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UK NEQAS FOR H&I EDUCATIONAL SCHEME HLA TYPING RESULTS OF SAMPLES ED03&04/2015 DISPATCHED ON 23RD JUNE 2015 Sample ED03/15 probable HLA type HLA-A*02:01, - ; B*15:01, B*15:34; C*03:03, C*04:01; DRB1*08:01, DRB1*11:03; DRB3*02; DQB1*03:01, DQB1*04:02; DPB1*01:01, DPB1*09:01 Sent as an example of B*15:34 Serological findings The sample distributed was a DNA preparation. Reference Bengtsson M, Street J, Johnson J, Harvey C, Corbin S, Darke C. A new HLA-03 null allele – HLA*03:162N caused by an exon 4 insertion and discovered during an external quality assessment exercise. Tissue Antigens 2014:83:52-64.

Sample ED04/15 probable HLA type HLA-A*03:162N, A*24:02; B*07:02, B*51:01; C*01:02, C*07:02; DRB1*11:01, DRB1*15:01; DRB3*02, DRB5*01; DQB1*03:01, DQB1*06:02; DPB1*04:01, Sent as an example of A*03:162N Serological findings The sample distributed was a DNA preparation. References Street J, Hammond L, Thompson J & Darke C. Serological characterisation of the products of nine rare HLA class I alleles. Eur J Immunogenet. 2002:29:351-370. PLEASE NOTE: THIS COMPLETES THE DISTRIBUTIONS FOR 2015 _______________________________________________________________________________ Scheme results summaries may be downloaded from our website: UK NEQAS for H&I is provided from the Welsh Blood Service which is a Division of the Velindre NHS Trust. © Copyright Notice: Reports are confidential, and no data may be published without permission from UK NEQAS for H&I Page 1 of 1