Redeemer Presbyterian Church Job Description 2018

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Redeemer Presbyterian Church Job Description 2018 Job Position: Department: Supervisor: Hours:

Waddler Class Coordinator Redeemer Kids Ministry Redeemer Kids Director 10 hours per week

Job Purpose: Provide assistance to the Redeemer Kids Director and Nursery-Preschool Coordinator for the Waddler class implementing classroom policies, prepping the lesson plan and craft materials, and building Christ-centered relationships with families and teachers. Duties & Responsibilities: Provide Biblical instruction with Bible stories, songs, and lesson related activities • Communicate with the Nursery-Preschool Coordinator to coordinate lessons • Purchase and prepare all craft/activities for Waddler, Toddler, and Preschool classes weekly Develop Loving Community • Pray for children and ministry • Establish relationships with children, families, and teachers by sharing stories on how children are growing in their faith and how God is working in your life • Attend monthly staff meeting Be a Consistent Leadership Presence on Sunday Mornings (5 hours/weekly) • Arrive early (7:30-7:45AM) to ensure set up is ready to receive children before the 8am Sunday morning kids staff meeting • Keep a checklist of set up and clean up handy for volunteers to follow • Join Team Huddle meetings with Kids staff team to go over checklist, agenda for the day and pray 15 minutes before service • Greet families and warmly welcome children as they arrive • Maintain a safe, clean and orderly classroom; Keep toys and supplies organized • Check in with volunteers and Coordinator at the end of service and follow up on any issues that arose during service Provide Assistance and Support for Special Events Skills/Qualifications • • • • • • • • •

A growing relationship with Christ A deep love of children Previous experience working with children and youth A willingness to be a team player An energetic and cooperative spirit Good communication skills Exceptional moral and ethical character A willingness to listen and provide guidance Giftedness in the areas of (but not limited to) teaching, encouragement, leadership, music, administration, and service