REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - SUBCONTRACTOR SERVICES. Hughes General Contractors, Inc., on behalf of Garfield County School District is seeking qualified Su...

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - SUBCONTRACTOR SERVICES Hughes General Contractors, Inc., on behalf of Garfield County School District is seeking qualified Subcontractors to perform work on Garfield County School Districts’ Small Construction Projects. Hughes General Contractors, Inc., has been selected to provide Construction Manager duties under a state contract with the owner, and on behalf of the owner, seeks to assemble a list of Prequalified Contractors, who, upon being listed, will be considered preapproved vendors and authorized to perform work on small construction projects within the district by direct award, written quote, competitive bid or a second RFP stage. Successful firms will be placed upon the Prequalified Contractors List for a period of eighteen (18) months, with the option to extend their qualification every eighteen (18) months thereafter. The work performed will be diverse, consisting of small interior remodel and addition projects, as well as repairs and upgrades to existing facilities. The projects awarded to listed firms will vary in cost and scope as budget and needs may dictate, with no minimum or maximum amount being determined on a yearly basis. It is likely that the anticipated projects will involve any combination of, or all of, the Construction Specifications Institute’s Divisions. The majority of projects must begin and be completed during the summer vacation period as designated by the requesting School District, and all responding firms must indicate their ability to perform during that time period. 1. Evaluation Criteria – to be considered, your proposal must address the following criteria: a. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS i. Must have school remodel and/or new school construction experience. Please provide a list of past school projects completed, as well as any ongoing or awarded projects, stating the type of work performed by your firm, and the school districts worked for with-in the last five (5) years. ii. Indicate how many years has your firm has been in business as currently constituted. iii. List all Utah DOPL license classifications that your firm currently holds, and indicate if your firm’s license has ever been subject to disciplinary action. iv. Provide your firm’s current Experience Modification Rate (EMR), and a list of all OSHA/UOSH citations your firm has received with-in the last five (5) years. b. REFERENCES i. Provide references from contractors and/or owners of previously completed or ongoing school district projects. ii. Provide up to three (3) other relevant trade references, including from major suppliers. c. FINANCIAL STABILITY i. Provide evidence of current Commercial General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. ii. Indicate whether your firm is currently capable of providing Bid bonds and/or Payment & Performance Bonds, and if so, what the limits of your bondability are. iii. Provide a letter of reference from your bonding company. iv. Indicate whether your firm, or any of its principals, has ever filed for bankruptcy protection. v. List all projects upon which any of your firm’s work was supplemented or completed by a bonding or insurance company, regardless of the reason. vi. List all projects upon which your firm has been terminated, with or without cause, as well as all projects which your firm abandoned or otherwise did not complete within the last ten (10) years. d. AVAILABILITY & TEAM i. Provide the names and qualifications of the principal person or persons who will be responsible for managing any work performed under this RFP.

ii. Provide a list of manpower and on-site supervision personnel that can be committed to this work, especially during the summer break period. iii. Indicate whether your firm has the ability to provide quick response to emergency situations, (i.e. water line breaks, broken windows, roof leaks, etc.) to project sites in Garfield County, Utah. 2. Each firm’s proposal will be evaluated in accordance with the above stated criteria, and given a score based upon the firm’s ability to satisfy the stated criteria. Any firm that achieves at least eighty percent (80%) of the one hundred (100) points possible, as indicated below, will become a preapproved vendor and prequalified contractor authorized to perform work on small construction projects within the district by direct award, written quote or competitive bid: PREQUALIFIED CONTRACTOR LIST SCORING Experience/Qualifications References Financial Stability Availability / Team

25 point 25 point 25 point 25 point


100 points

*Score of 80% or more required to be listed

3. RFP responses are due at the Offices of Hughes General Contractors, Inc., (Via hand-delivery or by Email) no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 27, 2014. HUGHES GENERAL CONTRACTORS, INC. Attn: Gene Madsen 900 North Redwood Road North Salt Lake, Utah 84054 [email protected]