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Product name Carnauba Polish Gilly Stephenson’s Appearance.......................paste


Melting Point........... -50 to -60oC

Timber, Tables, Marble, Base Metal, Antiques, Decoupage and Tortoiseshell

Solubility in Water....... negligible Specific Gravity..................... 0.8

MSDS available

DESCRIPTION Gilly Stephenson’s Carnauba Polish is a fast drying high sheen finishing polish for all types of woods.

TYPICAL USES • • • • •

Tabletops, decoupage and other surfaces prone to finger marks Excellent finish on marble, tortoiseshell and other hard surfaces For maintenance of antiques and fine furniture Helps prevent rust on base metals Friction polish for use on the lathe

FEATURES • Made with bees wax and a high proportion of carnauba wax making it ideal for use on modern finishes • Can be used on raw wood and buffed with a pine brush

APPLICATION Apply sparingly and buff immediately. On large surface areas only work on a small area at any given time. To restore wax finish on stripped furniture and/ or establish a wax finish on raw wood: 1. Apply 1 to 3 coats of Restoring & New Timber Polish to prepared surface and buff with a soft cloth. 2. Apply at least 2 coats of Cabinet Makers Wax, preferably using [0000] steel wool. Buff with a soft cloth. The number of applications will depend on the finish required. 3. For a high gloss, hard finish maintain with Carnauba Polish.

Code 70405-100GS

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4 x 100g




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