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ROANE COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2016 To be considered for the Roane Woman of the Year Award, a person must be a Chamber member or an employee of a Chamber member. Each Chamber member is requested to nominate a person for this award. The Nominee should be significantly involved in business, professional, educational, community, and civic or church affairs demonstrating outstanding performance or unusual contribution to Roane County and to her business or community. The Nominee must be non-controversial, highly respected in her field and a resident of Roane County for at least one year. I wish to nominate________________________________________for this award. Additional information can be attached and submitted with this form. PERSONAL HISTORY Name_____________________________________________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________________________ City____________________________State____________________Zip_______________________________ Telephone Number_________________________Marital Status______________________________________ Children (names and ages)____________________________________________________________________





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Submitted By:________________________ Please complete and submit by March 24, 2016 Roane County Chamber of Commerce 1209 North Kentucky Street, Kingston, TN 37763