Scope of System: Digital Signage

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Notice Of Intent to Accept Best Value Offer The Department of Transitional Assistance is posting this Notice of Intent to Accept Best Value Offer and contract with a vendor for the installation and maintenance of a digital communications display network. The contracted vendor will supply the entire communications network, to include server, local pc’s, flat screen televisions and complete installation, at no cost to the agency. There will be an approved sponsor advertising component to the display which will be used to fund the project.

Scope of System: Vendor will install, update and maintain a complete digital signage system at no cost to the agency. The service will include:

Digital Signage: A). Flat Screen Displays: Vendor will provide the necessary number of displays for customers to view in the waiting area. The number and size of the screens will be mutually agreed upon between vendor and agency. B). Queuing Announcements (if needed): System will have the capability to display customer queuing information on the flat screen displays. Vendor will be able to integrate the display of customer queuing numbers in a split screen visual presentation through the system. C). Agency Content: On the flat screen displays, there will be standard news information. In addition, vendor will provide all the necessary support to create and display specific messages for the agency. Vendor will need to be staffed to produce/customize all created content for display on the network. Agency will provide staff to provide and deliver and approve form and content.

D). News Content: Vendor will create customized news and other daily features for display. All news content will be reviewed to ensure it is appropriate for display in agency offices. Information on the network may include health alerts, local and national news, business updates, market watches, etc.

E). Emergency Messages: Vendor will provide direct access to broadcast emergency announcements system wide with the capability to automatically broadcast Amber Alerts, Homeland Security Announcements, weather alerts and traffic conditions, for example.


Sponsor Messages: Sponsor messages to partially fund the system will be included in the daily content that is displayed on the monitors. All sponsors and their messages must be pre-approved by the agency and must be reputable businesses. Vendor will not allow any business promoting prohibited items of the agency and all messages will go through an established screening process prior to display.

G). Allocation of Content: 70% of all content displayed on the network will be agency content and information along with the news features as described in Section D. The percentage for news and agency information can be customized to increase the percentage as deemed necessary by the agency. The remaining 30% will consist of sponsor ads.

H). Approval of Content Items: All agency and sponsorship messages will be communicated through an agency identified project manager. Agency content will be sent to the vendor via email for upload to the system. Sponsor ads will be sent to the agency then returned to vendor for upload. The actual content item (including graphics) is displayed on a secured website that is password protected. There is full visibility to the content to the extent that any approved agency staff person can view what is pending approval, airing or archived items that have aired in the past.

Equipment Installations Full site surveys will be conducted at all locations to define the scope for installations prior to any work commencing. Vendor will provide all equipment and labor to perform full installs. Cabling work will be done on exterior surfaces to avoid construction related needs.

Maintenance and Support All components installed by vendor will be warrantied for the life of the agreement. Vendor will monitor the network through servers and be able to troubleshoot any issues immediately. In the unlikely event there is a need for a service call to an office, vendor will need to provide staff or work with local subcontractors to expedite and resolve any issues within 24 hours. Twice a year, technicians will visit each office for routine maintenance to make sure the network is operating at peak performance.

Vendor Response Any vendor that believes they can provide a comparable or better offer to DTA must submit such offer by 3 pm on Friday, November 14, 2014, to the address listed below or on COMMBUYS. DTA will evaluate any submitted proposals and determine whether to accept the offer described above, accept another offer that has been submitted or conduct a competitive procurement. Questions or comments can be directed to: Christopher Silva Department of Transitional Assistance Director, Procurement & Logistics 600 Washington St., 5th Floor Boston, MA 02111 (617) 348-5016