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  Episcopal  Student  Center  at  the  University  of  Texas   Program  Coordinator  Job  Description:     The  primary  function  of  the  program  coordinator  is  to  be  a  minister  to  students.     It  is  the  responsibility  and  privilege  of  the  program  coordinator  to  assist  the   missioner  in  evangelism,  spiritual  formation,  Christian  education,  pastoral  care,  and   administration.     The  program  coordinator  should  expect  a  combination  of  the  following   responsibilities  based  on  the  current  state  of  ministry  at  the  Student  Center.     • Attend  to  the  pastoral  and  spiritual  needs  of  members  of  the  community   based  on  direction  from  the  missioner.     • Provide  a  program  that  is  accessible  and  welcoming  to  all  students   regardless  of  socio-­‐economic  background,  ethnicity,  physical  or  mental   abilities.     • Attend  to  the  administrative  needs  of  the  office,  facility,  and  program.     A  brief  description  of  each  major  responsibility  is  noted  on  the  following  pages.       Evangelism:     The program coordinator will assume primary responsibilities for official communications from the office of the Student Center. Specific responsibilities include weekly publications such as the bulletin and announcement sheet, website maintenance, printed materials- trip flyers, campus handouts; weekly email, and social media maintenance, primarily including facebook and twitter.     Spiritual  Formation:     Specific  opportunities  for  spiritual  formation  include  yearly  confirmation  classes,   Bible  studies,  vocational  discernment,  prayer,  worship,  mission  trips,  pilgrimages,   and  retreats.  In  consultation  with  the  missioner,  the  program  coordinator  will  play   an  active  role  in  each  of  these  events.     The  program  coordinator  will  work  closely  with  the  vestry,  empowering  them  to   carry  out  ministry  goals  and  events.     Worship  planning  is  an  essential  responsibility  in  the  assistance  with  set  up  and   break  down  for  Sunday  evening  worship  services,  and  the  coordination  of  worship   leaders  each  Sunday,  including  acolytes,  greeters,  and  readers.   Assist  with  the  planning  and  execution  of  mission  trips,  pilgrimages,  and  retreats.   Attendance  on  such  trips  is  required.     209  W.  27th  Street              Austin,  TX    78705              512-­‐477-­‐6839              (Fax)  512-­‐476-­‐7291      

  Christian  Education:     The  program  coordinator  will  assist  the  missioner  in  providing  opportunities  for   Christian  education.  This  includes  attendance  at  weekly  Omega  lessons,  and   facilitation  of  follow  up  small  group  conversations.  In  addition,  the  program   coordinator  will  strive  to  lead  a  small  group  every  semester,  or  work  closely  with  a   student  to  prepare  and  lead  a  small  group.     Pastoral  Care:     The  program  coordinator  is  expected  to  be  a  welcoming  and  consistent  presence  at   all  primary  student  center  events.  The  program  coordinator  is  to  seek  out   opportunities  to  pastorally  connect  with  students  on  an  individual  level.  In  addition,   assuming  primary  responsibility  for  getting  contact  information  from  students  new   to  the  community,  and  following  up  with  an  official  welcome  is  expected.     Administration:     Regular  maintenance  of  student  center  financial  records,  facilities,  and  special   events  are  also  a  part  of  the  daily  life  of  the  program  coordinator.  Specific  tasks   include:     o Coordinating  meals:  Schedule  cooks  for  Sunday  evening  dinners  from  All   Saints  parishioners,  Wednesday  evening  Omega  dinners,  Retreats  &  Special   events     o Maintaining  facilities:  Keep  facility  neat  and  communicate  with  the  cleaning   service;  organize  supplies;  keep  kitchen,  office,  and  computer  lab  stocked   o Finances:  Maintain  Quickbook  records;  organize  receipts;  maintain  weekly   attendance  records       Basic  Requirements:     Commitment  to  reflecting  the  mission  and  values  of  the  Student  Center  in  life  and  work.     Bachelor’s  Degree     Computer  literacy;  competency  with  Microsoft  Word  and  Excel,  Quickbooks,  and  basic   publication  programs.     Regular  evening  commitments  and  occasional  weekend  events  required     Some  travel  required  (Cost  will  be  covered)    


$30,000,  benefits  included      

209  W.  27th  Street              Austin,  TX    78705              512-­‐477-­‐6839              (Fax)  512-­‐476-­‐7291