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Senior Pastor Job Description Community of Grace Lutheran Church (CGLC) is called by the Holy Spirit to be a community that reflects the heart of our heavenly Father; is grounded in Christ-centered, Biblical teaching; practices our core values; and pursues our mission to be and make disciples of Jesus. The Senior Pastor will provide executive and pastoral leadership to promote faithfulness to our mission among the disciples of Jesus at CGLC and for the sake of those who do not yet believe.

Responsibilities 1. Preach and teach the Gospel in accordance with the Scriptures. Lead weekly worship and administer the sacraments. Write weekly communications and study guides. Communicate and instill the mission, vision, and values of CGLC among its staff, leaders, and participants. 2. Build and maintain a cohesive staff team. Hire and supervise, directly or indirectly, all other pastoral and staff positions in the accomplishment of CGLC’s mission and within the budget approved by the Congregation. Equip, encourage, enable and organize the staff team for growth in community, teamwork and effectiveness (Ephesians 4:11-13). 3. Create organizational clarity and identity. Articulate and implement the long-range mission, vision, and values for CGLC with a visionary focus on discerning growth, replication, expansion and community impact initiatives. Lead the development of core strategies for growing in the mission, vision, and values. Ensure that all ministry goals, objectives, roles, and responsibilities are aligned toward our mission, vision, and values. 4. Oversee the reinforcement of CGLC’s identity and direction through all human systems including hiring, performance management, compensation, and dismissal. 5. Share in general teaching opportunities for CGLC ministries. 6. Build discipleship-oriented relationships among the congregation for the sake of pastoral effectiveness. 7. Execute general pastoral duties, including weddings, funerals, counseling, and hospital visitation as necessary and in cooperation with the rest of the pastoral staff. 8. Provide pastoral leadership to the Church Council. 9. Ensure appropriate records are kept, as needed, for such church actions as baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials, members received, members dismissed, or members excluded from the Congregation. 10. Complete other duties as necessary for living and leading into our mission and vision.

Position Structure This is a full-time exempt position that reports to the Church Council as a means of accountability to the Congregation and specifically, supervised by the president of the Council. The Senior Pastor participates as a voting member of the Church Council, Executive Council, and Endowment Committee of the Congregation. Required Qualifications • A Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary. • Committed to the CGLC Statement of Faith as described in its Constitution. Exemplify the qualifications as set forth in Titus 1:7-9, and as such, must be a person of good report whose constant goal and effort is that every part of his or her life be more and more conformed to the example of Christ and above reproach before the Lord and people. • A genuine passion for the gospel, and a passion and ability to share the good news with those who have not heard it. • Significant pastoral leadership experience that includes quality preaching, teaching and strategic leadership. • Outstanding verbal and written communications skills. C:\Users\ san dr\Downl oad s\S enio r Pasto r Job De scrip tion - cx


Preferred Qualifications • Ten years ministry experience with multiple years of senior leadership in a multi-staff setting, showing demonstrated capacity of growth. This includes oversight and development of paid staff and unpaid volunteers. This could take the form of a senior pastor, a campus pastor, or a senior associate on a large staff with significant leadership, management and decision-making responsibility. • Visionary leadership skills and experience. • Fundraising skills and experience.

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