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Product Oil Orange name Gilly Stephenson’s Appearance.................oily liquid


Solubility in Water... emulsifiable

Cane, Wicker, Chopping Boards, Tables

Specific Gravity..................... 0.9

MSDS available

DESCRIPTION Gilly Stephenson’s Orange Oil has excellent cleaning properties and is ideal for old neglected furniture.

TYPICAL USES • • • • • •

Cleans and restores Maintains a satin finish on antiques and fine furniture Feeds unpolished surfaces such as drawers and the undersides of tables, salad bowls and chopping boards Suitable for raw or unsealed wood Simple way to keep cane furniture and wicker in good condition Gives a golden hue to pine


Non-toxic Simple to use with a pleasant citrus odour

APPLICATION Apply with a soft cloth then buff off with a clean cloth.

Code 70410-250GS

QUEENSLAND Tel +61 7 3308 5200 Fax +61 7 3308 5201

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4 x 250ML




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