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Private and Confidential

Information Log

Introduction Tesco have put together several documents to help colleagues prepare for their own death, or to deal with the death of a loved one:


A Guide to Bereavement: What to Do When Someone Dies


A Guide to Putting Your Affairs in Order: Preparing for Death or a Health Crisis


Information Log

Nobody likes to think about getting old, ill, or dying, but it is important to plan for these eventualities to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Taking the time to prepare and organise your affairs will help to relieve the burdens on your family when that time comes, in particular, helping them through legal and financial matters.

Collating Information Putting your affairs in order isn’t just about tidying files, it is about leaving instructions on where everything is kept, saving your family having to search through piles of papers to find the information they need, at a time of great stress. Putting a folder or information pack together with details of all your finances, location of documents, credit card accounts, memberships etc. will save your surviving relatives additional distress when you die. This Information Log is designed to do just that, and should be used in conjunction with the colleague guide: ‘A Guide to Putting Your Affairs in Order: Preparing for Death or a Health Crisis.’ This Guide is available from the Our Tesco website, or via your Personnel Manager. You should keep this Information Log in a safe place, as it will contain personal details which should be kept secure.

The information in this document, which does not purport to be comprehensive, has been provided by Tesco for the guidance of its colleagues. It is not a substitute for colleagues obtaining legal advice and Tesco is not responsible or liable for the accuracy or legality of the information contained within the document.

Full Name: Address:

Occupation: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Date of Marriage: Maiden Name: National Insurance Number: National Health Number: Passport number: Next of Kin Details: Name: Address: Occupation: DOB: Tax Reference Number: Tax Office Address: Tax Office contact number:

Solicitor, name, address & contact number: Financial Advisor, name, address & contact number:

Location of important documents / items Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate National Health Certificate Driving Licence Passport Share Certificates Bank books / statements Investments Mortgage statements Life Insurance Safe Valuables e.g. jewellery List:

Last Will and Testament Is there a Will? Where is the Will kept? Name and address of who holds the Will if with a solicitor, family member or friend

Contact number Email address When was the Will made / last updated? Who are the Executors named in the Will? Details of 1st Executor Name Address Contact number Email address Details of 2nd Executor Name Address Contact number Email address Is there a Guardian appointed for children in the Will? Name Address Contact number Email address

Living Will Is there a Living Will? Where is the Living Will kept? If with a solicitor or friend, name and address of who holds the Living Will. Contact Number Email address

Discretionary Will Trust Is there a Discretionary Will Trust? Where is this stored? If with a solicitor or friend, name and address of who holds the Discretionary Will Trust. Contact number Email address

Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney (ensure your Next of Kin knows now in case something happens to you) Where is the Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney stored? If with a solicitor or friend, name and address of who holds the Power of Attorney. Contact number Email address

Organ Donation I wish to donate my organs Y/N Location of Organ Donor card stored? Completed NHS Donation Register?

Additional notes:

Planning ahead: Informing People Below is a list of family and friends that should be informed in the event of my death. Family / relative / friend


Address / contact no.

Below is a list of organisations and companies that will needed to be informed in the event of my death: Financial organisations – to include banks, building societies, saving plans, ISA’s, premium bonds Bank Accounts

Account details: (Type of account, in whose name)

Account No. / sort code

Address of bank including contact number

Loans - Mortgage Details Mortgage provider: address & contact number

Account no.

Repayment / Interest only

Mortgage amount and term

Further details of Mortgage: For example: If interest only, how is it supported e.g. endowment policy, savings plan.

Other loans / leases: for example, car, student loan, furniture, hire purchase agreement. Name & address and contact number of company

Account / reference no.

Details of loan e.g. start date, amount of loan, repayment details

Investments, Stocks and Shares e.g. Shares in companies, Partnership interests, Business Expansion Schemes (BESs), Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), Share Portfolio, Unit and Investment Trusts, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), Bonds. Provide details of the stock-broker: name, address, contact numbers and reference number: Details of investments /share portfolios

Account / reference details

Address and contact number

Insurance Companies Type of insurance Life Insurance

House Insurance

House Contents Insurance

Car Insurance

Health / long term care


Name of Insurance company

Account No./ reference no.

Address and contact details

Pension providers Name of provider

Account no. / reference no.

Address and contact details

Current Employer(s) Name of employer

Employee number

Contact name

Address & contact number

Utility Companies Name of supplier Address & contact number Gas




Council Tax

Mobile Phone

TV / Internet companies

OTHER: include milk, newspaper deliveries, gardener, lawn care

Account / reference number

Government e.g. benefits such as disability allowance, income support, child benefit, tax credits, pension credits. Details of allowances

Contact Information: address, contact number, email address

Reference number

Schedule of regular payments: include direct debits / standing orders from bank account Details



From which bank

Credit cards: for example, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, store cards Card provider

Address & contact number

Card number / expiry date

Loyalty cards - include store club cards, frequent flyers, hotel cards Card provider

Address & contact number

Card number / expiry date

Professional Body Membership Name of professional body

Address & contact number


Leisure membership/clubs e.g. gym, sports club, charities Name of club

Address & contact number

Reference number

Details of internet sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, personal website. Email address(es): Details

Access Passwords

Access to computer / email account Password: Details of where documents are stored: Include contracts, online payslips, photos, important letters Details

Access Passwords

Location of document

Funeral Planning Prepaid funeral or funeral plan details: Name of provider: Address: Contact details: Reference / Account number: If no plan in place: Details to consider I wish to be buried / cremated: I wish my funeral service to be at: Where I would like to be buried / ashes placed: My wishes for music to be included in the service: I would like the following hymns or readings to be included: I would like the following persons to conduct the service (if possible): Other details I would like e.g. flowers, donations to named charity, people to be informed: