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RESEARCH Critical Reviews 2197 Differential Toxicity and Environmental Fates of Hexachlorocyclohexane Isomers Kristine L. Willett, Elin M. Ulrich, and Ronald A. Hites

The -/-isomer of hexachlorocyclohexane is rapidly metabo­ lized, and the (3-isomer is in higher concentration in most biota, contrasting with the a- and y-isomers prevelance in soil, water, and air.

Characterization of Natural and Affected Environments 2208 Bromochloromethoxybenzenes in the Marine Troposphere of the Atlantic Ocean: A Group of Organohalogens with Mixed Biogenic and Anthropogenic Origin Ursula Führer and Karlheinz Ballschmiter

The pattern and concentration of bromochloromethoxyben­ zenes (anisoles) in the air of the Atlantic Ocean mirror the global occurrence of halogenated phenols.

• 2216 Atmospheric Deposition of Toxic Pollutants to the Great Lakes As Measured by the Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network Barbara R. Hillery, Matt F. Simcik, llora Basu, Raymond M. Hoff, William M. J. Strachan, Debbie Burniston, C. H. Chan, Kenneth A. Brice, Clyde W. Sweet, and Ronald A. Hites

2244 Enantioselective Accumulation of α-Hexachlorocyclohexane in Northern Fur Seals and Double-Crested Cormorants: Effects of Biological and Ecological Factors in the Higher Trophic Levels Hisato Iwata, Shinsuke Tanabe, Tetsuji lida, Norihisa Baba, James P. Ludwig, and Ryo Tatsukawa

Enantioselective accumulation of a-hexachlorocyclohexane in tissues of northern fur seals and double-crested cormorants was explored; effects of biological and ecological factors were discussed.

2250 Characterization of Flue Gas Residues from Municipal Solid Waste Combustors Lydie Le Forestier and Guy Libourel

Detailed chemistry, mineralogy, and phase proportions are determined for various solid residues recovered from treatment of flue gas from French municipal solid waste combustors.

Environmental Processes 2257 Reaction of Vanadate with Aquatic Humic Substances: An ESR and 51V NMR Study Xiaoqiao Lu, W. David Johnson, and James Hook

Interaction of humic substances with vanadium(V) at differ­ ent pH values consequently leads to reduction, complexation, and peroxyvanadate anion formation of the metal.

2264 A Different Mechanism for the Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated Ethenes: Kinetic and Spectroscopic Evidence Suzanne Lesage, Susan Brown, and Kelly Millar

The atmospheric loadings for organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were determined for the period 1993-1994, which suggest that air-water equilibrium is approaching.

Reductive dechlorination without release of intermediates from chloroalkylcobalamin complexes is proposed as the re­ action pathway for chlorinated ethenes catalyzed by vitamin B12 and titanium citrate.



Study of the 25-Year-Old Nipisi Oil Spill: Persistence of Oil Residues and Comparisons between Surface and Subsurface Sediments Zhendi Wang, Merv Fingas, Sandra Blenkinsopp, Gary Sergy, Michael Landriault, Lise Sigouin, and Pat Lambert

A study of the 25-year-old Nipisi oil spill in a northern wet­ land is reported, focussing on changes in oil characteristics, persistence of oil residue, and the relationship between sam­ ple depth and degradation.

2233 Characterization of Landfill Gas Composition at the Fresh Kills Municipal Solid-Waste Landfill Bart Eklund, Eric P. Anderson, Barry L. Walker, and Don B. Burrows

Over 70 volatile organic compounds are detected and quanti­ fied in landfill gas samples collected at the Fresh Kills Landfill during an intensive, short-term field program.

2238 Determination of Arsenic Compounds in Earthworms Anita Geiszinger, Walter Goessler, Doris Kuehnelt, Kevin Francesconi, and Walter Kosmus

Arsenosugars are for the first time identified in terrestrial organisms—earthworms contain arsenous acid, arsenic acid, arsenobetaine and dimethylarsinic acid, beside the dimethylarsinoylribosides.

Interactions between a Hydrophobic Organic Chemical and Natural Organic Matter: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies Wendela Schlebaum, Aleksandra Badora, Gosse Schraa, and Willem H. van Riemsdijk

The equilibrium sorption isotherm and a kinetic desorption experiment with interrupted flow indicate nonlinear sorption of pentachlorobenzene to a humic acid.

2278 Sorption of Perchloroethylene by Surfactant-Modified Zeolite as Controlled by Surfactant Loading Zhaohui Li and Robert S. Bowman

The partition coefficient of PCE depends both on the surface concentration of surfactant and on its configuration (mono­ layer versus bilayer).

2283 Defluorination of Organofluorine Sulfur Compounds by Pseudomonas Sp. Strain D2 Blake D. Key, Robert D. Howell, and Craig S. Criddle

A pseudomonad uses hydrogen-substituted fluorinated sul­ fonates as sulfur sources for growth under sulfur-limiting, aerobic conditions and generates both nonvolatile and vola­ tile fluorinated products.




Use of Sulfur Isotope Ratios To Determine Anthropogenic Sulfur Signals in a Grassland Ecosystem

Continuum between Sorption and Precipitation of Fe(lll) on Microbial Surfaces

F. J. Zhao, B. Spiro, P. R. Poulton, and S. P. McGrath Measurement of sulfur isotope ratio in vegetation shows direct correlation with anthropogenic S0 2 emissions in the last 135 years in the U.K.

Lesley A. Warren and F. Grant Ferris The continuum between sorption and precipitation reactions involving Fe(III) directly at bacterial surfaces is described quantitatively using geochemical surface complexationprecipitation modeling approaches.

Environmental Technology 2292 Three-Compartment Model for Contaminant Accumulation by Semipermeable Membrane Devices

Environmental Measurements Methods 2338 Mercury-Promoted Hydrolysis of Parathion-methyl: Effect of Chloride and Hydrated Species

Robert W. Gale The integrative responses of SPMDs, accumulation by aqueous versus polymer film control, and constant, single-, and pulsed-concentration exposures are examined by compartmental modeling.

Mazyar Zeinali and Alba Torrents The effect of mercury on the metal-catalyzed hydrolysis of parathion-methyl is examined as a function of mercury species.



Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Particulate and Gaseous Emissions from Polystyrene Combustion


Susan K. Durlak, Pratim Biswas, Jichun Shi, and Mary Jo Bernhard

Comment on "Redox Interactions of Cr(VI) and Substituted Phenols: Products and Mechanism" István Fábián and Dóra Szücs

The partitioning of PAHs between the gas and particulate phases and their distribution as a function of size resulting from the combustion of polystyrene is reported.



Response to Comment on "Redox Interactions of Cr(Vi) and Substituted Phenols: Products and Mechanism"

Laboratory Development of Permeable Reactive Mixtures for the Removal of Phosphorus from Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems

William Fish and Michael S. Elovitz

Michael J. Baker, David W. Blowes, and Carol J. Ptacek Long-term phosphorus treatment is demonstrated using permeable reactive mixtures that simultaneously promote P0 4 adsorption on metal oxides and precipitation of sparingly soluble calcium phosphate.

Comment on "An Alternative Minimum Level Definition for Analytical Quantification"

• 2317 Bioavailability of Mixtures of PAHs Partitioned into the Micellar Phase of a Nonionic Surfactant Saumyen Guha, Peter R. Jaffé, and Catherine A. Peters Biodegradation of naphthalene, phenanthrene, and pyrene mixtures in the presence of a nonionic surfactant are investigated, and their micellar-phase bioavailability is described mathematically.

Environmental Modeling 2325 A Size-Based Probabilistic Assessment of PCB Exposure from Lake Michigan Fish Consumption Craig A. Stow and Song S. Qian Two Bayesian models are used to examine the probability that Lake Michigan fish will exceed PCB concentrations established in a recent Wisconsin consumption advisory.


Henry D. Kahn, William A. Telllard, and Charles E. White

2349 Response to Comment on "An Alternative Minimum Level Definition for Analytical Quantification" Robert D. Gibbons, David E. Coleman, and Ray Maddalone

2354 Comment on "Butyltin Contamination in Marine Mammals from North Pacific and Asian Coastal Waters" Darren S. Baldwin

2355 Response to Comment on "Butyltin Contamination in Marine Mammals from North Pacific and Asian Coastal Waters" Shinsuke Tanabe, Maricar Prudente, Hisato Iwata, and Nobuyuki Miyazaki

Additions and Corrections 2356 Development and Verification of a Benthic/Pelagic Food Web Bioaccumulation Model for PCB Congeners in Western Lake Erie

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Heather A. Morrison, Frank A. P. C. Gobas, Rodica Lazar, D. Michael Whittel, and G. Douglas Haffner