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PROCUREMENT POLICY Rixonway Kitchens are devoted to an ethically and environmentally considerate Procurement Policy. The Company aims to continue in its drive to meet and exceed innovative, market leading targets in purchasing methods, efficiency, waste reduction and the development of cost effective services. The Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy, and specifically to: • Sole use of sustainable and traceable raw materials; sourced locally where possible from suppliers who follow strict and responsible working practices. • Strict adherence to the integrated environmental management control system in line with the ISO14001. •

Ensure strict adherence to LEAN in all services and processes.

• Continue to work in tandem with customers in the responsible disposal of refurbishment waste both directly and indirectly linked with Rixonway Kitchens. • Rigidly monitor wastage and emission levels and ensure that any adverse effects to water, air and/or land are dealt with immediately. • Strict management of the transport network to ensure it operates in an efficient and responsible manner. • Monitor the market closely, manage purchasing accordingly and ensure rapid response to any/all fluctuations in price in order to guarantee the customer always receives best value for money. • Ensure all payments are made correctly and on time. • Ensure all orders are delivered correctly and on time, enabling all work on site to progress on schedule. • Ensure all contractual obligations are met and where not, ensure any/ all resulting problems are dealt with efficiently and responsibly. The policy is issued and explained to all employees and copies are prominently displayed throughout the premises and Intranet. All staff are fully trained in the meaning and implications of this Procurement Policy. However, central to all policies is a pledge to continuous improvement and innovation; in streamlining, consolidating and where possible improvement of purchasing practices.

David Anderson, Managing Director March 2015