Star Struck: Lesson 5

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Star Struck: Lesson 5 – April 20/21 Group Time Guide: 1-3rd Grade

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Star Struck: Lesson 5 – April 20/21 Group Time Guide: 1-3rd Grade

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1. Getting Started Ask kids: What is something you love about Easter?

2. Discussion Questions • What do you think will happen to The Source team? • Is there anything they could do to take back what Gabby wrote, or fix what they did? (They could apologize, but they can’t ever totally take back what they did.) • What do you think it means when people “follow Jesus”?

3. Share Your Story Look Up and Read: John 14:6. This verse is something Jesus said about Himself. He is saying that if we want to know God (the “Father”), and live the way He made us to, we have to follow Jesus. Do This: Share the story of how and why you decided to follow Jesus. Make sure what you share is age-appropriate. You may also share ways you’ve seen God change your life, or work in your life since that time. Do This: If there is time, allow kids to ask questions and discuss why following Jesus is important.

4. Wrap-Up and Prayer Ask: What was the best part of your week? What was something tough that happened this week? Do This: Pray with the kids. If they’ve mentioned things that would be good to talk to God about, you can talk about them in your prayer.