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Aug 11, 2015 - Time on August 11, 2015. B. Approval Status and Term: Metro intends to approve one provider for the project specified in this .... Tele...

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)600 NE Grand Ave. Portland, OR 97232-2736 503-797-1700

Request for Quote (RFQuote 3051) I.

INTRODUCTION Metro, a metropolitan service district organized under the laws of the State of Oregon and the Metro Charter, is requesting competitive price quotes for Sound Amplifiers. Due: 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time on August 11 , 2015. Late price quotes will not be considered. Price quotes must be valid for ninety (90) days from date of submittal, and if selected, throughout the term of the agreement with Metro to provide goods or services.

Submit one paper copy or one electronic version in PDF format to: Electronic: [email protected] Paper: Metro Procurement Services Attn: Riko Frohnmayer RFQuote 3051 600 NE Grand Avenue Portland, OR 97232-2736

A. RFQuote as Basis for Price Quote: All questions relating to this RFQuote should be addressed to [email protected] Any questions, which in the opinion of Metro warrant an addendum will be posted on ORPIN. Metro will not respond to questions received after 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time on August 11, 2015. B. Approval Status and Term: Metro intends to approve one provider for the project specified in this RFQuote to provide non-exclusive services. The term of the service is anticipated to be August 2015 through October 2015.



Portland’5 seeks to replace a sound console in the Dolores Winningstad Theatre. We are seeking bids to supply a new console and related gear for this purpose. New console to be supplied is the Allen and Heath GLD-112 OR approved equal. The console was chosen for specific reasons: a. Size of the console is crucial as the footprint of our technical control booth is very small. b. Ability to use CAT5 data cable for connecting audio snake cables allows use of existing infrastructure. c. The built-in input/output capacity of the console without additional ancillary equipment purchases. The term of the contract is anticipated to be August 15 – October 30, 2015 with delivery of all equipment no later than September 2, 2015.

B. Qualifications/Experience – Contractor must have five (5) or more years of successful experience supplying and maintaining commercial concert and theatrical sound equipment. Qualifications and references shall be supplied with bid. Metro reserves the right to evaluate, approve or reject firms on the basis of their review C. Pricing – Bidder shall provide total pricing for each item type to be bid upon. Pricing to include shipping F.O.B. and any other related costs for warranty of equipment to be provided. D. Selection Criteria – Quotes shall be considered as described in Section V. Process for Approved Equal determination: Bidders shall refer to the “OR APPROVED EQUAL" CLAUSE, in section VI of this RFQuote, for required documentation for submitting a request for an approved equal and its submission schedule.

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Revised November 2014

Request for Quote (RFQuote 3051)

600 NE Grand Ave. Portland, OR 97232-2736 503-797-1700


PUBLIC CONTRACT Provider must enter into Metro’s standard form public contract, which may be reviewed at By submitting a price quote or proposal, Provider agrees to be bound by its terms and conditions, if selected. If Provider has any objection to the public contract provisions, it must include them in its price quote or proposal.


DIVERSITY IN EMPLOYMENT Providers shall be familiar with the following: A. Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business Program: B. First Opportunity Target Area (FOTA) Program:


PRICE QUOTE REVIEW AND SELECTION Metro will review each price quote for completeness and verify that the submission addresses each of the Criteria set forth in Section III. Providers will be rated pass/fail on each of the Criteria. Metro may reject any price quote that Metro deems not to be in compliance with this RFQuote and Metro’s requirements. At the conclusion of the review Metro will select a Provider based on the lowest complete, responsive price quote, and issue a Notice of Intent to Award on ORPIN. Selected Provider(s) accept and agrees to be bound by all conditions established in this RFQuote without exception.


“OR APPROVED EQUAL” CLAUSE In order to establish a basis of quality, certain processes, types of machinery and equipment, or kinds of materials may be specified, either by description of process or by designating a manufacturer by name and referring to his brand or product designation, or by specifying a kind of material. It is not the intent of these specifications to exclude other processes, equipment, or materials of equal value, utility or merit. Whenever a process is designated or a manufacturer's name, brand, or product is described, it shall be understood that the words, "or approved equal" follow such name, designation, or description, whether in fact they do so or not. If a Bidder proposes to furnish an item, process or material which it claims to be of equal utility to the one designated, then: 1. Bidder shall deliver to [email protected], referencing the RFB number, at least seven (7) business days prior to the RFB due date and time, a written statement describing it together with supporting data and details sufficient to permit Metro to evaluate the same. If the product contains chemical properties, the relevant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) shall be included to document all health and physical hazards, chemical ingredients, exposure limits, personal protective equipment for handling and use, and emergency procedures in response to unanticipated spills or environmental release. 2. Metro may require demonstration, additional tests, and additional data, all to be supplied at the expense of the Bidder. 3. Metro shall in its sole discretion determine if an item submitted as an alternate or approved equal is “equal” or “equivalent”. 4. Metro shall issue an addendum at least five (5) business days prior to the RFB due date and time for approved equal determinations.

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Revised November 2014

600 NE Grand Ave. Portland, OR 97232-2736 503-797-1700

Request for Quote (RFQuote 3051) Metro QUESTION


Name and Title Company Name Address Telephone Number

Fax Number

E-mail address Relevant Experience Initial to acknowledge receipt of addenda as appropriate: Addendum 1_____

Addendum 2_____

Oregon MWESB Certification: N/A____ or #_____ (check all that apply) M___ W___ E___ Price Proposal 1. (Qty 1) – Allen and Heath GLD-112


2. (Qty 1) – AR2412 Main Audio Rack (24x12)


3. (Qty 1) – AB168 Stagebox (16x8)


4. (Qty 1) – AR84 expansion rack box (8x4)


5. (Qty 1) – SKB 1SKB-R2S 2U Case for AR84 6. (Qty 1) - UPS/Voltage Regulator/Power Conditioner (Furman Sound F1000UPS OR TrippLite SMART1500LCD) 7. (Qty 1) - 8 ch XLR-XLR jump snake (5’ or 2m) (Whirlwind, ProCo Sound, RapcoHorizon or Mogami brands are all acceptable) 8. (Qty 1) - 8 ch XLR-TRS jump snake (5’ or 2m) (Whirlwind, ProCo Sound, RapcoHorizon or Mogami brands are all acceptable) 9. (Qty 10) – B gauge/Mil Spec ¼”M -- XLRM patch cables (1m) (Whirlwind, ProCo Sound, RapcoHorizon or Mogami brands are all acceptable) 10. (Qty 10) – B gauge/Mil Spec ¼”M -- XLRF patch cables (1m) (Whirlwind, ProCo Sound, RapcoHorizon or Mogami brands are all acceptable) Total Fee

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

A prompt payment discount of ________ % will be given for payments made within thirty days of invoice date. Use this space to detail any exceptions that you take to the specification. Be sure to note the item number and to detail how your service differs from the specification. Attach additional pages if necessary.

References – Name, organization, phone, email 1. 2. 3. 3 of 4

Revised November 2014

600 NE Grand Ave. Portland, OR 97232-2736 503-797-1700

Request for Quote (RFQuote 3051) Authorized Signature


The above signed hereby submits an Application to the Metro to provide Sound Console Replacement at the Portland’5 Centers for the Arts for the period beginning August XX, 2015 and ending October 30, 2015. By signing and submitting these documents, the above signed accepts and agrees to be bound by all duties, obligations, and requirements outlined in these Application documents, including but not limited to: Qualifications, References, Equipment List, a copy of your firm’s Insurance Policy, and any and all requirements established by current or future Metro policies and procedures, which are incorporated herein as if fully set out. The above signed presents and warrants to Metro that all statements contained within this Application, including any forms submitted, either required or voluntary, herewith, are true and accurate. Metro may, at its sole discretion, treat any false, incomplete, or misleading statements as a withdrawal by the undersigned of this Application.

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Revised November 2014