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Are your accounts payable/receivable and HR processes too complex? At our FREE seminar, learn how to automate these processes while reducing inefficiencies and costs. FREE SEMINAR: How to Increase Efficiency and Streamline AP, AR, and HR

What you will learn: n Successfully streamline your processes – Alleviate the

stressors and bottlenecks in current workflows.

n Benefits and cost savings of automation.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 11:30am – 1 pm (no charge for lunch) Menomonie Chamber of Commerce, 342 E. Main St. Menomonie, WI

n Decrease time spent on searching for documents. Accounts payable/receivable


• Increase employee satisfaction – employees know how their

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responsibilities fit into the overall business initiatives.

• Improve customer satisfaction by providing answers to

questions faster.

Human Resources

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• Streamline onboarding – Automate the hiring process to

reduce manual processes and inefficiency.

• Quit being embarrassed by utilizing outdated methods in a

digital world.

• Standardize your process so new people can be trained quickly. | 844.365.4968