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Route 66 Trivia: Answer Key This trivia quiz is designed to be of medium difficulty. It can also be used as an answer search done by using the internet or book. There are twenty possible points. 1.

In 1945, the first of a now famous burger chain opened on a stretch of Route 66 in San Bernardino, California. What chain was it? A: McDonald’s


What state contains the longest stretch of the historic highway that is still in use? A: Arizona


Which state marks Route 66’s halfway point? A: Texas


What cities does Route 66 begin and end in? A: Los Angeles & Chicago


Who wrote the 1946 hit “Get Your Kicks on Route 66,” which was later made famous by Nat King Cole? A: Bobby Troup


Who was President of the United States when Route 66 was first established? A: Coolidge


Route 66 is often referred to as “The Main Street of America,” “America’s Highway,” and “The Mother Road,” However, it owes its most popular nickname to a famous humorist. Who was he? A: Will Rogers. Route 66 is also called The Will Rogers Highway.


In what John Steinbeck novel does Route 66 serve as a route for migrants fleeing the Dust Bowl? A: The Grapes of Wrath


Although it is never directly named, it is commonly held that Jack Kerouac was writing about Route 66 in his aptly titled book, ________________________. A: On the Road

10. In the 1960s, a TV show called Route 66 was born. Its two main characters, Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock, traveled America in a Corvette convertible. What actors played Tod and Buz? A: Martin Milner and George Maharis 11. These days, only bits of Route 66 are still traversable by car. The death of Route 66 is largely attributed to the __________________ system. A: Interstate - Front Porch Travels (trivia answer key) - 1 -

12. The world’s first motel, erected in 1925, is in San Louis Obisbo, a town in which U.S. state? A: California 13. What desert does a large portion of Route 66 run through? A: The Mojave 14. Which of the eight states that Route 66 runs through can boast only 12 miles of the historic highway? A: Kansas 15. Which country music musician, famous for his song, “Okie From Muskogee,” was born in Bakersfield, California, after his family took Route 66 to find a new life on the west coast? A: Merle Haggard 16. What activity, now illegal in most states, was a common travel practice in the heyday of Route 66? A: Hitchhiking 17. In what year did Route 66 disappear from official maps? A: 1984 18. What Washington D.C. museum can you find a piece of historic Route 66? A. The Smithsonian 19. Ghost towns are towns that have been abandoned, generally due to shifts in economic trends, and are a common site along Route 66. Match the ghost town to the state it is found in. One-half point each; total of two possible points. 1. Galena 2. Texola 3. Calico 4. Chloride

A. Arizona B. California C. Texas D. Kansas

Answers: 4. a, 3. b, 2. c, 1. d - Front Porch Travels (trivia answer key) - 2 -