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Procurement Department 2 Space Drive • Taylors, SC 29687-6072 • (864) 355-1279 • Fax (864) 355-1283 The School District of Greenville County April 2, 2014 Invitation for Bid The School District of Greenville County Digital Sign – Berea Middle School IFB # 314-27-4-28 The School District of Greenville County invites responsible vendors to submit a SEALED BID to provide, deliver and install a Digital Sign as described in the Scope of Work and attached drawing to Berea Middle School, 100 Berea Drive, Greenville, SC 29617 in accordance with the requirements of this solicitation. The project is scheduled be completed on or before July 31, 2014. Scope of Work: To replace the existing reader board of the existing sign and install LED electronic message board at Berea Middle School. The new digital display boards and graphic displays shall fit into the dimension of the existing structure. The sign shall conform to the enclosed Greenville County School District Digital Sign Specifications. The acceptable new boards shall be Datronics, Red 3220-16X64-34R or approved equal. Message shall have 2 lines of 9” copy with 12 characters per line. Dimensions of 2’x2”x7’-8” with max power of 580 watts/120 volts/5 amps. Price shall include removal of old copy board, install new digital board with all related software and training. There will be a Mandatory Attendance Pre-Bid Conference on April 21, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. EDT. This conference will be held at Berea Middle School, 100 Berea Drive, Greenville, SC, telephone number (864) 355-1700. The promptness of each attendee at this conference is critical. The terms, “vendor”, “contractor”, “prime contractor”, “firm”, “offeror”, “proposer”, “responder”, “supplier” or “bidder” may be used interchangeably and refers to the entity offering a bid. These terms are defined as being a business association of one (1) or more individuals. The term "Agreement" means any transaction or contractual arrangement contemplated or created as a result of, arising out of, or relating to the solicitation. The terms, “The School District of Greenville County”, “Owner”, “District”, “SDGC”, “GCSD”, “GCS”, “Board of Trustees” and “Board” may be used interchangeably and refers to the entity issuing the solicitation, receiving and reviewing the bids and issuing an award. Enclosed is the Bid Form to be used when submitting a bid response. Only this Bid Form may be used; no other form is acceptable. This form must be completely filled out and returned with the bid. All prices and notations on the Bid Form should be printed in ink or typewritten, errors should be crossed out, corrections entered and initialed by the person signing the bid. Erasures or use of typewriter correction fluid may be cause for rejection. No bid shall be altered or amended after the specified time for opening.

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Enclosed are descriptions for the desired equipment. Bidders may submit a price for equal products from another manufacturer/provider. The price(s) bid shall include all materials, labor, equipment, tools, delivery costs, permit fees, South Carolina state taxes and consumables necessary to deliver and install the equipment per the manufacturer’s instructions. The price(s) bid shall include the unloading of all equipment and materials from the delivery vehicle and placed at a location on-site by the bidder’s employees as identified by the Principal. The vendor will also be responsible for the clean-up of the site after installation of the equipment and materials and shall restore the site to its original condition. Brand name, model names/numbers or equivalency descriptions are intended to be descriptive, not restrictive, and are used to indicate the quality and characteristics of the product(s) requested that will be satisfactory and acceptable to the District. Bidders shall include with the bid, supporting product data for the District’s use in determining the acceptability of the proposed product(s) or manufacturer(s). Bidders who do not provide adequate supportive product/manufacturer data may be considered non-responsive and will not be considered for an award. Specifications for the products described are on the official Bid Form and attached drawing. The District will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the bidder’s response nor for the failure on the part of the bidder to determine the full extent of the solicitation requirements and exposures. It is understood and agreed that your bid is for the product(s) specified or an Approved Equal. The District reserves the exclusive right to determine if minor deviations from the listed specifications are acceptable to the District. The District retains the exclusive right to determine what constitutes a deviation. The District reserves the exclusive right to determine the relative performance and acceptability of a product(s) or manufacturer(s) when compared to the solicitation specifications. A brochure listing all material/items bid by the vendor shall be enclosed with the bid. The submitted sealed bid must be signed by an authorized individual who may bind the Bidder to provide the service(s) and/or product(s) in accordance with the specifications contained in this Invitation for Bid (IFB). The bid must contain a statement to the effect that the bid is firm and valid for a period of ninety (90) days from the bid due date or longer if so required by the District. Bidders should clearly mark any portion of the bid that is considered confidential or proprietary. Confidential or proprietary information will not be released to the public except as allowed by Chapter 4 of Title 30 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. The District shall determine whether or not information is proprietary and/or confidential and subject to release. In no case shall any bid or other document that is marked in its entirely with the words, “confidential”, “proprietary” or “not subject to release” or wording with similar implications, be exempt from public release. Only those limited, specific and applicable portions of a bid shall be so marked. Please mark the SEALED envelope containing your bid as follows:


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and mail or hand-deliver to: Attn: Procurement Department The School District of Greenville County 2 Space Drive Taylors SC 29687 The official time due time for a solicitation response is maintained according to the Time/Date Stamp located in the SDGC Procurement Department. All solicitation responses shall be received in The School District of Greenville County Procurement Department, 2 Space Drive, Taylors, South Carolina 29687, no later than the time specified in this solicitation. Solicitation responses shall be in the physical possession of a Procurement Department employee prior to the due time or the solicitation response shall be determined to be late once the due time has occurred. Responses that are in another SDGC location, room, department or area at the solicitation due time other than the Procurement Department shall be determined to be late and shall not be accepted. The District is not responsible for traffic conditions, parking or weather conditions. NOTE: ANY BIDS DELIVERED, RECEIVED OR DATE STAMPED AFTER THE OFFICIAL BID OPENING TIME WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Bids transmitted by fax will not be considered. The School District of Greenville County assumes no responsibility for the delivery of any solicitation, addendum, solicitation response, or any other such correspondence by the U.S. Postal Service, electronic transmission, facsimile or any other method. The District reserves the right to accept or reject, in part or in entirety, any or all bids, to negotiate with all qualified bidders and to cancel in part or in entirety, this solicitation if it is in the best interest of the District. Further, the District reserves the right to waive any informalities or technicalities in order to serve the best interest of the District. The District reserves the exclusive right to determine what constitutes acceptable or non-acceptable deviations from the solicitation specifications. The District reserves the exclusive right to determine the relative quality and acceptability of any proposed product, material or service when compared to the solicitation specifications. Inquiries: All questions or comments regarding this solicitation document or the process shall be forwarded, in writing, to Mrs. Jannie G. Choice, CPPO, Senior Buyer, [email protected], 2 Space Drive, Taylors, South Carolina 29687, no later than April 22, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. EDT. The fax number is (864) 355-1283. Verbal questions shall not be addressed at any time. If the District determines that a response to questions or comments is required or a change in the specifications is needed, an addendum will be issued to address the matter after the Inquiry Deadline. NOTE: No other District personnel or representative of the District shall be contacted regarding this solicitation. Firms or individuals that attempt to contact other District personnel or representatives or obtain information in any way other than the authorized method described herein shall have their bid rejected.

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AWARD: An award may be made to the lowest priced, responsive and responsible bidder whose bid best meets the requirements of the IFB. The award will be based upon the Total Cost of all items included in the project as indicated on the Bid Form. The District may conduct discussions with responsive firms that submit bids for the purpose of clarification to assure a full understanding of the requirements of the IFB and the clarification of any bid. The award statement will be posted at the Procurement Department, 2 Space Drive, Taylors, SC. You may review this statement upon request. Bidders may call the Procurement Department at (864) 3551279 to determine if an award has been posted. Bidders have the right to protest this solicitation or its subsequent award in accordance with Article XIV of the District’s Procurement Code. The only way for a respondent to receive a final award statement for an award less than $50,000 is to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the response to the solicitation. For any award greater than $50,000, and Intent to Award statement will be mailed each respondent to the same address that the solicitation was mailed. A “NO BID” response will not receive this statement. After the award of a contract, all requests for price increases must be submitted in writing with supporting documentation to the Senior Buyer and/or Procurement Director for review and approval. Any request for increase in price must be submitted in writing by the vendor not less than ninety (90) days prior to the new contract period. Any annual increases in price may not exceed the increase in the Consumer Price Index of Urban Consumers (CPI-U) for the last reported period or 3%, whichever is less. The District reserves the right to require supporting documentation from a disinterested third party as to increases in costs of the commodity in question. The District will determine the adequacy and acceptability of submitted documentation and requests for price increases. DEFAULT: IN THE EVENT THE SUCCESSFUL BIDDER DEFAULTS ON ANY PART OR ALL PARTS OF THIS BID, THE SCHOOL DISTRICT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO PURCHASE ANY OR ALL OF THE ITEMS AND/OR SERVICES ON THE OPEN MARKET AND CHARGE THE DEFAULTING SUPPLIER FOR THE DIFFERENCE IN THE COST. SHOULD SUCH CHARGE BE ASSESSED, NO SUBSEQUENT BIDS FROM THE DEFAULTING SUPPLIER WILL BE CONSIDERED UNTIL THE ASSESSED CHARGE IS SATISFIED. If you indicate that the price for any one item is subject to receiving purchase orders for other items, your bid will not be considered. The School District will not be bound by such conditions. The District reserves the right to determine the acceptability of any proposed product or brand. The District reserves the right to reject any offering in which the item(s) are considered unsatisfactory in any manner. The successful vendor(s) must warrant products against defects during the contract period and after installed, during the warranty period. Items showing defects in any form at the time of delivery will not be accepted. Any item delivered in unacceptable packaging will not be accepted. No product or packaging substitutions will be allowed without prior permission from the Senior Buyer and/or Purchasing Agent. If a product is superseded or discontinued during the contract period, the replacement product must be submitted to the Senior Buyer and/or the Purchasing Director for approval.

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GENERAL INFORMATION The School District of Greenville County’s Procurement Code and Regulations govern and supersede any and all documents, bids and policies, whether stated or implied. Bidders may have the right to protest this solicitation or subsequent award in accordance with Article XIV of the District Procurement Code. The District reserves the right to award the requested items as one kit. Our General Terms and Conditions are included by reference and can be found on the following website: NOTE: This solicitation and the corresponding purchase order is the contract between the District and the awarded bidder. The District shall not agree to, enter into or sign any agreement, contract or other document that conflicts in any material way with the District’s General Terms and Conditions and the requirements of this solicitation. Unacceptable conditions that infringe upon the rights of the District or are not in the best interest of the District shall be determined to be nonresponsive and unacceptable. Bidders that take exceptions to any portion of this solicitation shall be “non-responsive” and shall not be eligible for an award. The rights and authority of such determination is reserved solely by the Procurement Officers of the District’s Procurement Department. The District shall not enter into or sign any agreement, contract, or other document that conflicts in any way with the District’s General Terms and Conditions and requirements of this solicitation. Should the bidder require the District to sign any contract and/or other agreement, the bidder shall provide such contract or agreement or other pertinent documents to the District’s undersigned Senior Buyer prior to the inquiry deadline of April 22, 2014. Submittal of such agreement, contract, or document does not constitute an acceptance by the District of any terms(s) and/or condition(s) contained in such document. Agreements, contracts, or other documents that infringe upon the rights of the District or are not in the best interest of the District shall be determined to be non-responsive. The rights and authority of such determination is reserved solely by the staff of the Procurement Department. The General Terms and Conditions of the District supercede any proposed bidder document and are incorporated in this solicitation by reference. The District shall not accept any proposed agreement, contract, terms and conditions or any other contractual document which conflict with the terms of this IFB and/or the District’s Terms and Conditions. The District shall not accept any terms and conditions which upon acceptance would be prejudicial to other proposers and/or materially change the solicitation Interested firms are reminded that a “Bid Certification” form is included within the solicitation and by signing the certification form, with no alterations allowed; the bidder agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the solicitation. Interested firms or individuals that cannot comply with the terms and conditions of the solicitation are not encouraged to submit a bid, as the District’s terms and conditions supersede and precedence over any and all other documents submitted. Bids containing conflicting terms and conditions are subject to a finding of non-responsiveness. Permits, Licenses and Taxes The vendor shall, at its own expense, prior to an award and prior to commencing operations on behalf of the District, acquire all necessary permits, licenses and other approvals required by law to provide the required services. It is recommended that bidders contact the South Carolina Secretary of State’s office (, the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation‘s office

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( and the City of Greenville to learn of any pertinent requirements. The District shall not interpret the requirements `on behalf of the bidder. The firm and/or presenting agent must be duly licensed to conduct business in the State of South Carolina and Greenville County. The successful bidder shall meet all Federal, state and local statutes and other requirements prior to award of the project. Governing Law and Venue The solicitation and any resulting Agreement, as well as any dispute, claim, or controversy relating to the Agreement, and all the rights and obligations of all parties shall, in all respects, be interpreted, construed, enforced and governed by and processed under the laws of the State of South Carolina, except its choice of law rules. As used in this paragraph, the term "Agreement" means any transaction or contractual arrangement arising out of, relating to, or contemplated by the solicitation. The parties agree that the Venue for any action relating to this agreement shall take place and be administered in Greenville County, South Carolina. Any provisions required for inclusion in a contract of this type by an applicable and valid executive order, federal, state or local law, ordinance, rule or regulation shall be deemed to be incorporated herein. Indemnity The proposer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the District and the District’s members, officers, employees, servants and agents, from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses of any kind (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and expenses in connection with any investigative, administrative or judicial proceeding, whether or not designated a party thereto) which may be suffered by, incurred by or threatened against the District or any members, officers, employees, servants or agents of the District on account of or resulting from injury, or claim of injury, to person or property arising from the awarded proposer’s actions or omissions relating to this Agreement, or arising out of the proposer’s breach or failure to perform any term, covenant, condition or agreement herein provided to be performed by the proposer. Student and Staff Safety The successful bidder/contractor will be required to verify that criminal conviction checks and criminal background checks have been conducted on all employees who may interact with staff or students during the performance of the awarded Scope of Work or who may have a need to enter District property related to the performance of the contract. Persons who are identified as a Sex Offender as defined by the South Carolina Code of Laws (Ann. 2006). Paragraph 223-3-400 or other statute or any other states’ statutes other than South Carolina; are prohibited from entering any of The School District of Greenville County schools at any time, including all grounds and all facilities. Persons employed by the contractor who are under investigation or have been charged with crimes against children or crimes of a sexual nature shall not be allowed on District property. Failure by the awarded bidder/contractor to observe this requirement shall result in the immediate termination of any existing contract at no charge to the District. While performing under this solicitation and subsequent award, a supplier who delivers material and/or a service to a District site at the direction of a contractor and/or a subcontractor shall be considered under the supervision of the contractor and/or subcontractor and shall be in compliance with this requirement. Contractor’s and subcontractor’s employees are not to interact with students at any time. Failure by the awarded proposer/ contractor to observe this requirement shall result in the immediate termination of any existing contract at no charge to the District.

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South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act By signing its bid, Contractor certifies that it will comply with the applicable requirements of Title 8, Chapter 14 of the South Carolina Code of Laws and agrees to provide to the District, upon request, any documentation required to establish either: (a) that Title 8, Chapter 14 is inapplicable both to Contractor and its subcontractors or sub-subcontractors; or (b) that Contractor and its subcontractors or subsubcontractors are in compliance with Title 8, Chapter 14. Pursuant to Section 8-14-60, "A person who knowingly makes or files any false, fictitious, or fraudulent document, statement, or report pursuant to this chapter is guilty of a felony and upon conviction, must be fined within the discretion of the court or imprisoned for not more than five years or both." Contractor agrees to include in any contracts with its subcontractors language requiring its subcontractors to (a) comply with the applicable requirements of Title 8, Chapter 14, and (b) include in their contracts with the sub-subcontractors language requiring the sub-subcontractors to comply with the applicable requirements of Title 8, Chapter 14. (An overview provided by the state is available at General Information The District shall be entitled to audit the records of a bidder or any subcontractor under any negotiated contract or subcontract other than a firm fixed price contract to the extent that such books and records relate to the performance of such contract or subcontract. Such books and records shall be maintained by the bidder for a period of three (3) years from the date of final payment under the prime contract and by the subcontractor for a period of three (3) years from the date of final payment under the subcontract, unless a shorter period is authorized in writing by a District Procurement Officer. The successful bidder shall perform this project in compliance with all Federal and State requirements concerning fair employment practices for all employees and applicants. Bidders shall promote the employment of the disabled and disadvantaged and shall employ without regard or discrimination due to the reason of ethnic background, age, color, religion, gender, national origin or physical disability. Bidders should provide information regarding the use of minority subcontractors if applicable or if requested by the District. Assistance to minority and disadvantaged firms and individuals is available in accordance with the District’s Minority Business Enterprise Utilization Plan. By submitting a solicitation response, the bidder/proposer acknowledges that they have had the opportunity to inquire about this solicitation, the District’s Procurement Code and other policies. Responsibility of the bidder or offeror shall be ascertained for each contract awarded by the District based upon full disclosure to the District concerning capacity to meet the terms of the contracts and based upon past record of performance for similar contracts. The unreasonable failure of a bidder or offeror to supply information promptly in connection with an inquiry with respect to responsibility may be grounds for a determination of non-responsibility with respect to such bidder or offeror. Failure to provide requested information may result in rejection of a solicitation response, suspension, or debarment. The District cannot guarantee that any particular vendor or product will be selected or any business conducted as a result of this solicitation. Failure to receive business once an award has been made is not grounds for contract controversy. Cooperative Purchasing The School District of Greenville County’s Procurement Code and Regulations authorizes the use of cooperative purchasing practices with regard to other public procurement units. Accordingly, any South Carolina school district, state, city or county agency or other public procurement unit may participate in any resulting award if agreeable to the District, the successful bidder/proposer and the other public procurement unit. The District shall not guarantee participation nor be responsible for the resulting

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business with any other entity. Purchase orders, delivery arrangements, payments and any other like documentation or performance shall be the responsibility of the actual participating public procurement unit, not The School District of Greenville County. The successful bidder/proposer shall hold harmless The School District of Greenville County for any loss or damage caused by another public procurement unit. Procurement Card Processing The District has the capability to pay the majority of vendor invoices with a District managed Procurement Card (P-Card). The District reserves the right to request that the awarded vendor process invoice/payment transactions by use of the District P-Card. Failure by the vendor to provide P-Card transaction processing capabilities shall not be grounds for rejection of a bid or contract controversy. Any discounts offered by the vendor as the result of the District’s use of the P-Card should be noted in the bid response on a separate page entitled Procurement Card Capability or expressed in subsequent communications. Use of District Name The awarded bidder shall not use the name of the District in advertising or in seeking or joining into contracts with suppliers, customers or for any other manner. The bidder shall make all of its contracts in its own name and the awarded firm shall be responsible for its financial obligations and contracts, not the District. Contract Termination for Cause The District reserves the right to terminate this solicitation or resulting agreement upon a thirty (30) day notice, when in the best interest of the District. Termination of any contract by the District for cause, nonperformance, default or negligence on the part of the successful bidder(s) shall be a retained right. Termination costs levied against the District shall not apply and the thirty (30) day termination notice requirement shall be waived. The default provisions shall apply when a contract is terminated for cause. The District reserves the right to terminate the continuation of any project, agreement, service or award resulting from this solicitation when funding has not been appropriated. The District does not anticipate canceling a project or an agreement; however, it shall reserve the right to act in the best interests of the District and its constituents. Termination for Convenience If the District wishes to cancel the contract, it will notify the contractor at least thirty (30) days prior to termination. In the event that this contract is terminated or canceled upon request and for the convenience of the District without thirty (30) day advance written notice, then the District shall negotiate reasonable termination costs, if applicable. Bidder’s/Contractor’s Relationship with the District The successful bidder(s) shall be independent of the District. None of the bidder’s employees shall be deemed for any purpose to be employees, agents, or servants of the District, but shall at all times serve as employees, agents or servants of the contractor for whom and at whose direction they shall act. No acts performed for or representations made, whether written or oral, by the contractor to third parties shall bind the District. The contractor shall be solely responsible for the withholding and payment of all federal, District and local personal income, social security, unemployment, workers compensation and other payroll taxes for its employees. The District shall have no liability of any sort for the contractor’s employees.

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Postponements A bid due date or a pre-bid conference shall be postponed if the District Procurement Department is closed for any of the following reasons: 1) Causes beyond the control of the District (e.g., fire, flood, weather conditions, etc.), 2) Emergency or unanticipated events that interrupt normal District or Procurement operations. The postponed event (opening or conference) shall automatically be rescheduled until the next full District business day after the published due date. A District business day starting after an opening delay (Example: A two (2) hour delay in opening) is not a full District business day. Please note that school delays and administrative office delays may be different. The bidder should consult the District (864) 355-3100 or local media regarding closures.

Key Event Dates Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting - April 21, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. EDT Inquiry Deadline – April 22, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. EDT Due Date/Public Opening - April 28, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. EDT Deliver the bid to:

Procurement Department The School District of Greenville County 2 Space Drive Taylors, S.C. 29687

Instructions to Bidders All bids must be in a sealed envelope and have clearly marked on the envelope: DIGITAL SIGN – BEREA MIDDLE SCHOOL IFB # 314-27-4-28 If you do not wish to bid, please submit a “NO BID” letter indicating your reason for not doing so. Failure to respond with either a bid or “No Bid” letter may result in removal of your company from our active vendors list. The District appreciates the bidder’s interest in the District. Regards,

Jannie G. Choice, CPPO Senior Buyer Enclosed:

Bid Form (1 Page) Certification Form (1 Page) Drawings (2 Pages) Specifications (3 Pages)

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BID FORM IFB # 314-27-4-28

DIGITAL SIGN – BEREA MIDDLE SCHOOL The prices and delivery below are in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the Invitation for Bid (IFB) #314-27-4-28. MATERIALS (Inclusive of all equipment and requirements) Manufactured by: ________________________________
















ALTERNATE PRICE (Replace top graphics with Painted graphics)


Delivery time of Digital Sign after receipt of a Purchase Order: Sign Warranty:

Parts: ______years

Software Warranty:

Software: ______years

______ Weeks

Onsite Service: _____ years

Enclosed is documentation of the material bid:

Onsite Service: _____ years

Yes ______ No ______

BIDDER’S AUTHORIZATION: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ (TYPE OR PRINT NAME OF VENDOR)

____________________________________________________________________________________________ (TYPE OR PRINT MAILING ADDRESS)

____________________________________________________________________________________________ (TYPE OR PRINT CITY, STATE, AND ZIP CODE)


FAX _______________________________





____________________________________________ (AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE)

______________________________________ (DATE)

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________

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As an authorized representative of the Bidder, I hereby certify that the costs and services stated in this bid are accurate and binding for not less than ninety (90) calendar days from the solicitation due date. All costs and charges are accurate and complete as stated in the bid are inclusive of all costs the District is expected to pay. If an award is not made within ninety (90) calendar days, it shall be incumbent upon the Bidder to notify the District, in writing, if it does not want its bid further considered. Failure to notify the District shall mean that the bid remains valid until an award is made or the solicitation is cancelled. I further certify that the Bidder will deliver the service(s) and/or material(s) as required by the Invitation for Bid. No additional costs or payments to any entity, including the Bidder, shall be requested of the District due to any miscalculation, deficiency or other cause later discovered. The Terms and Conditions of the solicitation are accepted by the undersigned. I certify that the Bidder has availed itself of every opportunity to understand the Invitation for Bid, the District’s Procurement Code and Regulations and other pertinent District policy. By submission of a bid, I certify that the Bidder has read and understands all of the requirements and conditions of the solicitation and shall be bound by such without exception. Therefore, the undersigned respectfully submits the bid. ___________________________________________ Name of Firm ___________________________________________ Name of Authorized Representative ___________________________________________ Title ___________________________________________ Signature

Date ______________ Telephone/FAX Number ___________________________

Note: It is required that this Bid Certification form be completed and shall be returned unaltered with the bid.

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Berea Middle School Two-sided Digital Sign Replacement IFB #314-27-4-28

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