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SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT Thank you for being an ambassador for change with India Partners!

The power of social media multiplies when you get involved. We can only accomplish God’s work because of supporters like you. Follow these easy steps during the month of November, and you will be helping to alleviate injustice and poverty in India.


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Giving Tuesday is a one day event of international giving to kick of the charitable season. Click here to read more and gain an understanding of what your involvement means to the success of this campaign for the people of India. Connect with your network of people and India Partners online. Recall why you first supported India Partners. What are you passionate about? Your zeal for India’s poorest will shine through your posts and convey the need to your followers on social media. If don’t already, follow India Partners on social media! We are on Facebook and Twitter. Check us out and get familiar with India Partners. Post about Giving Tuesday on social media during the month of November. Use our handy Posting Guide to copy and paste posts, or create your own! Use the hashtag #GivingTuesday, and tag India Partners (@IndiaPartners) in your posts. Make sure you change your profile and cover pictures on social media too!

Posting Guide