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Product Fire Diggers name Starter Appearance.......clear colourless


viscous gel

Diggers Fire Starter is an easy to use gel fire starter. The gel formula allows for better and more accurate coverage than firelighters and reduces risk for consumers.

Odour .......................... alcoholic


Boiling Point (approx,)........78oC

• • • •

Specific Gravity................... 0.87 Flash Point .........................22oC

Charcoal/briquette/wood fire starter. BBQ’s, spit roasts, open fires, camping and fireplaces. Also serves as an effective BBQ cleaner/grease remover. Indoor/outdoor use.

MSDS available

FEATURES • • • • • • • •

Multi-Purpose - fire starter and cleaner. Easy to light/use - provides excellent coverage. Gel formula for easy application and longer lasting burn time. Smokeless and clean burning. Won’t alter the taste of food. Natural - Made from renewable resources. Contains no hydrocarbons. Gel formula provides increased safety for consumers.

APPLICATION For Lighting Charcoal and Starting Fires •

Pour 1/3 cup of Diggers Fire Starter over 1KG of charcoal, BBQ fuel or wood and light. N.B 1KG = 1-2 large handfulls.

NOTE: Never add gel to flame or glowing embers. Not suitable for use as a fondue/burner fuel. For Cleaning BBQs and Removing Grease • •

Pour onto cloth or rag, allow to penetrate and wipe surface. Repeat if necessary. Before disposing of rag/cloth, soak in water. Thixotropic - allows for cleaning on vertical surfaces.

SAFETY Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection when using this product. Code

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12 x 1 litre




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