Policies and Liability Waiver

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Policies and Liability Waiver Victory Bible Camps wants to provide your child with a fun and safe week at camp. You can help us meet this goal by assuring that the pack appropriately and according to the rules set by camp:

DO NOT bring:     

Music Players/iPods Electronic games/devices Cell phones Firearms or pistols Knives

 Live pets or animals  Medications that have not been turned in

 Tobacco items  Magazines of any type

Please DO bring:     

Pillow Warm Sleeping Bag Warm Clothing Two pairs of shoes/sneakers Bible (if able, if not, camp can provide one)

    

Soap & Shampoo Bath Towel Toothbrush & Toothpaste Winter Jacket Snow Pants, Snow boots, gloves, hat

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING AND SIGN AT BOTTOM:  I understand the possible risks and dangers involved in sport and other traditional camp activities and do give permission for the

     

above named camper to engage in all prescribed camp activities, except as noted by myself or family physician. For myself and spouse (if any), and on behalf of our minor child, I/we do hereby release and agree to end, indemnify, and hold harmless Victory Ministries, its employees, agents and camp staff from all claims, demands, actions or causes of action for any sort of injuries and property losses sustained during the period covered by this release, and indemnity or losses whether such injuries occur on or off the camp property. I have instructed my child to obey the rules of Victory Bible Camps. I hereby give permission and consent for any photos, video, or interviews with my child to be published to promote and advertise the camp. Please initial if you DO NOT want the camp to use photos, videos, or interviews of your child: (_____) I have seen the inside of my child’s luggage and verify that the above listed items are not being brought to camp. I have turned in any prescription medication to be kept and administered by the camp nurse only. I understand that Victory Bible Camps will not alter or add to the pick-up location or pick-up person without my authorization. By signing this I confirm that the information provided in the transportation form is correct and I will notify Victory promptly of any changes.

X Signature of Parent/Guardian:_______________________________________________________________ Date:_____________ Home Phone:_______________ Cell Phone:_____________________

Please contact us with any change of transportation information: Victory Bible Camps * 64741 S. Victory Rd * Sutton * AK * 99674 Phone. 907.745.4203 * Fax. 907.745.4206 * www.vbcalaska.org * [email protected]