Bathrooms are an area for calm and relaxation, so select paint colours that reflect this. Vapours from hot baths and showers mean that humidity levels...

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To match frame width. ROLLER. FRAME. 230 or 270mm width. ROLLER. ROLLER. POLE. For more tips, tricks and inspiration, go to

02I The paint calculator, available on our website, will help you determine the quantity of paint required for the area you will be painting. 03I Before you begin, make sure you prepare the wall for painting to achieve the best finish. Watch the How

recommend taking the door o the hinges, and laying it flat on a raised surface or leaning it against a protected wall. 03I If laying the door flat, use drop cloths on.

(the section between the fascia and wall). We recommend painting fascias and gutters with brushes rather than small paint rollers. 10I Next, move onto the walls.

*We estimate you'll need 1L of paint to cover a standard sized wall. ... Watch the How To Prepare A Wall video for tips. 04I Place drop cloths on floors and on any.

01I Determine the paint colour for your wall. Review our colour charts at your local paint or hardware store and visit our website for more colour inspiration.

01I Determine the paint colour scheme for the entire space. ... dominant colour and a number of trim colours, ... Follow the How To Paint A Wall guide for more.

required for the room you will be painting. 03I Open any windows in the room to improve ventilation and drying time. 04I For professional results, it's best to prepare the room for painting. Watch the How To. Prepare A Wall video for more tips. 05I P

local paint or hardware store and visit our website for more colour inspiration. Remember to consider colours you've selected for surrounding rooms and spaces.

recommend using PPG Paints Easycoat Walls, PPG Paints Easycoat Ceiling, and PPG Paints ... Painting any room or space will dramatically change the way it looks and feels. ... video on How To Paint A Door to talk you through this too.

also be available on the Office of Rail and Road's website. ( Posters at stations will explain how to get a copy of the complaints handling procedure as well as how to make a complaint. If you are not satisfied with our responses, you