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Product information



Composition and aspect: Acrylic polymer based ready mixed filler.

Fast drying touch up filler

Substrates : REDLITE adheres on unpainted or painted substrates, new or restored: plaster, plaster tiles, plasterboards, old painted surfaces, Cement, Concrete, Cellular concrete, Primed woods.


Overcoating: Can be coated by any type of paint finish, skim coat fillers or wall covering materials

Limitations : Do not apply REDLITE on either polystyrene nor on plastic, nor on metal or on wallpaper

Technical features Document of reference:

Health and safety :

XPT 30-608: paint filler for interior and/or exterior use. NFT 36-005: classification of paints, varnishes and relevant products. NFP 74-201 (France DTU 59.1) building paint works. NFP 74-204 (France DTU 59.4) wall papers, and wall materials application works.

Not warning labelled.

Ph: between 8 and 10

Working time : product does not set

Colour : Etra white

Cleaning of tools :

General information: REDLITE fills gaps and cracks of any size in one coat (interior)

with water

Classification : NFT 36-005, family III class 2

Packaging : 1L Tub and 4L bucket

Storage: 12 months in original sealed packaging away from frost, heat and sunlight.

Adhesion :

Features : > Filling in one coat > Will not shrink > Very easy to sand > Can be quickly painted over : 30 min > Extra white

In compliance with XPT 30-608 norm : >0.5MPa

Instructions Substrates preparation: The substrates should be prepared to professional trade standards. The substrates must be hard, cohesive, clean, sound and dry.

Application: Apply with coating knife or smoothing blade

Thickness : No limitation

Toupret tip :

Consumption : 1L fills in a volume of 1L

Overpainting : 30 mins to 2 hrs depending on the kind of substrate, the thickness and the application conditions.

Cautions : Do not apply under a temperature <8°C and >35°C nor under an hygrometry rate above 65%HR. Do not apply on overheated substrates. Do not apply on wet substrates

Technical assistance : The TOUPRET company provides information and assistance to those companies who request such information and assistance when starting a site, in order to detail specific provisions for the use of the product. Such assistance does not constitute work designing, material acceptance or an inspection of rules for use.

The information on this sheet results from our knowledge of the product and from our experience. Characteristics found on site may vary depending on use conditions. In the event of an application that is not formally listed in this document, the client is responsible for enquiring or conducting preliminary representative tests. The information on this sheet implies no guarantee by us as to the use of the product. They result in no exemption from our general sales terms. Prior to use, user is responsible for confirming that this sheet has not been superseded by a later version.

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TOUPRET (U.K.) Limited Winchester House – 259-269 Old Marylebone Road LONDON NW1 5RA Tel : +44 (0)20 7170 4165 • Fax : +44 (0)20 7170 4164 e-mail : [email protected]

Redlite will last you longer if you replace the thin film before closing the lid