Stainless Steel Maintenance Solution

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Stainless Steel Maintenance Solution Instantly shines and protects stainless steel. This revolutionary product will keep your SERGIO sink looking its finest. Conveniently in a spray bottle, simply spray the solution onto the dry sink and wipe evenly over the complete stainless steel surface with a soft cloth. The solution acts as a dressing, reducing daily marks and causing water to bead on the surface, to prevent water stains appearing. This dressing protects the sink from further contamination, is food safe and biodegradable.

For best results, we recommend to apply to your sink monthly. Available in a 200ml spray bottle for easy application. SERGIO Stainless Steel Maintenance Solution can also be used to keep all your other stainless steel surfaces looking great.

For a showroom shine in no time.


Request a FREE 30ml SERGIO Stainless Steel Maintenance Solution when you purchase your SERGIO sink.


30ml SERGIO Stainless Steel Maintenance Solution.

Apply the Stainless Steel Maintenance Solution with the Sergio Microfibre Cloth.


Sergio Microfibre Cloth


200ml SERGIO Stainless Steel Maintenance Solution. Includes Free Microfibre Cloth.

Care and Maintenance Guide Simple care and maintenance ensures many years of satisfaction. To obtain maximum service and appearance the following points should be practised.

Care and Maintenance of your SERGIO Sinkware Yes we agree everything scratches, including stainless steel. However, with quality stainless steel these usage scratches will develop into a uniform finish over time. Like fine cutlery, you don’t have to pamper your stainless steel sink. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

DO clean with soap & water (towel dry) DO clean along the grain of the Stainless Steel DO use a soft brush or sponge (old tooth brush) DO wipe over with a glass cleaner DO polish with a metal polish paste DO use a liquid cleaner DO use a granulated stainless steel cleaner NEVER ever use Steel wool BEWARE of harsh liquid cleaners BEWARE of grit within cloths and mineral deposits within water AVOID prolonged exposure to acids from fruit, fruit juices, salts, spirits, bleach, tea-bags AVOID prolonged contact with ordinary steel which can rust, e.g. tin cans, steel wool DO NOT keep harsh chemicals (acids or chlorine) under sink / laundry tub DO NOT leave chlorine/chloride chemicals on stainless steel surface DO NOT leave liquid soaps & cleaners to dry on stainless steel DO NOT use bleaches DO NOT rub in one spot for prolonged periods as this will cause shiny spots

Care & Maintenance of your NZ Made Timber Preparation Board Timber is a hydroscopic material and will always be affected by extremes of heat and moisture. Minor cracks may appear on the end grain called “checking” which occurs as the timber takes in and disperses moisture. Checking will in no way affect the normal service expected of your chopping board. If warping occurs, it can usually be rectified by thoroughly moistening the convex side of the board with water and then exposing that side to the sun until the board flattens out. • • • • • •

DO clean regularly with a damp cloth or sponge. DO use both sides of the boards equally. DO apply a generous coating of vegetable cooking oil before initial use and every few months after or whenever the board begins to feel dry, to renew the natural oils and reduce the risk of splitting and loss of shape. DO NOT expose the chopping board to excessive heat from cooking appliances or steam. DO NOT leave exposed to direct sunlight. DO NOT immerse in water or place in dishwasher.