Racial Justice in Our Community

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Roseville Lutheran Church 1215 Roselawn Ave, Roseville, MN 651-487-7752 • rosevillelutheran.org/onam Presents:

Racial Justice in Our Community Wednesday Night Speakers Series 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm • October 4, 11, 18, 25 (Please come to the main entrance off Roselawn Ave.) OCTOBER 4 – Roseville Then and Now Jake Von De Linde (Worship Center) Jake Von De Linde serves as the Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning with the Roseville Area Public Schools. In this capacity with the district, he oversees K-12 district curriculum and assessment data. Jake’s discussion will explore the rapidly changing demographics in the Roseville area and how our members can embrace the changes within our community.

OCTOBER 11 – Inaccessible Neighbors Don Samuels (Worship Center) Don Samuels is the CEO of MicroGrants, an MDiv. Graduate of Luther Seminary, a grassroots community leader, and former Minneapolis City Council Member. In our society, social design and urban planning have separated ethnic and racial groups into geographic areas almost inaccessible to one another. In addition, culture and family histories can create divisions. It is difficult to build relationships with people who are different from us.

OCTOBER 18 – Being An Anti-Racist Ally Karen McKinney (Worship Center) Reverend Dr. Karen McKinney is an Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Community Liaison for the Office of Diversity at Bethel University. In this session we will explore what it means to be an ally to people of other races. What is a racial ally? Am I one if I declare myself so? What practices do allies do? What does scripture say about this topic? Learn the answer to these and other questions about how to be a racial ally.

OCTOBER 25 – Differences Make a Difference But Don’t Have to Divide Jonathan Stuart and Colette Campbell (Social Hall) Collette Campbell and Jonathan Stuart are part of Working Better2Gether, an organizational consulting firm. There are at least three common reactions when we experience cultural or racial differences. Through an experiential exercise we’ll explore how it feels to be confronted with difference and then notice our reactions. Colette and Jonathan take their inspiration from the example of Jesus crossing a giant barrier to give up his privilege and coming to meet us in the nitty-gritty of life here on earth. It isn’t an easy journey to follow His example.