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Washington State Lottery Financial and Administrative Services Request for Quote (RFQ) LOT15-043 Solicitation Title:

POS Package – iHeart Radio Promo

RFQ Coordinator: Jenna Johnson Phone: 360-664-4792 Email: [email protected] Quotes Due May 18, 2015; 12:00pm Procurement Overview Washington’s Lottery is looking to procure temporary Point-of-Sale material for promotional purposes at retail locations. Instructions to Bidders  The RFQ Coordinator is the sole point of contact for this procurement. All communication regarding this RFQ must be with the RFQ Coordinator. Note: Any other communication will be considered unofficial and non-binding on Lottery. Bidders are to rely only on written statements issued by the RFQ Coordinator. Communication directed to parties other than the RFQ Coordinator may result in disqualification of the bidder.  Quotes must be received on or before the Quote Due Date and Time by Lottery to be considered responsive.  Bidder is responsible for actual delivery of their bid to the address shown before the Quote Due Date and Time.  Quote must contain a signature of a duly authorized officer or agent of the Bidders’ company empowered with the right to bind the Bidder. For Electronic submissions by email, attach a scanned PDF of the signature page to your Quote.  In accordance with the legislative findings and policies set forth in Chapter 39.19 RCW, the state of Washington encourages participation in all of its contracts by firms certified by the Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE). Participation may be either on a direct basis in response to this solicitation or on a subcontractor basis. However, no preference will be included in the evaluation of proposals, no minimum level of MWBE participation shall be required as a condition for receiving an award, and proposals will not be rejected or considered non-responsive on that basis.  Per RCW 43.19.748 Washington’s Lottery can only accept bids from vendors for printing who complete work within the State of Washington unless it is established that any such work cannot be executed within the state, or that the lowest charge for which it can be procured within the state, exceeds the charge usually and customarily made to private individuals and corporations for work of similar character and quality, or that all bids for the work or any part thereof are


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excessive and not reasonably competitive, the officers of any such corporation have the work done outside the state. RFQ Procurement Schedule Quotes Due Apparently Successful Bidder announced via WEBS

May 18, 2015; 12:00pm May 19, 2015

*Lottery reserves the right to revise the schedule as identified above at its sole discretion. Bidders Minimum Qualifications and Requirements (identify any other minimum requirements)  Bidders must have experience selling this product.  Bidders must be able to fulfill all specifications listed in this RFQ. Complaint Process – Prior to Response Due Date Any potential Bidder may submit a complaint regarding this RFQ based upon the following:  The solicitation unnecessarily restricts competition;  The evaluation/scoring process is unfair or flawed; or  The requirements are inadequate or insufficient so that a response is difficult to prepare. If no complaint is filed, a Bidder cannot later file a protest based on one of the above complaint criteria. Any complaint to the RFQ must be in writing and submitted to the RFQ Coordinator prior to the Response Due Date. Response Contents; Product and Pricing Guarantee (list any other attachments) Bidders must complete and attach the following to their emailed RFQ Response:  Attachment 1 – specifications and price sheet  Attachment 2 – Certification and Assurances  Attachment 3 – Terms and Conditions Submission of Reponses Bidders Responses must be submitted electronically as an attachment to an e-mail to the RFQ Coordinator at [email protected] . Attachments to e-mail shall be in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Lottery does not assume responsibility for problems with Bidder’s e-mail. If Lottery’s email is not working, appropriate allowances will be made. Responses may not be submitted in hard copy and may not be transmitted via facsimile. Bidders must allow sufficient time to ensure timely receipt of the Response by the RFQ Coordinator. LATE RESPONSES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM FURTHER CONSIDERATION. All Responses and any accompanying documentation become the property of Lottery and will not be returned. Evaluation Process All items set forth in Response Contents must be included for the Response to be considered responsive. The evaluation shall be based on lowest total cost for the identified products and services identified in Attachment 1. The responsive Bidder who offers the lowest overall costs shall be considered the Apparently Successful Bidder (ASB). RFQ#LOT15-043

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Either the RFQ Coordinator, or a Lottery designated person, shall evaluate the Quotation Responses. Lottery reserves the right at its sole discretion to reject any or all Responses for any reason whatsoever, prior to the issuance of a Field Order. This RFQ does not obligate Lottery to an agreement for the products/services specified herein. The final selection, if any, will be the Response, which in the opinion of Lottery, best meets the requirements set forth in the RFQ and is in the best interest of the State of Washington. Lottery shall not be responsible for any costs associated with a Bidder’s preparation of a Response in response to this RFQ. In submitting a Response to this RFQ, the Bidder agrees to accept the terms set forth in this RFQ. The Apparently Successful Bidder will be required to agree to the terms contained on the Field Order to be issued to the Apparently Successful Bidder. Under no circumstances is the Bidder to submit its own standard contract terms and conditions in response to this RFQ. The terms contained on the Field Order are as follows: 1. 2. 3.

Show Order Number on all invoices, packages, and shipping documents. Washington sales tax applies to this order. E- Mail a copy of invoice at time of shipment.

Award Notification to Bidders Lottery shall distribute a Notification of Award on WEBS to all responding Bidders announcing the Apparently Successful Bidder. The anticipated Notification of Award Date is listed in the RFQ Procurement Schedule above. Lottery shall not give Award results over the phone. Debriefing of Unsuccessful Bidders A Bidder who has submitted a Response and has been notified that they were not selected for award may request a debriefing. The written request for a debriefing conference must be received by the RFQ Coordinator within three (3) business days after the Notification of the Apparently Successful Bidder. Written debriefing requests must be received by the RFQ Coordinator no later than the third business day following the transmittal of the Notification of Award. The debriefing conference(s) will be held on the day listed within the RFQ Procurement Schedule above. Discussion at the debriefing conference will be limited to the following:  Evaluation and scoring of the Bidder’s Response;  Critique of the Response based on the evaluation; or  Review of Bidder’s final score in comparison with other final scores without identifying the other firms. Comparisons between a Bidder’s Response and the other Responses will not be allowed. Debriefing conferences may be conducted in person or on the telephone and will be scheduled for a maximum of one-half hour.

Protest Procedure Protests may be made only by unsuccessful Bidders who submitted a Response to this solicitation document and who have participated in a debriefing conference. Upon completing the debriefing conference, the Bidder is allowed five (5) business days to file a protest of the award with the RFQ Coordinator. Protests must be received by the RFQ Coordinator no later than 5:00 PM, (PST), in RFQ#LOT15-043

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Olympia, Washington on the fifth business day following the debriefing. Protests may be submitted by e-mail, but must then be followed by the document with an original signature. Bidders protesting the award shall follow the procedures described below. Protests that do not follow these procedures shall not be considered. All protests must be in writing, addressed to the RFQ Coordinator, and signed by the protesting party or an authorized Agent. The protest must state the RFQ number, the grounds for the protest with specific facts and complete statements of the action(s) being protested. A description of the relief or corrective action being requested should also be included. Only protests stipulating an issue of fact concerning the following subjects shall be considered: • A matter of bias, discrimination or conflict of interest on the part of an evaluator; • Errors in computing the score; and/or • Non-compliance with procedures described in the procurement document or Lottery policy. Protests not based on procedural matters will not be considered. Protests will be rejected as without merit if they address issues such as: 1) an evaluator’s professional judgment on the quality of a proposal, or 2) Lottery’s assessment of its own needs or requirements. This protest procedure constitutes the sole administrative remedy available to Bidders under this procurement. There is no administrative appeal process. If the protesting party does not accept Lottery’s protest response, the protesting party can seek relief from Superior Court in Thurston County. Additional Information Any requests for additional information about this solicitation are to be directed, in writing, to the RFQ Coordinator named above. Bidder Information Company Name: Contact Name & Title: Address: Federal Tax ID Number:



Small/Micro/Mini Business ? MWBE Certified?



as defined in RCW 39.26.010


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Attachment 1 Scope, Specifications, Price Sheet


Playcenter Insert Size: 8.5”w x 11”h Paper Stock: 80# gloss cover Ink Colors: 4/0


Brochure Size: 7.5”w x 8.75”h Paper Stock: 80# gloss cover Ink Colors: 4/4


Counter Card Size: 6”w x 6”h Paper Stock: 111# Topkote Ink Colors: 4/4


Winner Check Insert Size: 8.5”w x 2.5”h Paper Stock: 80# gloss cover Ink Colors: 4/0


LVM/GP Sticker Size: 18”w x 1”h Paper Stock: 60# Ultraback/60# Semigloss Perm Ink Colors: 4/0 Note: 3 sections of backing on sticker for easy removal


Retailer Information Sheet Size: 8.5”w x 11”h Paper Stock: 20# Matte Text Ink Colors: 4/4


Altura Strip Size: 15.5”w x 4”h Paper Stock: 111# topkote Ink Colors: 4/0 Note: 2 Adhesive strips along the top and bottom edge (on back); Kleen Stik pressure sensitive tape


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Distribution: Spokane A 485 B 890 C 215 D 500 E 9000 F 0 G 500

Yakima 500 1000 260 500 9000 0 500

FedWay 1900 3800 475 1850 29000 0 1600

Vancouver 600 1000 230 500 11000 0 500

Everett 400 1900 350 1050 22500 0 1100

HQ 50 50 15 15 3500 600 60

Total 3935 8640 1545 4415 84000 600 4260 Total Cost


Delivery Locations: Spokane Attn: Regional Manager 10517 E Sprague Ave #19 Spokane WA 99206-3631 No Loading Dock

Vancouver Attn: Regional Manager 1503 NE 78th St Ste 4 Vancouver WA 98665

Yakima Attn: Regional Manager 9 S 5th Ave Yakima WA 98902 No Loading Dock

Everett Attn: Regional Manager 11419 19th Ave SE Ste A106 Everett WA 98208 No Loading Dock

Federal Way Attn: Regional Manager 33701 9th Ave S Federal Way WA 98003

Headquarters Attn: 814 4th Ave E Olympia WA 98506


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Attachment 2 Bidder’s Certifications and Assurances We make the following certifications and assurances as a required element of the Response, understanding that the truthfulness and accuracy of the facts affirmed here and the continuing compliance with these requirements and all mandatory requirements of the Request for Quotations (RFQ) Number LOT15-043 are conditions precedent to the award or continuation of the resulting Contract. We certify the accuracy of all the information in our Response to LOT’s RFQ Number LOT15-043. The Quotation Response has been determined independently, without consultation, communication or agreement with others for the purpose of restricting competition. This Response is a firm offer for a period of ninety (90) days following the Response Due Date specified in the RFQ, and it may be accepted by LOT without further negotiation (except where obviously required by lack of certainty in key terms) at any time within the 90 day effective quote period. In the case of protest, the Response remains valid until the protest resolved or the 90 day quote period has expired, whichever is later. In preparing this Response, we have not been assisted by any current or former employee of the state of Washington whose duties relate (or did relate) to LOT’s RFQ, and who was assisting in other than his or her official, public capacity. Neither does such a person nor any member of his or her immediate family have any financial interest in our firm, or in the award of a Contract to our firm. (Any exceptions to these assurances are described in full detail on a separate page and attached to this document) We understand that LOT will not reimburse us for any costs incurred in the preparation of this Response. All Responses become the property of LOT, and we claim no proprietary right to the ideas, writings, items or samples unless so stated in specified sections of the Response. We further understand that the marking of the entire Response or the pricing as proprietary will not be honored. We understand that signing and submitting this Certifications and Assurances Form constitutes our acceptance of the procedures, evaluation criteria, and administrative, financial and technical requirements of this RFQ. We certify that our firm is currently not in bankruptcy proceedings or waiting for a summary judgment decision. We understand that any Contract awarded, as a result of the RFQ may incorporate all LOT’s RFQ requirements. Submission of a Response and execution of this Certifications and Assurances document certify our willingness to comply with these or substantially similar terms if selected as the Apparently Successful Bidder. It is further understood that under no circumstances will a Bidder’s submitted agreement be considered as a replacement for the Lottery’s standard terms and conditions. The signatory below represents that he/she has the authority to bind the company named below to the Response submitted and any contract awarded as a result of this RFQ.

Bidder Signature (Authorized Representative)

Bidder Company Name

Print Name and Title



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