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capillary columns. The newsletter consolidates material from Supelco's other periodicals: Biotext, Liquid Cur­ rents, Food Analysis Digest, and The En­ vironmental EDGE. 28 pp. Supelco 416 HPLC. Brochure describes ID ImmunoDetection cartridges for HPLC and a p p l i c a t i o n s such as a s s a y s analogous to standard, competitive, and sandwich immunoassays per­ formed on microtiter plates. Experi­ mental examples are provided, and chemistries for the cartridges are il­ lustrated. 8 pp. PerSeptive Biosystems 417

Wavelength-dispersive XRF analyzer rapidly measures sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, calcium, barium, and zinc in lubricant oil additives for quality control with little sample preparation or operator intervention. Oil samples are analyzed in asreceived condition in the QX system, which includes a 72-position autosampler for long unattended or overnight runs. Oxford Instruments 413

P a r t i c l e counting. Product litera­ ture describes a line of in situ moni­ tors, spectrometers, and data acqui­ sition systems for determining filter efficiency and particulate levels. The instruments offer sizing sensitivities at 0.05 μπι for DI water and at 0.065 μπι for process chemicals. 4 pp. Par­ ticle Measuring Systems 418

S p e c t r o s c o p y . RSM computerized spectrophotometry system, optimized for studies of spectrally distant reac­ tion intermediates, combines diode array and double-beam technology for scanning speeds of 1000 scans/s with 220-nm span, routine range of 180-1000 nm, and S/N better than ±0.0001 ABS units. The system has both fluorescence and absorbance modes, an //4.5 optical system with 250-mm focal length, bandwidths se­ lectable from 0.5 nm, a n d u s e r accessible gratings. On-Line Instru­ ment Systems 410

Gas monitoring. 8th Edition Detector Tube Handbook is a field reference for users of Dràger gas detector tubes. The book, in compliance with IUPAC s t a n d a r d s , l i s t s m o r e t h a n 220 Drâger tubes and provides information on ranges, reaction principles, cross-sensitivity, and operating conditions. Graphics and tables of physical, chemical, toxicological, a n d international exposure limit information are included, as well as references to U.S. occupational exposure regulations and safety organizations. 318 pp. National Draeger 419

CCD detector. Spectrum One detec­ tion system uses a 1024 χ 256 pixel format CCD detector array for en­ hanced spectral coverage. The 1-in. chip offers high-speed spectral ac­ quisition and low S/N. SPEX 411

Software LIS d e m o n s t r a t i o n . Demonstra­ tion software package based on the full-function version of Lab VIEW for Windows graphic programming soft­ ware provides an overview of the sys­ tem, basic concepts, and hands-on examples. The user can explore or build a virtual instrument program for instrument driving, data aquisition, and data processing. National Instruments 412 Size e x c l u s i o n chromatography. Turbochrom 3 SEC software package features automatic generation of

user-selected SEC reports and plots and has five curve-fitting options for molecular weight calibration, includ­ ing point-to-point; first-, second-, and third-order; and cubic spline. The software uses either narrow or broad molecular weight standards to generate the calibrations and pro­ vides a universal calibration option, automatic u p d a t i n g of calibration curves, and retention time correction based on internal reference peaks. Perkin Elmer 414 P o l y m e r m o d e l i n g . ChemPolymer i n t e g r a t e s polymer b u i l d i n g a n d property calculation by using inter­ active analysis and display functions, including spectral displays of poly­ mer properties. Building functions include branching, kinetic control for mixed copolymers, stereochemical control, a n d c r y s t a l l i n e packing. Physical and bulk property calcula­ tions are displayed as 2D spectra t h a t can be viewed alongside the polymer model and stored in data­ bases. Chemical Design 415

Manufacturers' Literature N e w s l e t t e r . Supelco Reporter con­ t a i n s articles on HPLC and SPE techniques for monitoring pesticides and PCBs in indoor air, measuring cyclosporin A in blood, and measur­ ing vanillin in food and other prod­ ucts. Other topics include applica­ tions for Rezorian A-161 analytical cartridges, and CLOT and Petrocol

Catalogs Training seminars. Brochure lists training seminars and analytical assistance for ICP-AES for environmental, geological, rare earth, and precious metals studies. Locations, topics, and duration are given. 4 pp. J-Y Emission 420 S o f t w a r e . Catalog describes t e s t and measurement, data acquisition, image a n a l y s i s , c h r o m a t o g r a p h y , and line scan hardware and software products for common microcomputers. The catalog is available alone or as part of a three-book set that includes a 144-page source handbook with compatible products and services from more than 175 companies as well as a 164-page applications handbook with articles on applications and technology. 288 pp. Data Translation 421