Prayer Wall Guidelines

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Prayer Wall Guidelines A few things to keep in mind when posting on the Prayer Wall

1. Speak for yourself. 2. As you share personal information, please consider if it is suitable for public knowledge – for yourself, your spouse, your family, your Aunt Marge and your coworker Bill. 3. When posting a request on behalf of another person: a. Ask permission from the person before posting when possible. b. Maintain confidentiality. Only include information the person is comfortable communicating publicly. c. Ask yourself, “How would I feel if someone else shared this information about me?” 1. Remember, God knows our situations and our needs. Sometimes you don’t need to broadcast all the details but simply invite others to join you in asking God for His presence and provision. 2. Don’t use the Prayer Wall for solicitation purposes. Certainly ask for prayer for general needs, but specific needs like finding daycare or someone to buy your car are best accomplished through the Needs Board or the Serve Application on The Table. 3. The Prayer Wall isn’t a place to vent. If a matter is between you and another person, keep it that way. 4. The Table Community and New Life Church reserve the right to remove prayer requests that don’t follow these guidelines.