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Proposals will be received by the St. Tammany Parish School Board, 321 N. Theard Street, Covington, Louisiana 70433, until ... St. Tammany Parish. Sch...

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Proposals will be received by the St. Tammany Parish School Board, 321 N. Theard Street, Covington, Louisiana 70433, until 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, July 31, 2013, on School Food Service Software. Additional information and specifications will be furnished upon request at the School Board Office. Each proposal shall be sealed in an envelope clearly marked on the outside, "SCHOOL FOOD SERVICE SOFTWARE - JULY 31 , 2013". The St. Tammany Parish School Board reserves the right to adjust quantities by increasing or decreasing and to reject any and all proposals.


sl ELIZABETH B. HEINTZ, President lsI W. L. "TREY" FOLSE, III, Superintendent












To be published in THE ST. TAMMANY FARMER two (2) times as follows: 1st printing - Thursday, June 2ih 2nd printing - Thursday, July 4th





Written proposals will be received until 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 31, 2013. All proposals shall be either hand delivered or sent by registered or certified mail with a return receipt requested to the St. Tammany Parish School Board Office, 321 N. Theard Street, Covington, Louisiana 70433, in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside "REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS ON SCHOOL FOOD SERVICE SOFTWARE, JULY 31, 2013". All proposals arriving after the above date and hour will be returned unopened to the proposers.


Proposals submitted will be evaluated by a committee consisting of at least nine (9) members appointed by the St. Tammany Parish School Board Superintendent. During the evaluation process, the evaluators may, at their discretion, request anyone or all firms/individuals to make oral presentations. Such presentations will provide firms with an opportunity to answer any questions the evaluators may have on a firm's proposal. Not all firms may be asked to make such oral presentations.


An original and nine (9) copies of the proposal shall be submitted. Proposal must be signed by a company official duly authorized to sign proposals or contracts. All costs associated with developing, preparing, copying, and participating in the proposal process are entirely the responsibility of the proposer. The St. Tammany Parish School Board will not in any way be responsible for any costs incurred by prospective proposers.


The successful offeror shall furnish a Certificate of Insurance within fifteen (15) calendar days after award but prior to any work being done. As a minimum the certificate should provide for: a.

General Liability insurance with a minimum of $300,000 combined single limit and $50,000 property damage.


Comprehensive General Automobile Liability insurance with minimum limits of $100,000/$300,000 bodily injury and $50,000 property damage.


Workmen's Compensation with $100,000 employers' liability coverage.


In accordance with Revised Statute 38:2237 A(9), the School Board may reject all proposals when it is deemed that such action is in the best interest of the School Board.


Questions pertaining to this Request for Proposals must be submitted by 1:00 PM on July 22, 2013 by fax to 985-898-6499, or by mail to: St. Tammany Parish School Board School Food Services Software RFP 321 North Theard Street Covington, LA 70434

w. L

REY" FOLSE, III Superintendent U

St. Tammany Parish Schools Request for Proposal (RFP)

School Food Services Software

T able of Contents

SECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION TO VENDORS 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8

Introduction .............................................................................2 Instructions to Vendors ...........................................................2 Indemnification and Institution Requirements ......................... 2 Vendor Expense ...................................................................... 3 St. Tammany Parish Schools Profile ....................................... 3 Proposal Format. ..................................................................... 3 Proposal Evaluations and Selection Process and Timeline .... 5 Guidelines ...............................................................................6


General Requirements ............................................................6 Technology/Architecture Requirements .................................. 7 Implementation Requirements ................................................ 7 School Food Services Existing Software Components ........... 7 School Food Service Module Requirements ........................... 7 General Information Requests ................................................ 11 Evaluation Criteria ................................................................... 11


APPENDICES Student Participation Notification Letter - Multi Child Summary of Sibling Notifications - District Inventory Usage - By Item Inventory Usage - District Report Monthly Food & Labor Cost - Lunch

Section 1 General Information to Vendors 1.1


St. Tammany Parish School system is seeking a comprehensive School Food Services software system. The system must provide the functionality of our existing software plus all new requirements listed in this RFP through the use of an integrated system. This system is expected to cover key elements the St. Tammany Parish School system deems highly desirable for a complete School Food Services software program. The solution must provide all existing functions, a high level of reporting and data visibility; the solution must also be user friendly and be deployed using current stable technology. Our goal is for a system to provide a solution that allows for electronic record keeping for all School Food Services functions. The St. Tammany Parish School system is interested in the total scope of services offered by the vendors who have a focus on providing software solutions for educational environments. We are seeking a vendor that has a broad and demonstrated experience in school system solutions. The purpose of this RFP is to solicit detailed information from prospective vendors about their capabilities to provide such systems. We invite you to submit a response for such solutions that satisfy the specifications outlined in this request for proposals. 1.2

Instructions to Vendors

It is requested that vendors keep their responses concise and to the point, while still providing a complete response to the request. The selection committee will review each response in relation to the evaluation criteria listed in this request for proposals. Questions will be accepted by fax to 985898-6499 or by mail delivered to the address below until 1:00 PM on Monday July 22, 2013: St. Tammany Parish School Board School Food Services Software 321 North Theard St. Covington, LA 70434 Vendors must send an original and (9) copies of the response document to the above address before 4:00 PM on July 31, 2013. 1.3

Indemnification and Institution Requirements

The successful vendor shall agree to indemnify St. Tammany Parish Schools, its Board, its officers and employees against loss or damage (including reasonable attorney's fees and other costs of litigation) caused by the successful vendor's negligent acts or omissions or the negligent acts or omissions of the successful vendor's agents or employees. The successful vendor shall agree to defend any suit against St. Tammany Parish Schools alleging injuries or damages arising out of the service provided; provided, however, that nothing contained therein shall require the successful vendor to defend or indemnify St. Tammany Parish Schools for injuries or damages arising out of the negligence of St. Tammany Parish Schools, its agents, or employees. Contract Law: Any contract and lor purchase order(s) resulting from this RFP will be subject to the laws of the State of Louisiana and all other applicable statutes. The total contract andlor purchase 2

order(s) will include only the negotiated and executed contract and/or purchase order (s) and this request for proposal. Contract Assignment: No portion of the operation or of any negotiated and executed contract and/or purchase order (s) for the solution may be sublet, subcontracted, or otherwise assigned by the vendor without the prior written consent of St. Tammany Parish Schools. 1.4

Vendor Expense

The St. Tammany Parish School system will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any vendor in the development of a response to this request including any onsite (or otherwise) interviews and/or presentations, and lor supplemental information provided, submitted, or given to the School Board or its representatives. Further, the School Board shall reserve the right to cancel the work described herein prior to issuance and acceptance of any contractual agreemenUpurchase order by the recommended vendor even if the School Board has formally accepted a recommendation. 1.5

St. Tammany Parish Schools Profile

St. Tammany School Food Services has been awarded numerous state and national honors, including more USDA Gold Award of Distinction awards than any school district in the country. St. Tammany Parish is ranked as one of the fastest growing parishes in the United States during the past decade. Current enrollment in the School System is approximately 38,000 students. The School System consists of 55 schools and 1 central office. St. Tammany is looking for a software package that will replace the existing software and add additional functions and capabilities. 1.6

Proposal Format

In order to facilitate the analysis of responses to this request, vendors are required to prepare their proposals in accordance with the instructions outlined in this request. Each vendor is required to submit a proposal in a sealed package. Vendors whose proposals deviate from these instructions may be considered non-responsive and may be disqualified at the discretion of the School Board. Proposals should be prepared as simply as possible and provide straightforward responsive information. Expensive bindings, promotional material, etc., are neither necessary nor desired. Emphasis should be concentrated on accuracy, completeness and clarity of content. All parts, pages, figures and tables should be numbered and clearly labeled. The proposal should be organized into the following major sections: 1.6.1 Executive Summary (Section 1) Provide a brief narrative summarizing your company's ability to meet the requirements of this RFP. Please note that the executive summary should include contact information with a valid mailing address, e-mail address, fax number and telephone number. 1.6.2 Company Profile (Section 2) Describe your company, including but not limited to, its years in business, general markets it services, number of clients that are using your software, and any distinctiveness of your company relating to the school computing marketplace. Also, include a listing of installs at entities similar to St. Tammany Parish School System by name and state. The number of customers, distinguished by type if relevant, should also be included . Any material (including letters of 3

support or endorsement from clients) indicative of the vendor's capabilities are also encouraged. Provide evidence that the vendor is a corporation; is in good standing and qualified to conduct business in Louisiana. Please include copies of business licenses, professional certifications or other credentials with relevance to this request. 1.6.3 References (Section 3) Include five (5) references of clients similar to St. Tammany Parish School System who are using the software you are proposing and the year it was installed. Any school district(s) in Louisiana are of particular interest. Please provide the school district's name, address, telephone number, contact name and contact title. Indicate the version that the school district is using. 1.6.4 Product Information (Section 4) Provide any product information such as module descriptions for software modules proposed. 1.6.5 Technology (Section 5) Provide detailed hardware configurations and system requirements. Describe the computing hardware and the platforms which your software supports. What are the optimum and minimum network requirements? What are the optimum and minimum server requirements? What are the optimum and minimum desktop (client) requirements? Can your software be web enabled or web based? How does the database sync? How are network failures handled? In the event of failure how do lines react? Does the software integrate with Microsoft Active Directory? How are client machines updated? How are our servers updated? Describe the "end of life" schedule for the product you are purposing. 1.6.6 Security (Section 6) What security tools are included with the software? How are the following restrictions accomplished: application access and security control; administrative tool access; menu access; record access; field access; and querying/reporting access? Does the solution allow the option to limit a user to inquiry only? How is the security profile defined? What is included in the user security profile? Describe the steps required to alter a security profile. How are changes to data and security profiles logged (audited)? Explain how the logged history can be viewed and/or printed. 1.6.7 Training (Section 7) Please describe your implementation methodology, client/vendor roles and responsibilities of the implementation and necessary client resources for a successful implementation. Include the process of transitioning to the new software while continuing to use the existing school food service software at all other schools and the central office. 1.6.8 On-going Support Services (Section 8) Describe the services and support available after completion of the initial implementation, including telephone support assistance (hours available, normal response time after initial call made, support communication capabilities [telephone, fax, Internet] and remote diagnostic capabilities). Describe any Quality Assurance programs you have in place and how product maintenance and enhancements are addressed. Software upgrades shall be included in the on-going support services. Does your company support an online user group for your administrative software clients? The maintenance and support service shall include: a toll-free number for instant support, full-time 2417 local dispatchers and technicians, end-user training at each school site after systems are installed, training video for new staff. "Certified" technicians will be available for support of all proposed software. There will be one flat rate for support; no additional fee will be charged for any calls from school or central office staff.


1.6.9 Cost Quotation (Section 9) Please provide a complete cost summary for all software licenses, support, and training services being proposed. The costs should be listed in summary format but with sufficient detail to determine the cost of individual modules. Also, it is desired that the price include all costs associated with this request including, but not limited to, software, licensing, training, etc., as part of the base product and list separately any optional products or services included as part of your proposal. Please include the cost of any third party or system software that the proposed system utilizes. List separately all cost quotations for a one year, a two year and a three year license agreement with one year extensions. 1.6.10 Terms and Conditions (Section 10) Please provide a copy of your standard agreement, warranty information and any exceptions to the request. All contracts shall be governed under Louisiana law. 1.7

Proposal Evaluations and Selection Process and Timeline

St. Tammany Parish Schools will review all proposals with particular emphasis on, but not limited to the following: 1. Platform: Adherence to industry standard operating systems (such as Windows Server, Windows Desktops, UNIX, or Linux). 2. Software Functionality: Must provide existing functionality and processes currently in use by the system today. There is a mandatory review of existing software at the central office and school level. Contact Pat H. Farris at 985-898-3376 to schedule the review. This review must be completed by July 19, 2013. The review should last approximately one hour. 3. References and Support: Vendor's previous record of performance and service within a Pre-K through 12 school environment. Also evaluated will be available support and response times to problems; variety and depth of service available; and experience within the indllstry. 4. Timeline: Each vendor should submit recommendations for an enterprise installation. Implementation may be full or partial; different modules may be phased in. Point of Sale (POS) and Free/Reduced must be implemented first. 5. Availability: Outline the vendor support team for troubleshooting and ongoing consultation for problems, questions, bugs and product enhancement. 6. District Requirements: Solution must meet or exceed all requirements listed in this request for proposals. 7. Company: Company size in regards to application and support resources, financial strength, and stability, technology evaluation and product development resources. 8. Cost: Cost and quality of solution and future support and maintenance services proposed. 9. Service: Describe training for st. Tammany Parish School system representatives on support procedures and report generation tools.


10. Complete Solution: Ability to provide an integrated, all-in-one system that includes all modules specified in this request for proposals. The St. Tammany Parish School system will be the sole judge of the appropriateness and completeness of any and all proposals, and reserves the right to reject any and all RFPs that do not provide requested functionality. The St. Tammany Parish School system reserves the right to negotiate those issues not included in the proposal document to provide a complete and functional solution.



When responding to this RFP, please follow all instructions carefully. Please submit proposal contents according to the outline specified and submit all hard copy and electronic documents according to the instructions. By virtue of submitting a proposal, interested parties are acknowledging: This RFP is a request for software and possibly hardware. In addition, it is understood that all existing functionality is to be provided in the proposed solution. The school system seeks a single vendor that can provide all the necessary resources for a complete and successful solution. The District reserves the right to reject any proposal. The District reserves the right to reconsider any proposal submitted at any phase of the procurement. It also reserves the right to meet with select vendors at any time to gather additional information. Furthermore, the District reserves the right to delete or add functionality (i.e., modules) up until the final contract signing. All third party software solutions proposed as part of this package are subject to the same guidelines of this RFP, unless otherwise stated. The primary software vendor will serve as the prime contact for all work related to this request. All firms submitting proposals are encouraged to submit the most competitive proposal possible.


General Requirements

Due to the complexities that exist in the Pre-K through 12 environments, the software partner must have considerable experience servicing the Pre-K through 12 markets and, at a minimum, must meet the following criteria to be considered as a partner: 1. A minimum of 5 years of experience selling/servicing in the Pre-K through 12 markets. 2. A minimum of 5 different Pre-K through 12 clients that use your software today.



Technology/Architecture Requirements

1. Utilize current generation operating systems for servers. 2. Support for Windows or current Linux operating systems. 3. The system must have an integrated reporting server. District personnel must be able to log into the application and have that single sign-on (10 and password) provide them access to both the application and reports. Any system that requires multiple sign-ons or that does not have integrated security between the applications and reporting tools will not be considered. 4. The system must have a "Management Dashboard". Administrators should hav~ the ability to create, print and export reports to Microsoft applications and/or forward them via email. Web based is desirable. 5. The system must report on system wide events as well as single client events. 6. The system must support various operating systems including but not limited to Windows. 7. The system must integrate with Microsoft Active Directory. 8. Must provide detailed list of hardware requirements for schools and central office. List to include workstations, servers, biometric scanners, student 10 bar code readers, keypads, touch screens, etc.


Implementation Requirements

1. The vendor must provide all of the training required to adequately prepare the district and individual schools to manage and operate the system. 2. The solution will be housed within the district's IT facilities. 3. The vendor shall develop a plan to have turn-key implementation. 4. There will be no disruption of any cafeteria operation.


School Food Service Existing Software Components

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Point-of-Service Billing Student data (payments, student balances, free/reduced status) Edit Checks Summary Sheet at end of month showing totals and averages by category for attendance and participation 6. All information on SFS-7 7. Student history (meals served, payments, etc.) 8. Identifies potential errors (such as payments over $20) with limits set by user


School Food Service Module Requirements

The vendor must provide an integrated solution that provides, at a minimum, all of the following functions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Site based reporting Custom reporting Vendor access for software problem resolution Automatic engine updates Automatic definition updates Report writer


7. School district shall have access to database and schema Does your software meet each of these functions?

2.5.1 Point-Of-Service 1. Provides accurate meal count by free, reduced, paid students, as well as adults, at cost and contract meals. 2. Provides accurate count and selling price of all extra sale items. 3. Must allow multiple combinations: touch screen, 10-key entry, bar code, magnetic strip ID cards, biometric scanning for POS. 4. Identifies eligible versus actual (manual overrides). 5. Integrates with vending machines for reimbursable meals. 6. Allows school to modify and produce low balance letters, notices. 7. Shows special diet notification on computer screen. 8. POS stores free/reduced status and operates during network outage. 9. Must meet requirements of LA Department of Education (SFS-7). 10. Must have the ability to import and build reports from student data. 11 . Must have the ability to identify staff and students, as well as identify students by grade and homeroom. 12. Must have the ability to print cards with student name and number by grade, homeroom, POS number, etc. 13. Must have the ability for cafeteria manager to input students and their F/R status. Ties into JPAMS. 14. Must have the ability for cafeteria manager to input a student with a temporary ID if none is available through JPAMS. 15. Must have the ability to automatically generate notice daily of any students without valid ID number. 16. Offers various "hot key" options. 17. Each POS machine generates reports to show potential cashier error/theft. 18. Allows Central Office to block certain adjustments by cafeteria manager. 19. Allows for "courtyard" processing (group of meals/extra sales entry). 20. Generates emergency list of students to be used if computers are not working or for field trips. 21.Allows cafeteria manager to flag student's account for NSF checks. 22. Provides participation reports by class and grade. One full week must report on ONE page. (See Appendix A: Sample - Student Participation)

2.5.2 Free/Reduced Applications Note: Applications are approved by the individual cafeteria managers. The System will allow consolidation of this information as well as supply information to schools listed on multichild applications. 1. Integrates with SIS for updates of free/reduced/paid status. Notice to manager of changes including direct certification and verification changes. 2. Manual input requires category used to approve (SNAP, Direct Certification, Homeless, Income, Foster Child, etc.) 3. Manual input allows selection of all schools where siblings attend (if listed on application). 8

4. Allows manual override by cafeteria manager. 5. Must document who made the approval/change. 6. Automatically sends notice to other schools of approval/denial/changes from base (approving) school to all receiving schools. Receiving school can make all status changes with "click" and print notification letters. (See Appendix B: Sample - Notification Letter - Multi Child) 7. Provides documentation at the central office that notices were sent from Approving Schools to Receiving Schools. (See Appendix C: Sample - Summary of Sibling Notifications District) 8. Generates notices of soon to expire roll-over applications. 9. Performs all necessary tasks for verification. Generates mailing labels, letters to households, State reports, etc. 1O.Allows school to update/change meal payment status of students. Manager inputs the effective date. 11. Generates reports at school level and central office. 12.Ability to search student records by name, social security number, student ID number. 13. Student records must include effective date the change occurs, meal history, payments, change in free/reduced status, verification information. 14. Track all students' adds, drops and transfers. 15. Performs comparison of meal status daily with JPAMS. Reports all differences. 16. Updates with Direct Certification information. 17. Generates household exception report. 18. Prints card for students by grade, homeroom and/or alphabetically. 2.5.3 Inventory 1. Generate orders for commodity foods, purchased food and supplies manually or automatically based on planned menus & inventory. 2. Order forms for commodity foods, purchased foods and supplies must have adequate open fields to allow for vendor numbers as well as item numbers for every inventory item. 3. Generate daily, weekly, monthly food cost reports for individual site. 4. Generate monthly food cost reports at district level, breakdown according to grade levels. 5. Generate one report showing all inventory items by district - YTD, monthly, any date range, show beginning inventory, amount received, amount used and amount on hand and cost/value. Allow selection of items by category, code, etc. (See Appendix D: SampleInventory Usage - by Item) 6. Generate one report showing all inventory items by school - YTD monthly, any date range, show beginning inventory, amount received, amount used and amount on hand and cost/value. (See Appendix E: Sample - Inventory Usage - District Report) 7. Process physical inventories - ability to print physical reports in different formats/order, with and without quantities and values. 8. Generate report of daily withdrawals showing quantity and value used and on-hand. 9. Maintain perpetual inventories (with and without unit cost), use FIFO as default, but allow manager to override. 10. Provide inventory systems for individual sites and multiple central warehouses. 11. Capable of generating report of slow moving and excessive inventory items. 9

12. Track commodity and purchased food transfers, generate reports for schools and consolidated report for central office. 13. Must meet requirements of LA Department of Education (SFS-7A). 2.5.4 General Reporting Updates school food service software with JPAMS data once a day. Reports all changes to each school and central office. Include exit or entry code (add, drop, transfer, payment status and date). 2.5.5 Nutrition Analysis/Recipes 1. USDA approved nutrition analysis. 2. Interfaces with most current USDA database for recipes, Food Buying Guide yields and nutritional analysis. 3. Able to run recipes by number of purchase units desired (Le.-pounds of meat, number of cans) as well as by number of servings desired. 4. Allows for entry of district recipes. 2.5.6 Production Records 1. Must meet requirements of LA Department of Education (SFS-6). 2. Generate leftover report. 2.5.7 Menu Planning Generate "planned" monthly menus by school that can be saved as a Word or Excel document for easy posting on the individual school's web page. 2.5.8 Central Accounting 1. 2. 3. 4.

Participation and sales reports. Federal claim, including edit checks. LA Department of Education (SFS-BA, B and C) . Allow manual input of school data (meal counts, income, on-line payment income, bank deposits, applications, attendance, enrollment, edit check) as well as electronic transfer from school. 5. Automated upload to LA Department of Education's web-based claim system. 6. Generate profit & loss statements for schools and central office. 7. Generate report that shows purchased food, USDA commodity and labor cost per meal equivalent. (See Appendix F: Sample - Monthly Food & Labor Cost - LUNCH) 2.5.9 On-Line Payments Price this as an option. 1. Replaces current on-line payment system (Pay Schools) for all school and cafeteria functions (i.e. - meal payments, yearbook, school fees, etc.). 10

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Must allow payment system to be operational without implementation of any/all cafeteria modules. Capable of showing account balances and history to parent. Allows parent to request automatic alert of low balance through various methods (email, text, telephone, etc.). Allows parent to limit use of funds (extra sales or breakfast). Shows as "pending payment" on the daily deposit report for manager. Reports (by date range) showing all on-line payments. Automatic fund distribution to student's account for cafe purchases. Accepts credit card payments and bank drafts. System does not require the storing of credit card information. Allows central office access to on-line payment information in addition to schools. Allows separate website per school. Allows central office employees to use on-line system. Allows for customizable products and categories to be sold. Allows parent and school bookkeeper to retrieve order history. Provides support to parent on the use of the system (24 hours). Provides bookkeeper customer lookup, sales reports, category reports, deposit reports, account code summary. Allows system to be "closed" during the summer. Shows any payment reversals.

2.6 1. 2.

3. 4. 5.

General Information Requests The vendor must state what percentage of their business is School Food Services software. How long would it take to deploy your most recent product to 55 schools and the central office and train office and school staff? Provide sign-off sheet or checklist of competencies that must be met by each school food service employee (school and central office) . Describe the support process for resolving errors of differing severity. Does the vendor outsource support? Does the vendor charge for software enhancements?


Evaluation Criteria



Software functionality and information References Support Services Training Technology Cost Reporting

20 10 10 10 10



30 10


Appendix A: Student Participation Monday


Ms. Adams

Ms. Brady

Ms. Coakey

Ms. Davis

Mr. Evans

# eating Attendance %ADP # eating Attendance %ADP # eating Attendance %ADP # eating Attendance %ADP # eating Attendance %ADP

Able to generate by grade or classroom Able to convert to Excel Ab le to generate graphs or pie charts

20 20 100% 20 21 95% 19 20 95% 20 20 100% 20 20 100%

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 20 18 20 19 20 21 22 22

86% 19 21 90% 20 22 91% 19 22 86% 19 22 86%

95% 20 22 91% 21

91% 20 21 95% 21

90% 18 19 95% 19

21 100% 20 21 95% 20 21 95%

22 95% 20 22 91% 20 22 91%

20 95% 18 20 90% 18 20 90%






Appendix B: Notification Letter - Multi Child FROM:

TO: Cafe Manager at Receiving School Processing






8/13/2013 8/13/2013 8/13/2013 8/13/2013 8/13/2013

* *

(Approving) Adams, Amy Adams, Amy Farris, Pat Hoover, Melissa

Sibling Adams, Judy

* * *

Hoover, Melissa

Smith, Pat Farris, Joe Hoover, Robbie Hoover, Olivia

-----------------------------Cafe Manager at Approving School Grade

7 7 8 7 9

Status F F



SNAP SNAP Income Income



*This column will alert Receiving School if this status has changed since the initial notification

Appendix C: Summary of Sibling Notifications - District

Approvin g School Date Processed Abney 8/4/2012 Abney 8/4/2012

Student Adams, Amy Adams, Amy

Receivin g School Slidell Jr. Slidell Jr.

Sibling Adams, Judy Smith, Pat

Status Category F Income F Income

Appendix 0: Inventory Usage - By Item


Apples, Canned



Abney Alton Brock Carolyn Park Fifth Ward Lake Harbor Lakeshore Northshore

Beginning Inventory


(must enter dilte)

(must enter date ntn. (must e nter d (must ent.r date)


Must print single line, 1 or 2 pages maximum Able to convert to excel Able to sort by value in each column


On Hand

Value of On Hand


Days On Hand

Appendix E: Inventory Usale - District Report

Item Number

Item Name 2001 Apples, canned 4002 Apples, Fresh 6009 Apples, Frozen

Beginning Inventory (must enter date)

Received (must enter date range)

able to generate by entire school district or single school must print single lined able to sort by column must be able to select any number of items (1 to all)

Used (must enter date range)

On Hand (must enter date)

Value of On Hand

Appendix F: Monthly Food & Labor Cost -Lunch School


Abney Alton Brock Carolyn Park Fifth Ward Lake Harbor Lakeshore Northshore Average


Purchased Food Cost /M E $0.8024 $0.7977 $0.7855 $0.8198 $0.8145 $0.8099 $0.8643 $0.8689 $0.8204

Commodity Labor Cost /ME Value/ME $2.0970 $0.2592 $2.3387 $0.1998 $0.2317 $1.9800 $0.2234 $1.8767 $0.2198 $2.1320 $0.1976 $2.4311 $0.1863 $2.2860 $0.2097 $2.3560 $0.2159 $2.1872

Allow to generate report by specific school groups (AL - attendance levels) Allow to sort by highest to lowest Monthly report and YTD (accrued) Food Cost =food used /ME (food used from 7A)