 165 Views 475KB Size -/People Management (soon to be “SIMA International”), the EFCA and Noah’s Ark Whitewater and Adventure Program ltd., are pleased to announce the 2009 EFCA Pastors on Point season. Pastors on Point is a program tailored to pastoral leadership development that focuses on the identification and stewarding of a pastor’s unique design. The experience is born out of years of consulting and coaching to ministry leaders and helps pastors “stay on point” with regard to their specific gifts and passions in life and ministry. What makes Pastors on Point different is that the stage for discovery and coaching happens in the beautiful Colorado Rockies in cohorts of 6-8 pastors. Through various adventure activities like rock climbing, whitewater rafting and backpacking, Pastors on Point leverages quality insights through People Management’s System to Identify Motivated Abilities® (SIMA®) teamed with excellent wilderness programming by Noah’s Ark. While being active, our trips are designed for people of average physical ability and stamina, with plenty of down-time included. We are excited to offer an EFCA – exclusive trip from July 13-21, which will be led by Mark Stevenson, Managing Director of People Management, Fritz Dale, Executive Director of EFCA ReachNational and Chuck Cichowitz, President of Noah’s Ark. Space is limited so please contact us soon at for more information and to register. / 612.747.7472 / PO Box 770, Stillwater, MN 55082