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STORY Fellowship Group Curriculum | Session Three

Group Stories Begin your group meeting time by sharing Gospel Stories. Plan to spend 20-30 minutes taking turns sharing Gospel Stories. Be sure to follow the Gospel Story Guide as you write your story. How to Listen: As you listen be sure to give each person your undivided attention. Remember this is their story, so they cannot tell it wrong. Honor their story by not inhibiting their sharing with clichés, platitudes, “At least…” statements, or critical remarks. If you are not sure what to say or how to respond, say nothing. You can honor them with your silence. Respect each other’s privacy by keeping what is shared in group in the group. Don’t share stories or details without explicit permission form the person. Be aware of the time as people share. Honor group time by giving each person a two-minute warning before they reach the seven-minute limit. Sharing stories is part of group time, but not the entire time.

Story Blessing Group: Take five minutes after each story for the group to encourage and bless the person who shared. Group Leader: After the group has shared comments, pray over the person who shared their story.

Bible Story Discussion Story: The Prodigal Son


Text: Luke 15:11-32

Read the Bible story text. Then have someone volunteer to retell the story in their own words. 1. Why did Jesus tell this story? 2. What new detail did you discover from the text? What did you find interesting in the retelling of the story? 3. How does the story illustrate the Gospel in the context of God’s Greater Story? Elaborate on the elements you read or heard: Creation, Fall, Redemption and ReCreation. BIG IDEA: The younger son literally runs the greatest distance from the father, but the older son seems more distant from the true nature of the father. We must guard against confusing religious devotion with relationship. The Gospel is about having a whole relationship with God. Let us not be distracted by piety or performance; instead, rely on the Gospel for relationship with God. •

How does this story improve or strengthen your understanding of the Gospel?

How does this story admonish or encourage your personal relationship with Jesus?

Share one way you plan to apply this story to your own life. How can the group encourage you to apply God’s Word to your life this week?