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I. Missions



II. Personnel



III. Organization & Education



IV. Buildings, Grounds & Equip











V. Church Operations/Administration

2018 Proposed Budget


VI. Worship/Promotion VII. Miscellaneous TOTAL BUDGET

This reflects a 0% increase over 2017's total budget.

Submitted for consideration November 26, 2017

Monthly Budget Requirement:


Weekly Budget Requirement:


It is the policy of Philadelphia Baptist Church to maintain in the General Fund a reserve equal to one month’s critical expenses. Critical expenses will be defined as staff salaries, benefits, and any essential expenses related to continued operation. Required reserve for 2018 is $131,000. The Stewardship Ministry team recommends that if there are excess receipts in the General Fund above $131,000 the excess will be divided 75% to the building fund and 25% to the PBC Community Missions Fund.

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

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I. Missions - Giving to support missions is one of the ways in which we are fulfilling the command of Christ to take the gospel into all the world. Our support is channeled in many areas including the Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program and direct support of local, regional, national, and international missions. 15 percent of our total budget helps support missions. II. Personnel - This category includes all salaries and benefits of our employees. It represents 45 percent of our total budget. III. Organization & Education - There are administrative needs that are essential to keep the ministry organizations of our church operating smoothly. Our age group ministries greatly enrich our fellowship of faith these include supplies, literature, teaching aids, specialty ministries, etc. This category provides for those needs and represents 9 percent of our total budget. IV. Buildings, Grounds, & Equipment - We are blessed to have such fine facilities within which to worship. These funds, which account for 18 percent of our budget, are allocated to enable us to maintain and repair our facilities as needed. V. Church Operations/Administration - This category is to provide for the every day running of our facilities. This category represents 7 percent of our total budget. VI. Worship/Promotion - Ministry activities such as revival meetings, evangelism. Our budget provides funding for such fellowship activities as well as for our weekly newsletter and advertising. This category represents 5 percent of our total budget. VII. Miscellaneous - This category includes such items as Homecoming expenses, flowers, blood drives, Wednesday night meals, contingency fund and miscellaneous speakers. 1 percent of our budget funds these items.

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Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget 2017 2018 $229,257 $228,095 58,158 57,495 4,000 4,000 1,200 1,200 4,500 4,500 4,500 2,000 20,000 20,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 1,500

I. MISSIONS A. Cooperative Program AA. Alex Cooperative Program B. North Rapides Baptist Assoc BB. Central La. Baptist Assoc C. Benevolence Fund CC. Alex Benevolence Fund D. PBC Christian Scholarship E. PBC Food Bank EE. Alex Food Bank F. Haven of Hope 1. Alex Emergency Food Fund 3,000 2. Alex School Partnership 3,000 3. Alex Homeless 3,000 G. Area School Children Assistance Fund 1,000 H. Direct Missions 1. World Hunger Relief 2,400 2. Christians Sharing Christ 8,500 3. Volunteers of America 1,200 4. Shannon Hamlett 3,500 5. Paul Gill Int’l Evangelistic Mission 1,000 6. P.B.C. Special Mission Fund 48,200 7. Bill & Kelly Housley 2,000 8. PBC Adoption Fund 5,000 9. PBC Community Missions 5,000 10. Jerry Spencer Ministries 2,400 11. Compel Ministries 2,400 12. Beyond The Walls 10,000 13. Global Community Fellowship 5,500 14. Youth Mission Trip 2,000 15. Life Point Church 3,500 16. Handy Man Ministries 4,000 17. Shepherd Ministry International 3,000 18. L.C. Global Medical Missions 5,000 19. Cenla Crisis Pregnancy Center 0 20. Fostering Community 0 TOTAL MISSIONS


1,000 2,500 3,000 1,000 2,400 8,500 1,200 3,500 1,000 48,200 2,000 5,000 5,000 1,800 4,000 10,000 2,000 2,000 3,500 2,000 3,000 500 9,500 6,000 $450,390

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

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Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

I. MISSIONS (cont'd) I. MISSIONS (cont'd) A. & AA. Cooperative Program - These contributions help support the ongoing ministries of the Louisiana Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. The gifts are distributed by our Louisiana convention with 63.5% going to support the LBC and 36.5% to support the SBC. The greatest portion of the SBC contributions support our home and foreign mission efforts. The actual amount to be given will be computed at 10.75% of all undesignated offering. B . North Rapides Baptist Association - These contributions help support the ongoing ministries of our local Baptist association. BB. Central Louisiana Baptist Association - These contributions help support the ongoing ministries of the local Baptist associaiton C. & CC. Benevolence Fund - The demand for benevolence assistance will always be a growing opportunity to minister to families that are in need. D. PBC Christian Scholarship - These funds are to be used for full-time students who are members and are attending Christian College/University. The Scholarship Ministry team administers this fund. E. & EE. PBC Food Bank - This is a tremendous ministry of our church feeding the hungry and meeting the needs in our community. F. Haven of Hope - This is the community missions ministry if Horseshoe Drive location. Includes Alex Emergency Food, Alex School Partnership and Alex Homeless Ministries. G. Area School Children Assistance Fund - With this fund we will coordinate with the Deville community schools to provide assistance to needy children for school supplies and uniforms.

H. Direct Missions: 1. World Hunger Relief - Continued support for the everpresent problem of feeding the hungry in our world. Distributing the money through the SBC International Mission Board allows 100% of our contributions to fund food and agricultural development without added administrative costs. most cost effective in reaching people for Christ. 2. Christians Sharing Christ - Continued support of this ministry which is spreading the gospel in 19 countries around the world. This organization has shown itself to be one of the most cost effective in reaching people for Christ. 3. Volunteers of America - An outreach ministry that serves 2,500 men, women and children in Central Louisiana. They serve adults living with mental illness, families that have been separated, the homeless, and expectant mothers. 4. Shannon Hamlett - A former staff member of P.B.C., She now serves in Lubbock, Texas in 10/40 ministry and serves two months out of the year in China. 5. Paul Gill International Evangelistic Ministries - Much of Brother Gill’s ministry includes countries in the unreached “1040 Window”. Countries ministered in this year include: Budapest, Hungary; Belfast, Ireland; Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Croatia, Bosnia, and Laos. Ministries include an orphanage in Vietnam, printing and distribution of Bibles and materials, and ministering to national pastors, etc. 6. P.B.C. Special Mission Fund - Monies to facilitate our church’s missions ministry in our own community, state, nation and world. This fund will be administered by the pastor and missions ministry team allowing the pastor to have discretionary spending up to $5,000 for mission endeavors. 7. Bill & Kelli Housley - Bill & Kelli Housley are missionaries with New Tribes Missions to an unreached people group called the Itutang people in New Guinea.

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

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Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

I. MISSIONS (cont'd)

I. MISSIONS (cont'd)

8. PBC Adoption Fund - Philadelphia Baptist Church believes that life begins at conception and that abortion is the wrong choice. Consequently, this fund is established to promote adoption by providing financial assistance, primarily in the form of no-interest covenant loans, to approved married couples who are members of PBC, desiring to adopt either domestically or internationally. Our fund will be managed by a Christian ministry called the Abba Fund ( 9. PBC Community Missions - This fund is the vision to mobilize PBC members to reach more people in our community with the gospel through various needs-based projects in Cenla by working with community leaders in the schools, government, local networks, etc. This could include partnering with existing agencies. Also, it may include projects that PBC will undertake independently. 10. Jerry Spencer Ministries - An outreach ministry of evangelist Jerry Spencer to preach the gospel around the world. The vision of this ministry is to confront 20 million people with the Gospel by the year 2020. Currently there is a ministry focus on Africa and India. 11. Compel Outreach - The missions’ arm of the ministry of evangelist Bill Britt. During the past 5 years Compel Outreach has seen 50,000 people come to know Jesus. This has been accomplished through mass crusades, church plants, training conferences for native pastors/evangelists, and even through a soccer team established in Kenya. The ministry also funds several orphanages and a Bible College. Presently, Compel has worked in Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines, India, Malawi, and Ghana. 12. Beyond The Walls - These funds will provide the monies needed to erect a church building in Brazil. It will involve our direct mission outreach of planting a church in Brazil. It will also be a portion of PBC’s partnership in the ongoing mission work of reaching people and planting churches in Brazil. The partnership also calls for our church to participate on mission teams to Brazil.

13. Global Community Fellowship - The monies distributed from this fund will assist Doug and Darla Millar, former IMB missionaries in the mission plan for a Christian Impact Movement in the Riviera Maya in Yucatan, Mexico. Their vision is to impact lives through the power of Christ by building a great missionary sending church in Playa Del Carmen and bring lasting hope to the Mayan people living in and around the small village of Chan Chen. Our involvement will be a partnership of dollars and PBC volunteers. 14. Youth Mission Trip - Funds to be used for youth mission trip supplies and some assistance to participants if needed. 15. Life Point Church - Jacob Crawford - church planting in the Avoyelles Parish area. Evangelistic ministry sharing the gospel, ministering to the needy, helping those who can’t help themselves due to lack of skill and high poverty level. 16. Handy Man Ministries - Repairing homes, building wheelchair ramps, helping the elderly and needy repair what they cannot do themselves physically or financially. 17. Shepherd Ministry International - Supports missions in Zimbabwe one orphanage, drills water wells, supplies grinders for meal and supports 20 pastors. Supports 2 nurses in Binga. 18. L.C. Global Medical Missions Conference - To assist L.C.students studying to become medical missionaries. This would help with transportation, housing and meals for attending the conference. 19. Cenla Crisis Pregnancy Center - 100% pro-life ministry providing support to mothers in Central Louisiana who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy. We provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, consultation, and education free of charge. 20. Fostering Community - Mission is to improve the well-being of children in foster care and to strengthen and support foster families. We work diligently to engage the community in our efforts and to create a community of support for foster families. Our method is to raise awareness of the needs of children in foster care, improve their well-being by meeting basic needs, and to strengthen foster families with educational materials and community support.

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget II.


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A. Total Salary $977,777 $1,032,174 Full Time Senior Pastor, Multi-site Pastor, Outreach/Education Pastor, Worship Pastor, Alex. Worship Pastor, Youth Minister, Children’s Director, Media Director, Preschool Director, Alex. Preschool/Children Director, Financial Secretary, Clerical Secretary, Alex. Clerical & Music Administrative Assistant, Facilities Team Leader, Outreach/Education Administrative Assistant, Youth and Children Administrative Assistant, Facilities Director, Maintenance Worker Part Time Sr. Adult Minister, Preschool Assistant, Assistant Preschool Director, Preschool Workers, Alex. Preschool Workers, Custodial Help, Pianist, Alex. Pianist, Youth Intern, Jr. High Intern, Alex. Youth Intern, Media Assistant, Alex Media Assistant, Children’s Ministry Intern, Receptionist, Alex. Maintenance Worker B. Total Benefits & Other Staff expenses $294,083 TOTAL PERSONNEL


$308,064 $1,340,238

II. PERSONNEL A. Salaries The Personnel Ministry team is continuing to work on meeting the Guidestone national compensation survey based on attendance, membership, and budget. B. Benefits and Other Staff Expenses Includes insurance, retirement, and social security, etc.

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Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

III. ORGANIZATION & EDUCATION 2017 A. Literature $30,500 AA. Alex Literature 14,000 B. Educational Supplies 1,250 BB. Alex Educational Supplies 400 C. Class 101-201-301 Discovering PBC 1,250 CC. Alex. Class 101-201-301 425 D. Discipleship Material 2,800 DD. Alex Discipleship Material 400 E. Adult Programs/Fellowship 2,800 EE. Alex Adult Programs/Fellowship 1,100 F. Education Training and Conference 5,000 FF. Alex Education Training and Conf 450 G. Sunday School Training 5,800 GG. Alex Sunday School Training 2,150 H. College Ministry 10,800 HH. Alex College Ministry 2,000 I. Adult Ministry Adult Ministry 3,000 Bereavement 800 Single Adult Ministry- Next Step1,500 Spanish Speaking Ministry 300 Hearing Impaired Ministry 1,300 II. Alex Adult Ministry Alex Adult Ministry 1,700 Alex Bereavement 250 J. Senior Adult Ministry 14,200 JJ. Alex Senior Adult Ministry 5,000 K. Ushers & Greeters 1,250 KK. Alex Ushers & Greeters 425 L. Preschool Ministries Nursery Equipment 7,180 Alex Nursery Equipment 2,555 Preschool Ministry 11,000 Alex Preschool Ministry 7,095 Preschool Awana 1,400 Alex Preschool Awana 0

2018 $30,500 9,000 1,250 400 1,250 425 2,800 525 1,800 1,000 2,000 450 2,400 2,150 10,000 2,000 2,000 1,200 1,000 300 1,000 1,700 200 10,500 4,000 1,450 350 6,800 2,355 10,000 3,965 1,400 1,250

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

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III. ORGANIZATION & EDUCATION(cont.) 2017 M. Children Ministries Children’s Ministry $23,360 Alex Children’s Ministry 2,460 Hallow Him 13,915 Alex Trunk or Treat 5,270 Vacation Bible School 12,329 Alex Vacation Bible School 9,075 Awana Ministry 14,205 Alex Awana 5,000 N. Youth Ministries Youth Ministry 32,200 Alex Youth Ministry 6,100 Student Ministry Workers 7,620 Youth Wednesday 3,050 Spring Revival 6,000 O. Men’s Ministries Faith Riders 1,800 Alex Faith Riders 300 Men’s Ministries 2,750 Alex Men’s Ministry 300 P. Women’s Ministry Women’s Ministry 9,000 Alex Women’s Ministry 300 Marriage Enrichment Events 2,285 TOTAL ORGANIZATION & EDUC.


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Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

III. ORGANIZATION & EDUCATION (cont'd) 2018 $23,360 5,075 15,410 5,270 10,500 3,506 13,400 5,000 31,000 5,000 7,620 3,050 0 1,000 0 2,750 0 8,000 300 2,000

C. & CC. Class 101-201-301 Discovering Philadelphia - This will be offered to new members and people who desire to understand the ministries of PBC. D. & DD. Discipleship Material - Adult classes continue to be a vital part of our educational process. This budget feature allows us to create a planned path of growth and improvement spiritually. E. & EE. Educational Programs/Fellowship - This budget item will be used to offset the expense of our regular Sunday School Leader’s meeting and support our summer training events. F. & FF. Education Training and Conference - These monies will be used toward the further education and training of the education leadership team and volunteers. G. & GG. Sunday School Training - This fund is to be used to send any of our S. S. council to some of the finest training for Sunday School at “On Track” held in Nashville area by LifeWay. Also to be used for the local/reginal training “ReGroup” for all of our S. S. teachers and leaders. Some of the monies will be used to bring guests in to lead some of our monthly leadership meetings. H. & HH. College Ministry - To provide for a comprehensive college ministry.


III. ORGANIZATION & EDUCATION A. & AA. Literature - This includes literature for the Adult Sunday School, and other various ministries of the church. The specific amounts are determined by actual needs and priorities. B. & BB. Educational Supplies - Non-literature supplies to aid the various ministries of our church including maps, arts/craft supplies, paper, teaching aids, etc.

I. & II. Adult Ministry - To help underwrite the costs of fellowship activities through our Adult Sunday School Departments and assist in the food expenses for family and member funerals, our Single Adult Ministry Next Step, Spanish Speaking Ministry, Hearing Impaired Ministry J. & JJ. Senior Adult Ministry - To provide for a comprehensive ministry to our church's Senior Adults. The funds are to be administered by the Minister of Senior Adults. K. & KK. Ushers & Greeters - Provide for training, supplies and fellowships for our usher/greeter ministry.

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

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Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget



L. Preschool Ministries - Both locations Nursery Equipment - This fund is used for the purchase of security system items, teaching toys, paper products, filter machine upkeep, etc. Preschool Ministry - This fund is used in various ministries for preschoolers, their parents, and preschool workers.

0. Men’s Ministry - This fund will be administered by the men’s ministry for activities, benevolence, etc. Included ministries are Men’s Conference, Projects, Prison Ministry, Outdoor & Recreation, Faith Riders

M. Children Ministries - Both locations Children's Ministry - To provide for a comprehensive ministry to children grades K - 6. Hallow Him & Alex Trunk or Treat- This is a Christian alternative to Halloween for children in our community. These allocated funds provide for needed purchases, etc. Vacation Bible School - Funding for literature, promotion/preparation day, crafts, snacks, etc. Awana Ministry - The purpose of our Awana Clubs shall be to reach the children of our community through a Bible-based, Christ centered program that will meet their spiritual potential by: (a) Bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and as Lord of their life; (b) Building them up spiritually in the Word of God (the Holy Bible) and helping them to attain a biblical understanding of the Gospel of Grace; (c) Challenging them to live a separated and godly life in this world with the idea of reaching the lost for Christ; and (d) Training them for future leadership with the ability to perpetuate the Gospel ministry through the local church and/or parachurch organizations. N. Youth Ministries - Both locations Youth Ministry - To provide for a comprehensive youth ministry for students grades 7 - 12. Student Ministry Workers Fund - This fund will be used for training workers, chaperone cost for summer camps and major trips (conference fee only). Youth Wednesday Night - To facilitate the Wednesday Night worship of our youth.

P. Women’s Ministry - This fund will be administered by the women’s ministry for activities, benevolence, Marriage Enrichment quarterly event to support marriages, conferences, and minister appreciation, etc.

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

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IV. BUILDING , GROUNDS & EQUIP A. Grounds Maintenance AA. Alex Grounds Maintenance B. Maintenance BB. Alex Maintenance C. Facilities Improvement CC. Alex Facilities Improvements D. Equipment Replacement Fund DD. Alex Equipment Replacement E. Kitchen Equipment EE. Alex Kitchen Equipment F. Roof Replacement Fund FF. Alex Roof Replacement Furniture G. Grounds Equipment GG. Alex Grounds Equipment H. Capital Improvements HH. Alex Capital Improvements I. Utilities II. Alex Utilities J. Building/WC/Vehicle Insurance JJ. Alex Building/WC Insurance K. Cleaning Service KK. Alex Cleaning Service L. Construction Loan

2017 $28,000 12,000 23,000 17,000 10,000 10,000 8,400 7,600 1,000 1,000 6,500 10,500 2,500 750 750 18,000 18,000 91,000 48,000 79,000 22,140 44,200 10,400 65,171

2018 $28,000 5,950 15,000 17,000 17,000 10,000 18,000 12,000 3,000 4,000 3,000 6,000 0 1,000 1,250 9,000 16,000 85,000 30,000 90,000 35,000 44,200 10,400 80,036




A. & AA. Grounds Maintenance - Care and maintenance of all church grounds except for the cemeteries. B. & BB. Maintenance - Repairs and maintenance on all buildings and equipment. Repairs that exceed $5,000 per item require two (2) bids and church approval. Repairs that exceed $3,000 require two (2) bids and approval by the building and grounds committee. Under emergency situations if sufficient money is not in the budget the funds will be taken from the accumulating equipment replacement fund.

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Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

IV. BUILDING , GROUNDS & EQUIP (cont’d.) C. & CC. Facilities Improvement - Upgrading and modification of existing facilities, subject to bid/approval provisions in item B. D. & DD. Equipment Replacement Fund - This fund is for replacing installed equipment, i.e. AC/Heating units, heat pumps, etc. Not to exceed $20,000 E. & EE. Kitchen Equipment -This fund is for the purchase of equipment and repairs for the church kitchen. F. & FF. Roof Replacement Fund - This fund is for replacing roofing of the church facilities as needed. G. & GG. Grounds Equipment - This will provide funds to maintain our current golf carts, blowers, etc. H. & HH. Capital Improvements -Support building projects as needed. I. & II. Utilities - Includes all electricity and water for all church properties including the mission house (when not occupied) and excluding the Alex parsonages. J. & JJ. Insurance - This includes general coverage for all church buildings including the mission house and Alex parsonage, workmen’s compensation for church employees, and general coverage for our church buses and vans. K. & KK. Cleaning Service - Includes all janitorial services. L. Construction Loan - 12 monthly payments of $6,669.67 for the loan for the Fellowship Hall project.

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

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V. CHURCH OPERATIONS/ADMINISTRATION 2017 A. Office Supplies $26,500 AA. Alex Office Supplies 3,000 B. Office Equipment & Maintenance 34,000 BB. Alex Office Equip. & Maintenance 7,000 C. Janitorial Supplies 7,000 CC. Alex Janitorial Supplies 3,500 D. Garbage & Pest Control 5,000 DD. Alex Garbage & Pest Control 4,100 E. Telephone 3,600 EE. Alex Telephone 1,856 F. Church Bus/Van Maintenance/Operation12,500 G. Transportation Fund 5,000 GG. Alex Transportation Fund 500 H. Sanctuary Sound System & Lighting 20,330 HH. Alex Sanctuary Sound & Lighting 12,225 I. Media 9,515 II. Alex Media 6,365 J. CD Ministry 3,975 JJ. Alex CD Ministry 1,350 K. Information Technologies 28,835 KK. Alex Information Technologies 12,340 L. Online Giving Fees 11,000 M. Background Check Fees 400 MM. Alex Background Check Fee 100

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Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget

V. CHURCH OPERATIONS/ADMINISTRATION (cont'd) 2018 $25,000 2,000 33,000 4,500 7,000 2,500 6,561 3,600 3,500 1,856 10,500 5,000 500 19,635 13,725 9,308 5,298 1,100 350 29,775 13,440 13,000 400 100

C. & CC. Janitorial Supplies - This includes toiletries, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, and general cleaning supplies as determined by the Facilities Director. D. & DD. Garbage & Pest Control - Includes trash pick-up services and regular pest control. E. & EE. Telephone - Includes phone service, alarm phone line. F. Church Bus/Van Maintenance/Operation - This fund is used for washing & cleaning the buses & vans, minor repairs and maintenance. Provides fuel for all church related functions. G. & GG. Transportation - This fund is based on the usage of the buses and vans and the age at trading. Rotating the vans at six to seven years of age and the buses at eight to nine years of age. Also includes the accrual of funds to purchase a van at our Alex. location. H. & HH. Sanctuary Sound System & Lighting - This fund is for items needed in the sound equipment booth , batteries, etc. for the sound system. I. & LL. Media - Provides for each minister’s cell media package, production equipment, digital camera, lighting, streaming accessories. J. & JJ. CD Ministry - To provide CDs, jewel cases, etc. for the CD ministry.




A. & AA. Office Supplies - Includes postage, stationary, financial records, educational records, general office supplies, etc. B. & BB. Office Equipment & Maintenance - This includes funding to provide for a rental contract for four office copiers, maintenance and supplies.

K. & KK. Information Technologies -Provides for repairs, supplies and updates to the church’s computer system, technical support, replacing outdated computers, printers, monitors, and church website L. Online Giving Fees- To cover fees associated with processing giving online. M. Background Check Fees - Processing fees for background checks required by church policy.

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget VI. WORSHIP/PROMOTION A. B. BB. C. CC. D. E. F. FF. G. GG. H. HH. I. II. J. K.

Revival Expense Alex Revival Expense Evangelism Ministry Alex Evangelism Ministry Prayer Ministry Alex Prayer Ministry Baptist Newsletter Library/Media Center Church wide Events Alex Church-wide Events Hospitality/General Kitchen Sup. Alex Hospitality/Gen Kit. Sup. Publicity Alex Publicity Visitors Packets & Outreach Alex Visitor Packets & Outreach Broadcast Ministry Music Ministry General Music Alex General Music Children’s Choir Alex Children’s Choir Youth Choir Alex Youth Choir Preschool Choir Alex Preschool Choir


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Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget




$5,000 1,800 8,530 3,305 4,000 1,800 5,200 4,300 4,000 1,000 6,500 3,000 18,000 8,420 1,890 800 15,755

$3,000 0 8,530 3,305 4,000 1,600 6,200 2,000 4,000 1,000 5,000 3,000 17,438 6,358 1,890 1,800 16,190

C. & CC. Prayer Ministry - The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to help us become a “Prayer Saturated Church,” making a difference in our community, our state, and the world. As breathing is a physical reality to us and necessary to maintain a healthy living body so prayer is to the church. We are told in God’s Word to “Pray without ceasing”. A living, growing, Holy Spirit filled church will be a praying church and as a result, that church will be a soul winning, Kingdom building, life transforming church.

29,705 8,250 9,907 3,935 5,500 400 1,000 275


28,622 8,250 8,935 3,935 4,445 400 1,000 375


A. Revival Expense - To provide for expenses related to Revival Meetings and Conferences including travel, lodging, honorariums, publicity, etc. B. & BB. Evangelism Ministry - To provide training, tracts, literature, etc. Also provides funding for Faith Evangelism.

D. Baptist Newsletter - This provides a subscription to the Baptist Message for each of our member families. The middle section is utilized for our church newsletter and is being sent twenty four weeks per year. E. Church Library / Media Center - To provide for the purchase of books, library supplies, audio/visual resources, worker training, etc. F. & FF. Church wide Events - To provide for church wide activities. G. & GG. Hospitality & General Kitchen Supplies - To provide for paper goods and disposables for all church activities. H. & HH. Publicity - Advertising of our church, ministries and special church events. I. & II. Visitors Packets & Outreach - Covers expenses for visitor outreach such as: new mover (Monthly list of all new families moving into our community). J. Broadcast Ministry - To facilitate our vision of using Broadcast media as a tool of getting the Gospel outside the four walls of the church. This ministry is primarily comprised of streaming our Sunday morning worship services live on the internet, in addition to having them archived on our website. K. Music Ministry - Both locations - To provide for the total Music Ministry of our church. Also will provide for materials and costumes for use in presenting choir special programs.

Philadelphia Baptist Church 2018 Budget VII. MISCELLANEOUS A. B. BB. C. D. DD. E. EE. F. FF.

Homecoming Flowers Alex Flowers Blood Drive Contingency Fund Alex Contingency Fund Miscellaneous Speakers Alex Miscellaneous Speakers Wednesday Night Meals Alex Breakfast


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$2,000 4,000 500 700 4,000 1,500 2,000 1,000 4,500 3,200

$1,500 4,000 1,000 700 4,000 1,500 1,500 1,000 4,000 3,200



A. Homecoming - Provides for expenses including promotion, music and speaker honorarium, etc. related to Homecoming Day. B. & BB. Flowers - Funeral flowers are provided for church members and their immediate families (parents, children, and siblings of church members). Flower funds are administered by the Flower Director. C. Blood Drive - This is to provide funds for meals and miscellaneous expenses incurred during our blood drive. D. & DD. Contingency Fund - An undesignated account for miscellaneous expenditures not included in other budget items. To be administered by the Pastor with the Financial Secretary. E. & EE. Miscellaneous Speakers - To provide funds for miscellaneous speakers and singers. This is for the purpose of reducing the amount of love offerings taken during the year. F. & FF. Wednesday Night Meals/Alex Breakfast- To help provide a meal for our members who attend Revivals, Wednesday night classes, prayer meeting or other activities held here at the church on Wednesday nights (Deville) and Sunday Morning (Alex). The church pays $1.00 per plate Wednesday night.

2017 STEWARDSHIP MINISTRY TEAM Jim Majors, Chairman John Rachal. Co-Chairman Linda Bolton Kathy Richey Jo Fowler Shirley Cutrer Pat Rush Gerald Crooks Roy Mays Sandi Hudson, ex officio Clay Fuqua, ex officio Philip Robertson, ex officio