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PRODUCTS INSTRUMENTATION Ion chromatography. Series 4500i ion chromatographs combine reversed and normal phase techniques for organic analysis and technology for inorganic analysis. Many other instruments also available. Dionex 131 Gas analysis. An expanded line of detectors for gas analysis and gas chromatography that use high-resistance hotwire and thermistor elements is available. GOW-MAC 132

Emission spectrometer. The AtomComp" 81 spectrometer is a directreading arc/spark optical emission spectrometer based on a field-proven 3/4-meter optical design. It has applications in the elemental analysis of water. Thermo Jarrell Ash 133 0.1GC Analyrers for Purgeable Organ-

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0.l.Analytical for application informa-

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PO Box 2980, College Station Texas

combine specially designed autosam-

77841-2980 (409) 690-1711

piers, purge and trap concentrators and detector systems with Hewlett Packard gas chromatographs All components are compatible in every sense (electronics



Personal toxic gas monitors. Model 190 Series personal toxic gas monitors detect carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen diox134 ide. National Draeger Leak detection in soil. Soil [email protected] rapidly detects and analyzes leaks into soil from underground storage tanks that contain hazardous waste or fuel. It can detect leaks of a few drops per minute. Arizona Instrument 135 Chlorine detection. The BINOS 1001 detects chlorine in air samples photometrically by the degree of bleaching of a methyl orange solution. It also quantifies trace concentrations. Leybold 136 Cation measurement. Model F-2000 Intracellular Cation Measurement System is a high-sensitivity fluorescence spectrometer with a thermostatted microcell and full software capabilities. Samples are introduced through a syringe. Hitachi 137

are easily installed and performance is guaranteed In addition a single call to us

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Environ. Sci. Technol., Vol. 23, No. 5, 1989

0013-936Xf89/0923-0516$01.50/0 0 1989 American Chemical Society

HAZARDOUS WASTE Leachate treatment. System combines chemical and biological treatment techniques to treat and clean up landfill 138 leachate. Lancy International Landfill capping. Sanifoam and SaniBlanket, proprietary foam systems, are substitutes for conventional 6-inch soil cover to control dust, blowing litter, and odor at large operating landfills. 3M 139 Hazardous waste services. Company offers full line of environmental services including remediation of existing hazards and minimization of future haz140 ards. OHM Site assessment. Employee-owned and operated company assists government and industrial customers in the assessment of hazardous waste sites and in minimizing the volume of waste sent to landfills. Science Applications Interna141 tional

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overworked laboratory. With the Model

breakthrough in environmental applica-

700 TOC Analyzer from 0.I .Analytical,

tions. It monitors reagent purity and

you can perform more tests faster and

effluents for the chemical and phar-

more accurately with the touch of a generating plants, the Model 700 screens

Hazardous waste directory. Directory of Commercial Hazardous Waste Management Facilities appears in the MarchiApril 1989 issue of R e Hazardous Wmte Consultant. Single copies $80. McCoy and Associates 142

for organic acids in boiler feed and

Incineration. Company provides fixed-base hazardous waste incineration services and other services, including analysis, collection, transportation, and 143 processing. Ensco

measures organics on wafer surfaces and

Superfund studies. Company offers services in remedial investigationsifeasibility studies for Superfund remedial actions. Services in water quality management and land-use planning also are available. Thermo Environmental 144 Underground tank services. A package of services and products is available for those affected by regulations concerning underground storage tanks. It includes corrosion protection, leak detection, external vapor monitoring, annular space monitoring, and automated inventory control. U.S. Tank Management 145

monitors cooling water and condensation. And for semiconductor processing, the

700 monitors the ultra-pure process,

screens for bacteria.

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700 can provide a fundamental solution. Simply set the Model 700 for

laboratory. Find out how by contacting 0.l.Analytical at PO.Box 2980, College Station, Texas 77841, (409) 690-1711.

syringe sample, sample loop, on-line sampling or autosampling (for up to 76 samples), and you'll get the most accurate analysis on the industry's widest range

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Bromomethane 13-Dichloroethene Methylene chloride trans 1.2-Dichloroethene 13-Dichlomethane Chlomform 1,l.l-Trichlomethane Carbon tetrachloride 1.2-Dichlomethane

1,2-Dichlompropane Bmmodichlommethane 2-Chloroethylvinylether trans 1,3-Dichiompropane Toluene CIS 1,3-Dlchlompmpene 1,1,2-Trichlomethane Tetrachlomethene Dibmmochlommethane Chlombenzene Ethylbenzene Bromoform 1,1,2,2-Tetrachlomethane 1,3-Dichlombenzene 1 4-Dichlombenzene 1 2-Dichlorobenzene

Chmrnstograrn courtesy of HNU Systems, Newton, MA

Analyze Volatile Organics, Pesticides, Dioxins and PCB’s with Quadrex’s line of fused silica capillary columns for environmental applications. Specially synthesized bonded and crosslinked stationary phases Compatible with various detector systems Provides rapid and improved separations when compared with packed column analyses Various column configurations available

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somm Sample analysis. HP CLP PLUS software for the A-Series gas chromatographyimass spectrometry systems and the HP 3350A and 3359A laboratory automation systems simplifies and speeds up the analysis and reporting of environmental samples. Hewlett-Pack146 ard Water treatment program. DREWTRAX’” data management program organizes and analyzes water treatment data and stores them in an “electronic log sheet.” Graphic presentations are available. Software works on IBM PC-XT, PC-AT, and PS/2 or compatibles with 640 K RAM, hard disk, and DOS 2 . 0 o r higher. 147 Drew SARA Section 313. Software module assists companies in carrying out waste minimization programs and in reporting for compliance with Section 313 of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA). Program is known as ENFLEX 313. 148 ERM Computer Services

WATER EOUIPMENT Sludgeless wastewater treatment. MEMTEK IX/ER’” system removes toxic metals from industrial wastewater by ion exchange and electrolytic recovery. Capacities range from 10-140 gal/ 149 min. MEMTEK Water treatment with ozone. Ozone generators supply ozone to destroy organic and inorganic contaminants in water. Residuals are removed through a 150 multimedia bed. AQUA-FLO

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Environ. Sci. Technol., Vol. 2 3 , No. 5, 1989