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SENIOR PASTOR PROFILE PASTORAL EXPERIENCE • Experience as a pastor in a multi-staff church or in a similar ministry capacity • Demonstrated leadership ability and proficiency in teaching God’s word • Evidence of being mentored and current strategy for mentoring others • Preferred: Experience in similarly sized churches with compatible organizational complexity as HGBC • Preferred: Experience in Southern Baptist churches and congregational polity • Preferred: Experience in community culture and demographics similar to Plano EDUCATION • Masters level Seminary degree required • Preferred: Master of Divinity or higher • Commensurate life experience to perform the duties of Senior Pastor FAMILY • Visible evidence of God’s leadership in the home and personal life • Preferred: Married man with children • Proven strong marriage to a supportive wife to whom he is accountable • Strong father figure who exhibits intentional parenting and leadership within the home • Demonstrated priority of marriage and family over ministry AGE • The ideal candidate is between 30 and 50 years of age SKILLS/GIFTS • Experienced and skilled expositional-style preacher with the ability to provide topical preaching as needed • Proven ability to discern the needs of the congregation, plan out sermon series, and teach/preach accordingly • Demonstrate giftedness in the areas of evangelism/missions, pastoral ministry, and discipleship

COOPERATION • Willing to represent HGBC in cooperation with the Collin Baptist Association, The Baptist General Convention of Texas, and the Southern Baptist Convention • Be supportive of the Cooperative Program and other state cooperative giving programs PERSONALITY • Must be compatible with the culturally diverse and educated suburban community of Plano • Must fit well with the existing pastoral team fostering good chemistry and a kindred spirit • Must be a man of courage who follows Spirit-led convictions to lead an experienced staff LEADERSHIP STYLE • Must be a capable Servant-leader (Mt. 20:25-28a) that encourages and facilitates a shared ministry effort • Must be an effective communicator that fosters collaboration among church staff and lay leadership COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT • Following the Holy Spirit’s leadership, be ready and willing to represent HGBC within the community as opportunities arise that are consistent with church’s mission to proclaim the gospel and make disciples THEOLOGICAL ORIENTATION • Must be willing to exercise biblical teaching consistent with the church’s doctrinal statement VISION: • Proven experience in casting a God-given vision and providing leadership in its implementation through effective communication and capable direction • Proven ability to implement change and a desire/ability to work with deacons and other church leadership to shape the vision and direction of HBGC