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Request for Proposal for Identity Theft Protection Services

RFP No. 1521

Sealed Proposals will be received until April 2, 2015 at 3pm


Jessica Chavira TEXAS STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGE 300 Homer K. Taylor Drive Sweetwater, TX 79556 Email: [email protected]

Show RFP Number, Opening Date, and Time on Return Envelope

Note: Proposals must be received at Texas State Technical College before the hour and date specified for receipt of Proposal.

Table of Contents

Section 1:

General Information

Section 2:

Scope of Work

Section 3

RFP Requirements

Section 4:

Execution of Offer

Section 5:

RFP Procedures

Section 6:

Tentative Schedule


Purpose of the Request for Proposals – The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to present minimum requirements and gain sufficient information to evaluate the identity theft protections and related services offered by vendors. TSTC desires a single vendor to endorse in which the 1800 plus employees have a vendor for identity theft protection services. These services must be in conformance with Federal, State, and Local Governmental Agencies, and the guidelines provided by the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA). Contract Period: TSTC is interested in proposals for a contract period of one (1) year. The first year contract period shall be for the period of one (1) year with the option to renew annually for an additional four (4) years, providing any subsequent renewal is agreed to in writing, by both parties.


Information about Texas State Technical College System -- TSTC is a statesupported, technical college system that services students throughout the state of Texas. The college system includes eleven (11) campuses across the state of Texas.


Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Firms -- TSTC endeavors to promote full and equal opportunity for businesses to supply TSTC with goods and/or Services that are necessary to support TSTC's educational mission. In this regard, TSTC commits to select Proposers in accordance with (i) needs, (ii) resources, (iii) HUB goals and guidelines established by the Texas Legislature and the Texas Building and Procurement Commission, and (iv) policies and procedures for contracting with Historically Underutilized Businesses.


TSTC’s Right to Reject -- This RFP does not commit TSTC to select a Proposer or to award a Contract to any Proposer. TSTC reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or in part, any Proposal it receives pursuant to this RFP. All awards will be based upon fund availability. Texas State Technical College reserves the right to terminate or modify any part of this procurement process at any time and for any reason; to award one contract or multiple contracts; to negotiate changes; to make no awards; and to issue new and/or revised policies and clarifications at any time.

SECTION 2 Scope of Work 2.0

Scope of Work Proposals must respond with clarity to all of the components that your company offers. The extent to which a proposal addresses all of the expectations will determine which proposal represents the best value to the district. Vendors may choose to include responses that meet the expectations, expand upon them for value added consideration, or propose a creative alternative to satisfy the expectation. The system will be the sole determiner of the value of any “value added” items and/or proposed alternative(s). All “value added” items that are addressed should be included into the overall cost of the services provided. The purpose is to provide qualified and interested firms with information to enable them to prepare and submit a proposal for services for TSTC employees. The goal of this RFP is to provide TSTC staff with a fully integrated and secure protection at a reasonable cost to the employee. TSTC is considering implementing a full and comprehensive protection of their identity that shall include:  Credit Card Monitors  Public Records Monitors  Application Monitors  Medical Records Monitors  Address Change Monitors  Credit Bureau monitors  Legal Consultation  Credit Report Monitors  Social Security Number Monitors  Bank Records Monitors  Driver’s License Number Monitors  New Financial Accounts Monitors

QUESTIONAIRE Following is a list of requirements for the system. Using the response codes below, please indicate the features provided by your product. Vendors are required to provide a YES/NO response for each question. Yes response – Service is available and included in the proposal price. No Response – Service is not available at the current time. If it will be available at future date, please note version and anticipated release under COMMENTS column below.

1. 2 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8.

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Services Requirement YES Does your company provide Credit Card Monitoring? Does your company provide Public Records Monitoring? Does your company provide Application monitoring? Does your company provide Medical Records Monitoring? Does your company provide Address Change Monitoring? Does your company provide Credit Bureau Monitoring? Daily monitoring of all 3 major credit bureaus Does your company provide Credit Report Monitoring? Does your company provide Social Security Number Monitoring? Daily monitoring sources for the use of active participant’s social security number. Does your company provide Bank Record Monitoring? Does your company provide Driver’s License Number Monitoring? Does your company provide New Financial Account Records Monitoring? Does Vendor have a help desk with a toll-free phone number? Is Vendor’s help desk is staffed by its own employees? Does your service provide legal consultation benefits? Active participants who are victims of identity theft may



access a 24x7x365 staffed contact center that can provide immediate and active theft resolution customer care services. Automated responses are not satisfactory to provide 24x7x365 coverage. 15. Notifications/alerts of events related to all of the products and services identified above and as outlined 16. Does your company provide internet surveillance monitoring? 17. Insurance Coverage Vendor shall provide each active participant with identity theft insurance. Such insurance should cover at a minimum, identity restoration cost, losses due to identity theft, lost wages and legal fees and expenses. Such insurance should be in an amount of not less than $1million per active participant, should be of a zero deductible to active participants, and should remain in effect for no less than the participant is employed.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Company Background and Experience 1. A brief history of experience in providing work of similar size, scope. 2. A detailed narrative statement explaining how vendor has available the appropriate financial, material, equipment, facility, and personnel resources and expertise, or firm commitments to obtain them, necessary to meet all contractual requirements of this RFP. 3. A list of five (5) business for which, at any time during the past three years, work substantially similar to those in this RFP. 4. List key staff that will be assigned to this contract include resumes. 5. How many total clients your company is serving? 6. Does your proposed product have endorsements from national organizations, such as BBB? List and explain. 7. What dollar amount does your company guarantee annually? 8. How many employees does your company have? What percentage of these employees are dedicated to the different segments of coverage that your company provides?

Technical Information 1. Please describe practices and measures implemented by your company to maintain the security of all data. Other Information 1. Please describe any other information that the college may need about your company to make a decision.


Right to Modify, Rescind, or Revoke RFP -- TSTC reserves the rights to modify, rescind, or revoke this RFP, in whole or in part, at any time prior to the date on which the authorized representative of TSTC executes a Contract with the Selected Proposer.


Requirements for Submission -- The proposal shall be entitled Identity Theft Protection Services RFP# 1521 submitted for April 2, 2015 at 3 pm and shall clearly state the proposal Opening Date and Time identified. The proposal may be submitted through one of the following:

a. By Electronic Submission: - Please read all instructions carefully: Use the following e-mail address to submit your response electronically: [email protected] The e-mail subject line should contain the RFP number and title as indicated on the cover page. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your complete electronic bid is sent to, and actually received by, TSTC in a timely manner and at the proper destination server. TSTC recommends a limit on the attachments to 10MB each. This may result in the sending multiple e-mails to [email protected] for the submission of all documentation contained in a response. ALL DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED IN MICROSOFT OFFICE FORMATS (WORD AND EXCEL) OR IN A FORM THAT MAY BE READ BY MICROSOFT OFFICE SOFTWARE. ANY DOCUMENTS WITH SIGNATURES SHALL BE SUBMITTED AS AN ADOBE PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT (PDF) FILE. TSTC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DOCUEMNTS THAT CAN NOT BE READ OR CONVERTED. UNREADABLE RESPONSES MAY BE, IN TSTC’S DISCRETION, REJECTED AS NONRESPONSIVE. Note: Please be aware that your Internet Service Provided may limit file sizes on your outgoing emails. TSTC takes no responsibility for electronic bids that are captured, blocked, filtered, quarantined or otherwise prevented from reaching the proper destination server by any TSTC anti-virus or other security software. To confirm receipt of all electronic submissions, contact 325-2357342 or [email protected] .

b. By Hard Copy Submission: The Respondent must submit one (1) original signed Response. The Response and accompanying documentation are the property of TSTC and will not be returned. TSTC will no longer provide “delivery or hand stamp” receipt of bids/responses or proof of delivery of bid/responses which are delivered by hand or courier. No proof of delivery shall be necessary. The Response may be sent to TSTC at the following addresses: By U.S. Mail/ Overnight/Express TSTC Attn: Procurement Services Identity Theft Protection Services RFP# 1521 300 Homer K. Taylor Drive Sweetwater, Texas 79556 By Hand Delivery TSTC Identity Theft Protection Services RFP# 1521 300 Homer K. Taylor Drive Sears Building – Procurement Division Sweetwater, Texas

At the published date and time of opening, TSTC will receive, publicly open and read aloud the names of the offerors and the monetary responses. Questions concerning this request shall be directed to Jessica Chavira, Director of Procurement Services, via email at [email protected] TSTC reserves the right to waive any informality and/or to reject any or all Responses and to make the selection of provider on the best value and most qualified firm to perform the work.

Facsimile Responses: Facsimile responses are not allowed for this response.


Content and Format of Proposal The items listed below represent the format and information to be included in the proposal. Your offer should include enough detail from the outline below to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the College’s needs the scope of the project, and a welldeveloped plan for performance. The proposal shall be organized in the order specified in this RFP. A proposal that is not organized in this manner risks elimination from consideration. Failure to provide information requested by this RFP may result in reject of the proposal.

Section 1 Cover Page Execution of Offer Section 2 – Company Background and Experience Section 3 – Services   

Questionnaire Technical Information Other Information

Section 4 – Pricing Section 5 – Miscellaneous Any other information provided for a complete proposal. 3.4

Deadline for Proposals -- Proposals must be received in the TSTC Procurement Services Office, at the address specified in Section 3.2 of this RFP, no later than April 2, 2015 at 3 pm. ANY PROPOSAL RECEIVED AFTER EXPIRATION OF THE DEADLINE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED FROM CONSIDERATION, AND WILL BE RETURNED UNOPENED TO THE PROPOSER.

SECTION 4 EXECUTION OF OFFER Execution of Offer: RFP# 1520 Respondents shall carefully read the information contained in the following sections and submit a complete statement of Proposal that is responsive to all items in Section 2 and Section 3. An incomplete proposal will be considered non-responsive and subject to rejection. The Respondent must complete, sign and return this Execution of Offer as part of its submittal response. The Respondent’s company official(s) who are authorized to commit to such a submittal must sign the submittal. Failure to sign and return this form may result in rejection of Respondent’s submittal.

Respondent’s Name: ____________________________________________________ Respondent’s State of Texas Tax Account No: _______________________________ If a Corporation: Respondent’s State of Incorporation: ____________________________ Respondent’s Charter No: ____________________________________ Submitted and Certified by:

Signatory’s Name



Phone Number

City, State, Zip

Email Address

Authorized Signature



This Execution of Offer must be completed, signed, and returned with the Respondent’s submittal. Failure to complete, sign, and return this Execution of Offer may result in rejection of Respondent’s submittal.


Signing a false statement may void the submitted proposals or any agreements or other contractual agreements that may result from the submission of Respondent’s Proposals.

A false certification shall be deemed a material breach of contract and, at TSTC’s option, may result in termination of any resulting contract. 4.4

By signature hereon, Respondent offers and agrees to furnish to TSTC the services described in this RFP and its Proposals, and to comply with all terms, conditions, and requirements set forth in the RFP documents.


By signature hereon, a corporate Respondent certifies that it is not currently delinquent in the payment of any franchise taxes due under Chapter 171, Texas Tax Code, or that the corporate Respondent is exempt from the payment of such taxes, or that the corporate Respondent is an out-of-state corporation that is not subject to the Texas franchise tax, whichever is applicable. Respondent agrees that each subcontractor under contract will also provide a certification of franchise tax status.


By signature hereon, Respondent hereby certifies that neither the Respondent nor the firm, corporation, partnership or owner represented by the Respondent, or anyone acting for such firm, corporation, or institution, has violated the antitrust laws of this state, codified in Section 15.01, et seq., Texas Business and Commerce Code, or the Federal antitrust laws, nor communicated directly or indirectly the Proposals to any competitor or any other person engaged in such line of business.

4.9 By signature hereon, Respondent represents and warrants that: 4.9.1 Respondent is a reputable company regularly engaged in providing services necessary to meet the terms, conditions and requirements of the RFP; 4.9.2 Respondent has the necessary experience, knowledge, abilities, skills, and resources to satisfactorily perform the terms, conditions and requirements of the RFP; 4.9.3 Respondent is aware of, is fully informed about, and is in full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances; 4.9.4 All statements, information and representations prepared and submitted in responses to this RFP are current, complete, true and accurate. Respondent acknowledges that Owner will rely on such statements, information and representations in selecting the successful Respondent. If selected by Owner as the successful respondent, Respondent will notify Owner immediately of any material change in any matters with regard to which Respondent has made a statement or representation or provided information. 4.10 By signature hereon, Respondent certifies that the individual signing this document and the documents made part of the RFP is authorized to sign such documents on behalf of the company and to bind the company under any agreements or other contractual arrangements that may result from the submission of Respondent’s Proposals. 4.11 By signature hereon, Respondent certifies that if a Texas address is shown as the address of the Respondent, Respondent qualifies as a Texas Resident Respondent as defined in 1 Texas Administrative Code § 111.2. 4.12 By signature hereon, Respondent certifies as follows: 4.12.1 “Under Section 231.006, Texas Family Code, the vendor or applicant certifies that the individual or business entity named in this contract, bid, or application

is not ineligible to receive the specified grant, loan, or payment and acknowledges that the contract may be terminated and payment may be withheld if this certification is inaccurate.” 4.12.2 “Under Section 2155.004, Texas Government Code, the vendor or applicant certifies that the individual or business entity named in this bid or contract is not ineligible to receive the specified contract and acknowledges that this bid or contract may be terminated and payment withheld if this certification is inaccurate.” 4.13 By signature hereon, Respondent agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the State of Texas, all of its officers, agents and employees from and against all claims, actions, suits, demands, proceedings, costs, damages, and liabilities arising out of, connected with, or resulting from any acts or omissions of Respondent or any agent, employee, subcontractor, or supplier of Respondent in the execution or performance of any agreements or other contractual arrangements that may result from the submission of Respondent’s Proposals. 4.14 By signature hereon, Respondent agrees that any payments that may become due under any agreements or other contractual arrangements that may result from the submission of Respondent’s Proposals will be applied toward any debt, including, but not limited to, delinquent taxes and child support that is owed to the State of Texas. Further, under Section 231.006, Texas Family Code, Respondent certifies that the individual or business entity named in the contract, bid, or application is not ineligible to receive the specified grant, loan, or payment and acknowledges that the contract may be terminated and payment may be withheld if this certification is inaccurate

SECTION 5 RFP Procedures 5.1

Rescission of Proposal -- Proposals can be withdrawn from consideration at any time prior to expiration of the Deadline for proposals, as stated in Section 3.3 of this RFP, pursuant to a written request sent to the Director of Contracting.


Request for Electronic Copy -- A Proposer may request an electronic copy of the RFP from the Director of Purchasing. Electronic copies will be forwarded through email addresses only.


Request for Clarification -- TSTC reserves the right to request clarification of any information contained in a Proposal.


Request for Clarification by Proposer -- All questions and clarifications of the Proposals contact the following in writing to: Jessica Chavira 325-235-7342 . Evaluation of Proposals TSTC will evaluate the submissions based upon the following:  Section 1: Completeness of Proposal  Section 2: Company Background/Experience  Section 3: Services Requirement  Section 4: Pricing



Proposal Opening Proposals will be opened after the deadline at the Texas State Technical College, April 2, 2015 at 3 pm. The Proposal opening process is open to the public. All submitted Proposals become the property of TSTC, after the RFP submittal deadline/opening date, and will not be returned. All information, documentation, and other materials submitted in response to this solicitation are considered and/or non-proprietary and are subject to public disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552.001, et seq.) after the solicitation is completed.


Form of Contract Any contract resulting from this solicitation will be in the form of the Agreement.

Section 6 Tentative Schedule March 12, 2015

Post RFP on the Electronic State Business Daily

April 2, 2015

Submittal of Proposal due on or before 3:00 pm CST

April 2-8, 2015

Review proposals

April 8 – 14, 2015

Interviews of the shortlist

April 15, 2015

No later than to Issue Purchase Order/Agreement and Notice to Proceed