READY to Try Yammer?

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READY to Try Yammer? Yammer is our company’s private social network, an online tool for communication and collaboration. It’s here to help you get your work done and to support teamwork and information sharing across our company.

WHY YAMMER? Have you ever... 1.

Yammer lets you

Had a question but didn’t know whom to ask?

Find answers faster. Tap into our network to see who has experience with a similar question or knows where to get answers.

2. Thought of a great idea to build on our success?

Brainstorm with anyone in the company. You might find inspiration from an intern, the CEO or your counterpart overseas.

3. Wanted to know more about where we’re headed?

Stay informed about our trajectory. Track our progress and understand how your job helps us reach our goal.

What’s more, using our Yammer network helps us build a body of knowledge that’s instantly accessible by any employee at any time, from any device with an Internet connection.


Meet fellow coworkers who share your interests

Provide peer-to-peer recognition

Find the expert help you need to complete a task

Gain visibility into what’s happening

Share important news with those who need to know

Share best practices and solutions

Discuss major decisions and manage change

Discover valuable information to inform your work

Gather opinions and ideas from across our company

Communicate in real time, while you’re on the go

JOIN THE NETWORK TODAY! Visit Enter your work email address and you’ll receive a confirmation email to activate your account.

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SET Up Your Account for Success AS SOON AS YOU JOIN… Set up your account so you can start using Yammer to communicate, collaborate and share information. Here’s how.

COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE Your Yammer Profile helps your coworkers learn more about you and your work experience, while helping them put a face to a name. Here’s how to set it up: 1.

In the top right corner of your screen, click on the icon of the three dots.


Select Edit Profile.


Upload a photo of yourself.


Add your job title, department, location, expertise, contact information and any other details, including links to your profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Click Save.

MANAGE YOUR EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS By default, Yammer sends you a daily email summarizing the conversations on our network. You can decide to change how often you get these summaries. Here’s how to manage your email settings: 1.

In the top right corner of your screen, click on the icon of the three dots.


Check the boxes to select when to receive email notifications and which notifications to receive.


Select Edit Profile. Then, click Notifications from the menu on the left.


Click Save.

MAKE YAMMER YOUR OWN To customize your Yammer experience, join Groups and follow coworkers and Topics of interest. Review your main feed to find posts that are relevant to you.

Join Groups 1.

Click on Groups in the left navigation bar.


Click +Join to join a group.


If membership approval is required, request admission.

You can also join and access groups from your main feed.

Follow Coworkers

Follow Topics


Under the icon with three dots in the top navigation bar, click People.


Under the icon with three dots in the top navigation bar, click Apps.


Click +Follow to follow a coworker.


Scroll towards the bottom to My Apps and then click Topics.


Don’t see a colleague? Invite him or her to the network.


Select any Topic of interest, then click Follow.

You can also follow users by clicking Follow under their thumbnail headshot.

You can also follow Topics from conversations, including posts in your main feed.

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GO Forth and Use Yammer! It’s time to take advantage of Yammer’s many features and apps, each designed to help you find answers faster, generate great ideas, access your company’s knowledge base and be more productive.

WAYS TO USE YAMMER Browse Conversations. Access your main feed and Groups to see what’s going on.

Praise a Coworker. Recognize a job well done and efforts that go above and beyond.

View Other Profiles. Get to know your coworkers’ background and expertise.

Create a Group. Jumpstart collaboration in a team or department.

Like a Post. Show that you appreciate or agree with what someone shared.

@ Mention a Colleague. Draw your colleague’s attention to a conversation by @ mentioning him or typing her name into the Notify bar.

Share a Helpful Link. Post timely articles and relevant news so others can benefit. Reply to a Message Post. Provide answers, insights or suggestions. Post an Update. Use the Publisher to start a conversation or find what you need. Take a Poll. Gather opinions and feedback from others to help inform your decisions. Email a File or Note. Share a file or Note with external parties.

Send a Private Message. Discuss a sensitive issue and keep matters discreet. Conduct a Search. Find the conversations and files you need. Collaborate on a File. Follow, share and discuss files to enhance collaboration. Create a Note. Co-author content and publish it for others to edit and provide feedback. Share a Conversation Across Groups. Share existing group conversations with others, by sending a private message or by posting them in another group.

These are just a few ways Yammer helps you communicate and collaborate with coworkers to get work done.

DON’T FORGET! You can also access Yammer from your mobile device, so you can get work done on the go. Download the app for iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Visit to get the app.

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