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Reflections 5500 Reflections Vinyl Replacement Windows


Be greeted by an inspiring splash of sunlight. Be greeted by a symphony of style. Be greeted by an energy bill that makes you want to sing.

What’s more important, performance or style? Saving energy or money? When you choose Simonton Reflections® 5500 windows for your home, you get both. Because every time you look out of your window, you’re saying hello to enhanced structural integrity, impeccable style, and improved energy conservation. Not to mention a few extra bucks in your pocket year after year..

Antique Cherry Casement/Geometric Configuration with Brushed Nickel Hardware

When you can’t tell the difference between a style element and a strength component, we know we’ve created the perfect window. Thoughtful design and exquisite detail extend beyond the surface. They run deep into the core of your Simonton Reflections® 5500 windows. Every tasteful appointment and advanced feature has been scrutinized to deliver breathtaking aesthetics with unsurpassed structural and thermal performance. Elegant charm Whether you prefer the understated, traditional look of the classic or the unique, confident look of the contemporary, your Simonton Reflections® 5500 windows will add timeless elegance to your home. :: Available in Double Hung, 2-lite Slider, 3-lite Slider, Casement, Colonial Casement, Awning, Picture, Bay, Bow, and Geometric shapes including Half-round, Quarter-round, Eyebrow, Trapezoid, Circle, Oval, Octagon, and custom configurations, to accent your unique style :: Tilt-in/lift-out sash promotes easy cleaning (Double Hung only) :: Create a look that is distinctively yours with Decorum™ by Simonton design options. Enhance your home’s curb appeal with exterior colors in Cream, Brick, Pine, Chocolate, Bronze, Tan or Driftwood. Interior laminates provide the rich warmth of woodgrain in Antique Cherry, Maple or Contemporary Oak. Also available is hardware cast in distinct metal finishes, including Oil-rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass or Antique Brass.†

This Double Hung features a pine exterior color.

† Available on Patio Doors only.

Energy savings As an ENERGY STAR® partner, Simonton Windows® is committed to meeting the strict criteria of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help conserve energy and reduce heating and cooling costs for all our customers. To ensure our windows and doors can be ordered to meet the regionally specific ENERGY STAR criteria, Simonton has developed ENERGY STAR glass packages for each climate zone — Northern, NorthCentral, South-Central and Southern. These glass packages utilize insulating glass units with advanced Low E technology, an Argon gas fill and durable spacer systems that drastically reduce the transfer of heat and cold. Low E also blocks up to 84% of the ultraviolet rays, which can fade carpets, draperies and artwork. CITY

Average annual savings when replacing a single-pane, clear glass window with an ENERGY STAR window:

Average annual savings when replacing a dual-pane, clear glass window with an ENERGY STAR window:

Atlanta, GA



Boston, MA



Chicago, IL



Denver, CO



Des Moines, IA



Ft. Worth, TX



Jacksonville, FL



Nashville, TN



Pittsburgh, PA



Superior structure and strength Fusion-welded Frame and Sash ProSolar® Soft Coat Low E Glass Argon Gas Fill Dual Air Loks™ Dual Cam Lock Flush-mount Tilt Latches Lap-Lok® Meeting Rail Tilt-in/lift-out Sash 3/4" Insulating Glass Unit Contoured Extruded Lift Rails Stainless Steel Constant Force 3/4" Coil Spring Balance System Simonton Sill ®

Manufactured under the most demanding quality-control system with the most advanced technology, every Simonton Reflections® 5500 window is constructed of the finest materials for superior strength. :: Fusion-welded frame and sash construction provides rigidity for increased durability and weather resistance :: Denny Clip™ pivot system locks securely into the base to maintain perfect alignment of the sash for smooth operation :: Stainless steel constant force 3/4" coil spring balance system never needs adjusting and will keep the window securely in an open position

Maximum efficiency Simonton Reflections® 5500 windows incorporate advanced thermal features that make homes more comfortable and help lower energy costs. From the ProSolar® soft coat Low E glass to the innovative spacer systems between the panes of glass, we spare nothing to give you superior energy efficiency. :: Dual fin seal weatherstripping around the sash perimeter and triple weatherstripping at the head and sill provide superior protection from outside elements :: Lap-Lok® meeting rail overlaps and interlocks the top and bottom sash to create a tight weather-resistant seal :: The 3/4" insulating glass unit with U-channel Intercept® spacer system lowers conduction rates to enhance thermal protection :: ProSolar® soft coat Low E glass with an Argon gas fill works to reduce heat loss in winter while maintaining air-conditioned air in the summer :: Optional energy-efficient glass packages that utilize advance features like: Cardinal’s LoE³-366® Glass, Super Spacer,® an Argon or Krypton gas fill, triple-pane and 1" insulating glass units are available to help provide maximum comfort and savings wherever you live.

As you stand in front of your window, take solace in knowing we’re standing behind it. We know buying windows is a big investment. An investment you want protected. That’s why we back all Simonton Reflections® windows and doors with a comprehensive lifetime limited warranty covering vinyl, hardware, screens, and insulating glass units. And, since all warranties are transferable, your windows add yet another great selling feature to any perspective home buyer.