Safari Adventure: Lesson 5

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Safari Adventure: Lesson 5 – February 2/3 Group Time Guide: Kindergarten

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Safari Adventure: Lesson 5 – February 2/3 Group Time Guide: Kindergarten

Group Time Guide Supplies Needed: None

1. Introductions and Snack Circle Up: Have everyone put their hands in the middle, on three yell “Kid-O-Deo!” and sit down. Encourage each Kid-O to say their name. Do This: Give kids hand sanitizer, then hand each of them a snack.

2. Discussion Questions • What did Daniel probably feel afraid of in today’s Bible Adventure? (Lions) • Have you ever felt afraid? What happened? • What did Daniel do when he felt afraid? (Talked to God)

3. Hands-On Option Do This: Have the Kid-Os stand in a line. Whisper “Daniel in the lion’s den” to the KidO on one end of the line. They must whisper what they heard to the next Kid-O, and so on. At the end, have the last Kid-O try to guess what was whispered to them. The Point: We don’t always hear each other right, but God always knows what we’re saying. He always understands us, and even knows what we think! Whenever you talk to God, He’ll always understand, and always care about what you have to say.

4. Big Idea, Memory Verse, Stickers, and Prayer Do This: Practice the Big Idea and Memory Verse with the kids, as time allows. You could use different voices, or simply have them repeat after you. You could even have a Kid-O lead the verse, if you think they’re ready. Give each kid a sticker. Encourage them to talk about what they learned with their grown-ups. Do This: Pray! “Dear God, we love you. Thank you for loving us. Help us to remember to talk to you every day. Amen.”