Remoji: Lesson 5

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Remoji: Lesson 5 – Oct 6/7 Group Time Guide: 1-3rd Grade

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Remoji: Lesson 5 – Oct 6/7 Group Time Guide: 1-3rd Grade

Group Time Guide Supplies Needed: Water bottle, food coloring.

1. Getting Started

Tell kids to meet someone new, and talk about this question: What’s something you have that’s older than you are?

2. Discussion Questions • • • •

What problem were they having in The Source? What do you think Trixie should do? What about the others? Has someone ever done something to you that was hard to forgive them for? What could happen if you decided to stay mad at them for a long time?

3. Hands-On Option

Look Up and Read: Proverbs 10:12. This verse is about the difference between choosing to be angry at someone and choosing to forgive them. Do This: Take out the water and food coloring. Define the word “Bitterness.” Bitterness means choosing to be angry at someone for a long time. Do This: Drop a little food coloring into the water. Shake it until the whole bottle changes color. The Point: Just a little bitterness can have a big effect on our lives. When we choose to stay mad at one person, and not forgive, it can make us angrier toward others, too. Discuss: How could we stop being bitter toward someone? (Be kind to them, forgive them, say nice things about them, ask God to help you forgive them.)

4. Wrap-Up and Prayer

Ask: What was the best part of your week? What was something tough that happened this week? Do This: Pray with the kids. If they’ve mentioned things that would be good to talk to God about, you can talk about them in your prayer. Mention that God always listens when we pray, because he loves us.