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Wellspring STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POLICY Miss Sherrie L. Holloway 538 Venard Rd. Clarks Summit, PA 18411 570-587-5434 [email protected]

I am humbled at the opportunity God has given me to speak to your group. Thank you for this chance to learn together from God’s Word and listen to His Spirit. I have just a few requests of those who invite me to speak: Provision of travel expenses (mileage or flight expenses—including airfare, luggage charges and airport parking if necessary). Provision of lodging expenses and meals (for myself, and a guest if driving). With regards to the speaking fee: There is no set price. The honorarium is left entirely up to the group leadership to prayerfully consider what God would have you do. With regards to housing: I ask that a private room be supplied (private housing, hotel room, or in a camp situation, a separate room). I would appreciate your help in making hotel reservations. I will make my own travel arrangements. I appreciate your careful and prayerful planning. It is my desire to be wise with the resources God gives me as well as to care for financial responsibilities He has entrusted to me. I look forward to serving with you and seeing what God has for each of us. Thank you for your interest in Wellspring,

Sherrie L Holloway